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You Can Crochet With Sheets!

You Can Crochet With Sheets!
I don't know about you, but this is my perfect vision of summer! Well of course I'd like to be sitting next to a beautiful lake with an iced coffee, but for now I'm quite happy sitting next to our largish wading pool with a gorgeous mountain view beyond. You see, when you need to watch your kids in the pool, there's nothing better than a little (or a lot in my case) crocheting! In fact I'm probably the only mother begging her kids to get into the pool, so that I can have an excuse to relax with my current favorite craft! If you're wondering what ever happened to the crocheting with t-shirt yarn, well suffice it to say I ran out of yarn, and my little rug turned out to be so lopsided that I had to tear about 1/3 of it out. Not to worry, you'll see the results sometime. Now before you start dreaming of crocheted rugs everywhere, I should tell you that you'll need quite a few sheets! You'll Need: How To: Remove all elastic from fitted sheets and cut corner seem so you'll have a flat piece.

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20 Free Crochet Patterns for Valentine’s Day! – The Crochet Dude Here are some of my fave crochet patterns that I’ve collected for you around the Internet Machine for Valentine’s Day! Click on the name of the pattern to get it! PS: all these were free patterns at the time this roundup was compiled. Please forgive me if a designer has decided to change that status or even removed the pattern from their site. Light Up Rug DIY I completely stole this DIY from Wonder How To after seeing their image on Pinterest. You will need: -A string of LED lights. -Some thick and quick yarn in white (or rope works too). -A really big crochet hook (like the huge plastic ones- like a P).

Mosaic Antimacassar Set Pattern #774 Printer-friendly version Materials: Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Mercer­ized Crochet Size 30, 3 balls. Milward's steel crochet hook, No. 6. Antimacassar: (10¼ x 12½ inches) Ch 167, turn. 1st row: 1 d c in the 4th ch st from hook, 1 d c in each of the next 3 ch sts, ch 2, skip 2 ch, 1 d c in next ch st, ch 2, skip 2 sts, * 1 d c in each of next 10 sts, ch 8, skip 7 ch sts, repeat from * to within 9 sts of other end of row, ch 2 skip 2, 1 d c in next ch st, ch 2, skip 2, 1 d c in each of the next 4 ch sts, ch 3, turn. 2nd row: 1 d c in each of the 1st 3 d c of the previous row, ch 2, skip 2, 1 d c in next d c, ch 2, skip 2, * 1 d c in each of the next 4 d c, ch 2, skip 2, 1 d c in each of next 4 d c, ch 8, repeat from * to within 9 sts of end of row, ch 2, skip 2, 1 d c in d c of previous row, ch 2, skip 2, 1 d c in each of next 4 d c of pre­vious row, ch 3, turn.

DIY: Crocheted Muslin Rag Rug: Remodelista Older DIY: Crocheted Muslin Rag Rug by Alexa Hotz Issue 1 · A Clean Slate · January 4, 2012 Free Crochet Pattern: Big Bold Chevron Curtain The Big Bold Chevron Curtain pattern almost ended up with the name “Emergency Chevrons,” because they were the answer to a little emergency I discovered when we first moved into this house. The window in the master bath faces the neighbor’s house. And while the bottom half of the window came covered in privacy window film, the top half was clear as can be – and Geoff and I are both significantly taller than the previous owners! Yikes! One way to use up leftover thread… I got around to organizing my embroidery threads the other day…putting all the untouched hanks, little paper bands and color codes still on, in one organizer, looping the working hanks of thread around plastic thread card thingies, and gathering all the odds and ends of leftover threads (short lengths, minus a few skeins) If you do a lot of embroidery, chances are that you have a small (or medium…or humongous…) mass of embroidery threads left over from all those other stitchy projects. Could it possibly look anything like my own thread bunny, here?…or am I more slovenly than most of you? >:)

#Crochet #TipsTuesday: 8 tips for washing your crochet wearables Are you one of those crocheters (or knitters) who avoids making wearables because you’re not quite sure how to clean them? Or, do you just avoid wearing your gorgeous creations because you are afraid to wash them if they get dirty? This post contains affiliate links. Believe it or not, caring for your crochet (or knit) projects is much easier than it seems. Here are 8 tips to help you take the best care of your wearables. Craft Blog / Vibrant Shrink Plastic Earrings & Book Feature Wired Beautiful by COLOURlovers Do you like making jewelry? Do you like playing with shrink plastic? Perfect—me too!

Fun With Color - Talking Crochet Updates - January 24, 2017 - Vol. 14 No. 2 Crochet News,Views & How-tos Most of us have our favorite go-to colors. For me it's deep pink, rich plum and dark cranberry. My husband likes royal blue, dark grey and soft brown. Those are all very harmonious colors, thankfully. How can you tell what your favorite colors are? May Blogging Business Artisans Challenge – Shrinky Dink Flower Jewelry by Natashalh on May 25, 2013 This month’s Blogging Business Artisans challenge is to create something with flowers. I actually make necklaces, bracelets, and magnets with real foliage and flowers, but I wanted to try something new for this project. I’ve recently fallen in love with good old Shrinky Dinks plastic. It’s so much fun! I get the ink jet stuff because it’s a lot nicer and you can decorate it with markers, alcohol inks, and even colored pencils.

Crochet Home Organization Patterns with Lion Brand Yarn - All Free! It’s that time of year – home overstuffed with holiday bounty, resolutions made (and broken), and spring cleaning on the horizon… I don’t know about all of you, but I am ready to get everything organized! Well, first you have to start with the right containers and tools, right? So in that spirit, here are 10 Free Crochet Home Organization Patterns made with Lion Brand Yarn! Click on the names of the patterns you are interested in to go to their pattern pages!