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Italian Wonderpot Last weekend I got an email from Robyn with a link to this really cool recipe over at Apron Strings. I always love cooking pasta and rice in liquids other than water, so this idea for a one pot pasta dish (which is originally from Martha Stewart Living Magazine) was right up my alley! This dish is incredibly easy and super flavorful. The pasta cooks in a mixture of broth, herbs, and aromatics, like onion and garlic, which really ramp up the flavor. The starch that leaches off of the pasta as it cooks helps create a thick sauce right in the pot. It’s magic!

Faculty, The Director Dr. Balram K. Gupta Dr Balram K. Gupta hails from Chandigarh. He is a rare mix of an academic and a professional lawyer. Personal finance vortal for news, markets, shares, mutual funds, debt & money, loans, credit cards, insurance, planning desk, stock ticker and more... Street Signs covers the top stories of the day, live from CNBC's global headquarters, offering detailed analysis of everything from mergers and acquisitions to trends in online advertising. CNBC's Closing Bell guides viewers through the most important hour of the trading day. Anchored by Maria Bartiromo and Bill Griffeth at CNBC's Global Headquarters, Closing Bell takes a close-up look... Anchored by Martin Soong, Lisa Oake, and Bernie Lo, the new "Squawk Box" continues to be the jumpstart on the business day for the corporate and financial communities. CNBC's signature show is bett...

food.ndtv Prepare yourself to dive into a world of spice-packed, flavour and fragrance rich Indian food. From paneer makhni to Kerala-styled prawns, from mutton roganjosh to Parsi eggs, every dish is an exceptional mix of spunky ingredients and different cooking techniques. India's regional and cultural diversity reflects beautifully in its food and is possibly the main reason why Indian food outranks that of other countries. Each Indian state has its own unique pandora of flavours and ingredients. Even the spices they use are their own concoction and made from scratch: dhansak masala, panch phoron, garam masala, chicken tikka masala and many more. Newsletter Home Information Technology in Developing Countries A Newsletter of the IFIP Working Group 9.4 and Center for Electronic Governance, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad 'Information Technology in Developing Countries' is a newsletter of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 9.4 titled Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries. Previously supported by agencies like COMNET-IT, Malta and IDRC, Canada, the newsletter is now published on the web by the Centre for Electronic Governance , Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Bahar-e-Kebab Photo 1 of 12 'Those who start well are already half way.' Appetizers set your taste buds in mood for what lies ahead and Kebabs, they are the perfect hors d'oeuvres. Yoghurt Kebab: Made from paneer, creamy yogurt, raisins and oats, these divine kebabs melt in your mouth. Photo 2 of 12Murg Palak Ke Korma Kebab: Soft tikkis made of chicken mince, assorted masalas and spinach. Served with a sour-spicy yogurt chutney and sweet dates chutney. Photo 3 of 12 A great way to start your dinner party is to serve these vegetarian rajma kebabs.

Great Grandma's Banana Bread Imagine it’s 1933. Matilda Mendelsohn is sitting in her kitchen alone, listening to the screams and laughter from her five sons playing in the street outside. There, on the counter, is an old banana, a few days too ripe, too brown to be eaten. Does she let it go to waste? No. Matilda has little money to feed her five hungry, growing boys, so no food can be left uneaten.

Chinese Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce I’m not very creative when it comes to cooking eggplant, usually I poke a few holes with a fork and roast until soft. The poking is important – it prevents the eggplant from exploding in the oven. Go ahead, ask me how I know! We grow both Chinese and Japanese eggplant in the garden, both of which are less-bitter than the standard fat Globe variety. Turmeric & Saffron: Khoresh Gheymeh: A Traditional Iranian Dish with Meat and Yellow Split Peas It's name is "Gheymeh!" Khoresh-e Gheymeh! I will not call this dish a stew, or a casserole, or anything else for that matter.

Turmeric & Saffron: Ghormeh Sabzi - Persian Herb Stew Khoresh-e Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the most delicious and popular dishes among Iranians. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like ghormeh sabzi. The combination of flavorful and aromatic herbs, slow cooked lamb cubes, fork-tender beans and dried lemons make the khoresh very tasty and nutritious. My mother would call this dish a Sabzi Stew (vegetable stew) because she would add a whole lot of vegetables to the pot including spinach and dill. This is my simplified and the more common version. Burmese Khow Suey recipe Please sign in to create shopping lists! Added to 231 cookbooks This recipe has been viewed 210530 times A vegetarian version of the traditional burmese dish. It is essentially a one-dish meal comprising of noodles in a soup of curried vegetables in coconut milk, served with a variety of contrasting accompaniments. Each of your guests can individually mix the rich array of accompaniments to create their own original taste sensation. The ingredients that make the difference are fried garlic, coriander, lemon juice, fried onions and chillies.

Khow Suey (Noodles in a Coconut Curried Sauce) Khow Suey is a Burmese (from Burma) noodle dish with a delicately spiced coconut milk sauce and is served up with an array of different contrasting condiments/toppings that takes this dish to the next level and give it a burst of amazing flavors. My mom made Khow Suey as a Sunday special family meal when I was growing up and it was easily one of my favorites, still is. I can’t quite pin point what it is about this dish that I love so much, whether it’s the delicate yet creamy coconut milk sauce, the tanginess of the lime you add at the end or the mix of garnishes you put on top…the crispy garlic and onion with the freshness of cilantro and green onion…not to mention the heat when you bite into a sliced chili pepper…..yummm. I’m drooling just thinking about it. My mom always used spaghetti instead of traditional egg noodles and it worked so well, I’ve just always stuck with it. Do let me know in a comment below if you try it and like it…I’m excited to share this one!

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