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Ultimate Lead Generation Kit To Jump start your Business [FREE EBOOK]

Download our free ebook: The sales process begins with lead generation. To acquire customers, you first need to attract leads. But with all the changes happening in marketing today, modern lead generation can easily overwhelm most marketers and marketing teams out there. This free guide helps you cut through the noise and focus on the essentials of lead generation. It teaches you everything you need to develop and execute campaigns that consistently produce the right quality and quantity of leads. Master each step in the modern lead generation cycle, from setting goals to tracking resultsLearn how to reach new customers through email, social media, telemarketing, content marketing, and search channelsFind out how to optimize your campaigns with the right process, people, and platform Whether you’re starting from scratch or reviewing yourlead generation strategy, this guide is a valuable marketing resource.

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IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign Campaign Type Appointment Setting Target Location Mobile Commerce Lead Closed 8 Deals in 6 Months with Callbox Location USA, Singapore, Europe Campaign Type Callbox Brings Significant Sales Uptick for Cybersecurity Software Firm The client, a California-based cybersecurity software provider is one of the trusted names in cybersecurity in the IT industry with their endpoint security solutions. They primarily target a range of industries ranging from Wholesale Trade to Finance to Healthcare in Singapore and more. More than just expanding their market reach to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Hong Kong, the Client also needed to address and educate their target customers about their anti-malware tool. The Client reached out to Callbox to help them conduct outbound campaigns as well as a lead generation and appointment setting campaign.

Callbox Boosts Event Attendance Rates for CRM Market Leader [Case Study] With its reputation as a key mover in the CRM software space, the Client regularly organizes a number of annual conferences and events aimed at customers, vendors, developers, IT professionals, and industry thought leaders throughout various locations around the world. These are typically high-profile events that generate attendance figures that average in the thousands, as well as receive considerable media coverage particularly from the tech press. While many of the Client’s conferences fulfill both branding and PR objectives, there is also a more tangible marketing (and overall business) goal that underlies most of the company’s events: to attract more people into its far-reaching ecosystem. Among the events lined up for 2017 are three sets of conferences scheduled for January, April, and July. All three events are set to take place in Hong Kong and Singapore, showcasing insights on Asian business innovation and customer experience.

Subject Lines that Gets Event Emails Deleted Think you’ve created a clever and enticing subject lines but turns out you’ve included words that may be seen as a spam or words that will consider prospects to delete your email? Subject lines can be a bit tricky. In email marketing, the important part is to get prospects to open the email. But the key is to engage and connect with them. Bad subject lines were created unintentionally. How IT Sales Are Made: A Journey Through the B2B Pipeline Every B2B marketer worth his salt knows what a sales funnel means. It’s a fancy word that refers to the process of guiding customers towards making a purchase. What could possibly be harder than that? Well, leading a prospect towards a purchase is nothing like a healthy stroll through the local park. And it sure is nothing like convincing your uncle to buy you the latest game console for Christmas.

Why You Should Bet Your Money - Digital Marketing Statistics 2017 [FREE EBOOK] Don’t know where to allocate the biggest chunk of your marketing budget next year? How about which platform will have the best odds in having maximum ROI? We brainstormed ideas, assessed the merits of each, analyzed data, and interpreted recent developments vis-à-vis previous trends before coming up with a realistic view of next year’s marketing trends. To make the right decisions, you need more than just prudence and a discerning mind.

FREE [Webinar] Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second With the ever-changing world of B2B marketing, companies from all industries are starting to realize the importance and immense impact that live webinars have. More specifically in the sales department. It’s no secret that digital events have become one of the most effective tactics in reaching out and engaging customers – present and future.

Cyber Security Lead Generation: Where and How To Look for New Leads in 2021 Cyber security lead generation is a niche B2B market with its own rules meaning not every single marketing tactic in the hat is going to work for the market. However, by understanding the target customers, there are plenty of opportunities for marketers to leverage the unique quirks in the market. In this article, we explore how firms can look for new cyber security leads and convert them to use their solutions. Cyber Security is a Growing Need

Sample Telemarketing Scripts for SOFTWARE Download our free ebook: Here’s what’s in store for you this September! Subscribe to our newsletter and get your Sample Telemarketing Script for FREE! [Webinar] Growth in Today's Business' New Normal The spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has turned the economy sideways, causing adverse effects to businesses globally. Let’s take this as a challenge and an opportunity to help each other and continue to grow our business. The Speaker