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Intimate, Painterly Photographs of London Bus Passengers On Their Nighttime Commute Photographer Nick Turpin‘s series Through a Glass Darkly takes a different approach to candid street photography than we typically see. Turpin captures London bus commuters on their way home after a long day, and his photographs are at once artistically compelling and potentially controversial. Is this voyeurism? » Twine Resources PORPENTINE Twine is a simple but powerful game creation tool focused on hypertext. Anyone who can use a text editor can use Twine. When a game is finished, it generates an HTML file that can be played by anyone with a browser. Twine has been used to create text adventures, interactive poems, strategy games, educational tools, real time games, and much more. Download it here (latest version: 1.4!)

Anti-tile - Blender MarketAnti-tile - Blender Market This is a "seamless" texture: Seamless images are great, until you scale them up 5 times and you can see the repeating pattern.All seamless textures have this flaw. Introducing... Anti-tile is a one-click addon for instantly removing tiling from an image! Bad Texture? Turn a bad texture into a good one with 1 click The People's Republic of Interactive Fiction - Apollo 18+20 The IF Tribute Album Honoring the 1992 album by They Might be Giants Cover image by Ryan Veeder So, a bunch of us made some interactive fiction games, one game per track on the album Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants. The regular tracks are generally short games. The Fingertips tracks are one-move games (however the authors interpreted that).

The Photography Show and Magnum Photos Present "30 under 30" Magnum Photos and The Photography Show are inviting IdeasTap members to enter an exciting competition to identify 30 of the best emerging documentary photographers aged 18-30 internationally. This competition will recognise and provide exposure for new photographic talent. The competition prizes will have an emphasis on career development, networking with industry contacts and maximizing on opportunities.

Tutorial on 9845 Game Design Why and How As long as automated data processing exists, implementing games on computer systems had been one of the most deeply settled desires of any computer programmer. One reason of course is the challenge. Games always had been the killer applications for each computer generation, especially within the personal computer domain.

Filmic Blender This is a simple OpenColorIO configuration for intermediate to advanced imagers using Blender’s Cycles raytracing engine. This OpenColorIO configuration adds a closer-to-photorealistic view transform for your renders. For imagers working with non-photorealistic rendering, it also will bring significant dynamic range and lighting capabilities to your work, as well as potentially open up correct transforms for rendering to HDR displays and other such forward looking technology. It is as close to a Magic Button™ you can get for an experienced imager. This repository is ready to use right now, with no compilation or special Blender application binaries required. 40 Movies about photography every photographer should watch Film making and photography go hand-in-hand. In film making, the art of cinematography is lost with photography. The skill to present moving images in such postcard-like material is in itself a direct descendant of the art of still-photography. If a photographer truly wants to improve his or her craft, they need to study how filmmakers and cinematographers captures moving images on the screen.

Scalable Game Design wiki Frogger is a good first game design activity for students with no programming background. Journey is designed to present several computational thinking patterns in an incremental fashion. Sokoban is a good second game design activity for students who have already completed the Frogger tutorials. PacMan is a good first game design activity for high school students with no programming background.

Convert audio to WAV Error: the number of inputs exceeded the limit of20. In order to continue you need to upgrade your account: Error: the total file size exceeded the limit of100 MB. Error: the total file size exceeded the absolute limit of8GB. 6 ideas from creative thinkers to shake up your work routine Every seven years, designer Stefan Sagmeister (TED Talk: The power of time off) closes his New York design studio for a year-long sabbatical. During each sabbatical, he pursues “little experiments, things that are always difficult to accomplish during the regular working year.” The effect on Sagmeister’s studio has been profound. “Basically everything we’ve done in the seven years following the first sabbatical came out of the thinking of that one single year,” he says. Don’t think you can take a year-long sabbatical? Below, 6 easier ways to recharge the creative spirit.

The Big List Of Game Design Book Recommendations: Game Design Books: Articles about Gameplay Mechanics Discussions Rules For Games: Do & Don’t Platformer Design Cut audio - Cut MP3, WAV, OGG, WAV online Steps: 1. Click "Choose File" button to select a file on your computer. 31 Photographs That Will Show You The Future of Photography How does a photographer get ahead in a world of images? More specifically, how do young photographers “make it” amid all the chaos? One way is through Foam, an important center of photography in Amsterdam that has been giving out annual awards for young talent over the past seven years.

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