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Juxtapost - All your favorite things, side-by-side. 12 Truths About #VanLife That You Won't Find On Instagram Is anyone tired of reading stories about #vanlife and how unfathomably cool and liberating it is living life “on the road?” How exuberant, how effortless these bloggers’ lives seem to be; always amidst some stunning landscape, with an equally stunning significant other languorously draped over a surfboard, brewing coffee, smoking mussels over an open fire, watching the sun rise and set, gazing at the stars without a care in the world… I will admit (rather sheepishly) that I used to scour these types of blogs with a mixture of chagrin and wide-eyed enthusiasm. And although the triggers may differ between individuals, I think at some point or another most of us can relate to feeling simultaneously inspired and antagonized; intrigued, yet oddly ruffled. The allure of the open road doesn’t require too much explanation here, but I think the vexation deserves some reflection. I can’t help but recall what Jack Kerouac wrote (appropriately and coincidentally) in On The Road: My trusty van.

NOTCOT.ORG Here’s How The YouTube ’Adpocalypse’ Is Affecting Top Creators It’s been a little over a month since the so-called YouTube ‘Adpocalypse’ began in earnest. And, while a boycott of YouTube by major marketers — who were aghast to discover last February that, in some cases, ads were running against videos promoting hate speech and terrorism — does not seem to have affected Google’s bottom line just yet, certain creators are feeling the burn. Commentary channels — including Philip DeFranco, h3h3productions, and Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg — were particularly vocal about lost revenues in the wake of the boycott. Though, to be fair, earnings seem to be improving slightly today as certain marketers resume their YouTube spend. Ethan and Hila Klein, meanwhile, who helm h3h3productions, said last week that they are making 15% of pre-boycott earnings. In addition to outright demonetization, what’s most notable about the ‘Adpocalypse’ is that videos are now losing ad revenue in less obvious ways.

Luxe: les 9 tendances de l'engagement - MEDIA Mardi dernier se tenait la première édition des « Rencontres Luxe », une conférence créée par MPublicité : « Les mots clés des « rencontres Luxe » sont ouverture et partage : des idées, de la conversation et de la connaissance des experts qui s’y expriment. Le regard est prospectif mais les sujets abordés animent les réflexions quotidiennes des marques premium ou de luxe. » confie Elisabeth Cialdella, directrice déléguée en charge du marketing et de la communication, MPublicité. En collaboration avec la rédaction de M, le magazine du Monde et l’Observatoire du Luxe Contemporain de Publicis Et Nous, la régie du Groupe Le Monde a donc présenté lors de cette conférence intitulée « La construction de l’engagement, du fantasme à l’expérience vivante», les 9 tendances de l’engagement en 2012. Avec l’avènement des réseaux sociaux, la crise, l’infidélité des consommateurs, l’engagement marketing prend ses lettres de noblesse. E-morale ou l’engagement par le « clickisme ». Virginie Achouch

9 Mindfulness Exercises to Make You More Focused Than Eckhart Tolle on a Limitless Pill “The truth is, just having a concentrated mind — that’s not getting lost in thought — is just intrinsically pleasurable. It’s intrinsically blissful. It’s the emotional bass note of all the good drug experiences.”— Sam Harris, Neuroscientist Having a highly-focused mind is like having a superpower. Think of the geniuses throughout history. But this is not the norm. We live in an age of chronic distraction. Most of us can barely sustain our attention on a single object for a few minutes, let alone hours on end. William James acknowledged the link between genius and attentional prowess, but concluded that the amount of attention one has “is probably a fixed characteristic of the individual.” It turns out James was wrong. Thanks to the discovery of neuroplasticity, we now know that our brains are restructuring and learning based on the input we give them up until the day we die. Attentional training is a pursuit no different from playing the piano or building a muscle. Sound good? The Mindset

Implanted LED Tattoos May Become The Next Big Trend While it may seem like tattoos are the norm now, no one has ink like this. A team from the University of Illinois led by John Rogers has devised a method to actually install LED lights under the skin. The research, published today in Nature Materials, saw the team develop flexible arrays 2.5 μm thick and 100 x 100 μm square which are currently smaller than any commercially available array. In their research, the team printed circuits “directly onto a rigid glass substrate and then transferred them to an inexpensive biocompatible polymer called poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) to create a mesh-like array of LEDs and photodetectors.” In short, the university team has allowed LEDs to be placed under the skin while allowing for stretching and twisting by as much as 75 percent. Rogers said of his team’s research that commercializing the technology was “incredibly appealing” and he couldn’t wait to see the impact it has. + University of Illinois Via DVICE via PhysOrg

7-things-really-successful-people-quietly We all want to believe we have the potential to be super successful. When it comes down to it, the prime thing that separates successful people from the rest of us are smart decisions. A common pitfall on the way to success is boasting, exaggerating, or losing your perspective. Let’s take a look at this inspiring video first. To help unlock the secrets of successful people, the following seven qualities are ones you should try to do quietly. They Network One thing truly successful people do quietly is network. They Start New Projects Successful people also start new projects with humility. Additionally, being too open about fresh projects could give competitors inside information and allow them to offer competing products or services that are better than yours. They Deal With Challenges Other things successful people do modestly is conquer challenges. They Incubate Ideas Successful people also know to consider ideas quietly. They Interact Socially with Humility They Manage Employees Ethically

Short about shop issue #01 issue #00 drawings events distribution contact partners Following (0) index issue #01 Algunos de los contenidos de este número: "Diseñadores en construcción", una serie de entrevistas donde un grupo de estudiantes de diseño en Valencia hablan de sus proyectos y opinan sobre el sistema de enseñanza en sus escuelas; "Vida y muerte", una serie de toros y toreros célebres dibujados con exquisito tacto por Silvia Flórez; "Futbolización", un reportaje fotográfico de Mikel Prádanos sobre los aficionados al fútbol; Mickey Mouse y Popeye en las paredes de David Kele, un dibujante húngaro y estudiante erasmus; Entrevista con Alberto Perazza, export manager de la empresa italiana de mobiliario MAGIS; Dos retratos realizados por Antonio Tudela, el célebre pintor psicodélico de 17 años; y una bellísima serie en tinta china a cargo de Antonio Ballesteros; Fotografías de Lucas Zaragosí y Cayetano Bravo... March 2012 (4,684 views) Filed under short design journal - March 2012

10 Reasons Why You Fail Think of something in your life that you’ve wanted to accomplish but haven’t. Something deep down. Whether it’s because you haven’t gotten around to it, are too timid to go for it, or you took a shot and failed spectacularly. Conjure up in your mind that big failure of your life. It goes without saying, we all fuck up big time. In the years I’ve spent helping other people overcome their personal issues, I’ve often been asked what the biggest cause of failure was that I’ve come across. Some people have relationship problems, some have money problems, others have anxiety issues, etc. Chances are, a profound struggle in one area of your life will bleed over into other aspects of your life. When confronted with life’s biggest opportunities, most of us shit the bed. 1. Emerson wrote, “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the self-reliance of every one of its members.” I talked to a fellow internet entrepreneur last night. 2. 3. This did not strike me as a coincidence. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.