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Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future

Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future

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Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension 1. Monitoring comprehension Students who are good at monitoring their comprehension know when they understand what they read and when they do not. July 2019 TESOL Core Certificate Program Set yourself apart. Gain a foundation in the theory and practice of ELT iwth this three-part program. (Applications due: 15 July 2019) So Many ‘Englishes’! Getting Smart Podcast - 177 -Scaling Competency-Based Education: Equity-Focused Strategies for Policy and Practice on Stitcher In this special episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Erik Day and Mary Ryerse are (temporarily) kicking Caroline and Jessica out of the studio to talk about what they’ve learned (and shared) about competency-based education at the this year’s iNACOL Symposium. Getting Smart staff recently published a landscape report on the state of competency-based education (CBE), entitled: “Show What You Know: A Landscape Analysis of Competency-Based Education,” which was discussed at a panel with Mary and a fantastic group of education thought leaders at the iNACOL Symposium. Following that, Mary had a conversation with Tom where they recapped their findings of the report, as well as some of the leading schools and districts that are personalizing learning and pacing.

Active Reading Strategies: Remember and Analyze What You Read Choose the strategies that work best for you or that best suit your purpose. Ask yourself pre-reading questions. For example: What is the topic, and what do you already know about it? Why has the instructor assigned this reading at this point in the semester?Identify and define any unfamiliar terms.Bracket the main idea or thesis of the reading, and put an asterisk next to it. The Handbook that Launched My Writing Career Published 21 October 2019 Penny Ur is a former series editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers and the author of a number of bestselling Handbooks. In this post, Penny reflects on the development of Discussions that Work, which was her first Handbook and launched her career as an author. In the 1970s I was in my thirties with four children, teaching English in a kibbutz rural school in the north of Israel. I was experimenting as I went, and sharing ideas first with my co-teachers in the school and then through articles published in local (and later British) journals for teachers.

Season 4: Episode 25 – Competency-Based Learning with Rose Colby [Podcast] – TLTalkRadio Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: In this episode we are speaking with Rose Colby author of Competency-Based Education: A New Architecture for K-12 Schooling. Rose is also co-author of Off the Clock: Moving Education from Time to Competency. She is a competency-based learning and assessment specialist and serves as a national advisor and contributor to As a Fellow at 2Revolutions, Rose coaches schools and districts nationally in developing prototypes for the future of learning in competency education.

Study Skills: Strategies for Reading Textbooks Reading textbooks may not be fun, but being able to is important. Throughout middle school, high school and college, textbooks will be a big part of your reading. Understanding how to read and use them effectively is key to academic success. Before You Read How to Write a Stellar Instagram Bio for Your Language Teaching Profile - Elena Mutonono Does your Instagram bio look like an itemized emoji list that consists of unconnected words and phrases? Do you run out of space trying to explain to the newcomers what exactly you do, for whom and why? Do you wonder how to communicate your business vision in a couple of sentences? Best of Teacher HELPLINE!: 6 Interactive Reading Strategies to Boost Student Engagement Reading aloud is an important skill, but it can be all too easy for us to allow this activity to become mundane and detached by repeatedly conducting “popcorn reading” or simply reading aloud to the class and asking students questions. Deb, a 9th grade english teacher, asked the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE! for recommendations on reading strategies to promote student engagement. Read on to learn six strategies for interactive reading that are recommended for teachers, by teachers. We’ve also compiled corresponding videos for each strategy —if one strikes your fancy, check out the video to see it in action!

Online Teacher Summit 2019 How long is the Summit? The Summit runs from May 15 to May 18. During this time you can participate in live discussions by clicking the link sent to you via email. You can also watch pre-recorded presentations and interviews and discuss them in the forum daily. What if I can't join the live discussions?

Three Ways to Increase Student Engagement in Reading The research is clear: If a student is not motivated to read and is not engaged in the text, all of the strategy instruction a teacher might provide may be for naught (Guthrie and Klauda, 2014; Ivey, 2014; Wanzek et al, 2014). That is why it is critical that we make reading meaningful so that students make meaning out of what they are reading and become lifelong readers. The following three activities are excellent beginnings for increasing reading engagement. 1. Reading Aloud This is quite possibly the most underutilized practice K-12 that also has the greatest potential for developing engaged readers.

International Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Becoming an International Baccalaureate certified teacher gives you the opportunity to teach some of the most academically demanding courses. IB-certified teachers teach in schools designated as IB World Schools, and those schools are some of the top learning facilities in the United States. Earning IB certification is not for the average teacher. You must be well-versed in your subject area and dedicated to providing students with a rigorous curriculum. Types of Certification The IB program offers two types of certificates, also known as IB awards: the IB certificate in teaching and learning, and the IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research.

7 Reading Readiness Apps for Special Needs Students What is reading readiness? The dictionary defines it as the point when a child transforms from being a non-reader to being a reader. But this definition leaves out the concept that reading readiness may actually begin in the womb. Teaching Online by Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clandfield To celebrate the launch of their new book, Teaching Online, Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clandfield share their 5 favourite activities for teaching English online. We find that EFL teachers are increasingly expected to offer elements of their courses online, but very often are not sure where to start, or how to teach online. That´s why we wrote Teaching Online – to provide teachers with exactly this sort of guidance. The book has advice about online tools to use, what part(s) of your course you could offer online, and above all, a great set of activities you can use to teach online.