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This is the most dangerous time for our planet

This is the most dangerous time for our planet
As a theoretical physicist based in Cambridge, I have lived my life in an extraordinarily privileged bubble. Cambridge is an unusual town, centred around one of the world’s great universities. Within that town, the scientific community that I became part of in my 20s is even more rarefied. And within that scientific community, the small group of international theoretical physicists with whom I have spent my working life might sometimes be tempted to regard themselves as the pinnacle. So the recent apparent rejection of the elites in both America and Britain is surely aimed at me, as much as anyone. It was, everyone seems to agree, the moment when the forgotten spoke, finding their voices to reject the advice and guidance of experts and the elite everywhere. I am no exception to this rule. What matters now, far more than the choices made by these two electorates, is how the elites react. This in turn will accelerate the already widening economic inequality around the world. Related:  PersonajesENA9ENA7 Kestävä elämäntapa

Conoce la rutina de ejercicios mentales de Bruce Lee para fortalecer el espíritu Bruce Lee, nacido el 27 de noviembre de 1940 en San Francisco, California, fue el primer gran exponente de las artes marciales en Occidente. Cada día llevaba a cabo una rutina de ejercicios mentales y físicos para fortalecer el cuerpo y el espíritu, que eran la base de su estilo de vida. Como artista, filósofo, y revolucionario pensador que se decidió a difundir en todo el mundo las artes marciales que antes eran solo patrimonio oriental, fue seguido y admirado por muchas personas. Pero Bruce Lee murió repentinamente en 1972, en circunstancias no del todo claras, a la corta edad de 32 años. Bruce Lee llevaba siempre un cuaderno de notas en donde escribía pensamientos y registraba lo importante. Una de las cosas más interesantes que se encontraron fueron las descripciones de la rutina de ejercicios mentales que Bruce Lee realizaba para fortalecer su espíritu y su cuerpo.

Trump’s lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy. All politicians lie. In a democracy, they usually tell lies to achieve a particular result: Maybe they want to conceal information that would damage their reputations, or take credit for something they had nothing to do with. Sometimes a falsehood can obstruct a piece of undesirable legislation, or facilitate the passage of a desirable one. But in each of these cases, a lie tends to be little more than a momentary deviation from the truth. It’s a brief sojourn outside the borders of our stable, shared reality. Some political lies are more ambitious than that. That’s what the second Bush administration tried to do. Creating an alternate political universe requires discipline. If Bush and Rove constructed a fantasy world with a clear internal logic, Trump has built something more like an endless bad dream. For members of the Bush administration, even their power to mold reality had a place in the universe they created. President-elect Donald Trump does not create new realities.

The Next Green Revolution For decades, environmentalists have warned of a coming climate crisis. Their alarms went unheeded, and last year we reaped an early harvest: a singularly ferocious hurricane season, record snowfall in New England, the worst-ever wildfires in Alaska, arctic glaciers at their lowest ebb in millennia, catastrophic drought in Brazil, devastating floods in India – portents of global warming's destructive potential. Green-minded activists failed to move the broader public not because they were wrong about the problems, but because the solutions they offered were unappealing to most people. They called for tightening belts and curbing appetites, turning down the thermostat and living lower on the food chain. With climate change hard upon us, a new green movement is taking shape, one that embraces environmentalism's concerns but rejects its worn-out answers. Americans trash the planet not because we're evil, but because the industrial systems we've devised leave no other choice.

Muere Zygmunt Bauman, el filósofo de la modernidad líquida El sociólogo y filósofo polaco Zygmunt Bauman ha fallecido este lunes a los 91 años en Leeds, Inglaterra, según informa el diario de Varsovia Gazeta Wyborcza. Bauman murió en su casa, rodeado de su familia, según Anna Zejdler-Janiszewska, profesora de filosofía de Varsovia y amiga de Bauman, quien fue informada de su muerte por su esposa. Con su muerte, se va uno de los intelectuales contemporáneos y sociólogos europeos más importantes de las últimas décadas, entre los más prolíficos y activos hasta los últimos momentos de su vida. Sus obras exploraron la fluidez de la identidad en el mundo moderno, el Holocausto, el consumismo y la globalización Las obras del pensador de izquierda de origen polaco exploraron la fluidez de la identidad en el mundo moderno, el Holocausto, el consumismo y la globalización. Reconocido por un enfoque que incorporó filosofía y otras disciplinas, Bauman fue una fuerte voz moral para los pobres y desposeídos en un mundo vencido por la globalización.

The History of the English Language, Animated By Maria Popova The history of language, that peculiar human faculty that Darwin believed was half art and half instinct, is intricately intertwined with the evolution of our species, our capacity for invention, our understanding of human biology, and even the progress of our gender politics. From the fine folks at Open University — who previously gave us these delightful 60-second animated syntheses of the world’s major religions, philosophy’s greatest thought experiments, and the major creative movements in design — comes this infinitely entertaining and illuminating animated history of the English language in 10 minutes: Complement with these 5 essential reads on language and the only surviving recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice, in which she explores the beauty of the English language.

Man's complaint about dead worm in his cucumber escalated hilariously LONDON — The world of Facebook-based customer complaints can sometimes be a strange, wonderful place. Wes Metcalfe's recent post on British supermarket Tesco's wall is a perfect example of this — it started with a dead worm in a cucumber, and somehow ended with Tesco adapting a famous Oasis song to act as tribute for the worm's funeral. But let's back up a step. The whole thing started on Saturday, with the following post. Luckily, Tesco were sympathetic. Then, things escalated. Tesco then took things one step further, with a fittingly adapted Oasis song. Metcalfe swiftly contributed his own song. After the music, it was time for some final reflection. It's not every customer complaint that ends in a virtual funeral for a deceased worm. RIP, William.

The Artist Who Drew Himself on Drugs Is Actually Way More Experimental Vow of silence day 25. Images courtesy the artist Sure, he painted 60 self-portraits whilst on 60 different mind-altering drugs, but for 21 years, Tennessee-based artist Bryan Lewis Saunders also hasn't missed a single day sketching himself. "I see my life and art in this symbiotic relationship, endlessly improving and advancing one another. Drugs Soma The Creators Project: You really push yourself out of your comfort zone Bryan. Bryan Lewis Saunders: For me comfort zones seem to facilitate skill but hinder my creativity. Sensations whilst being spanked Do you have a daily routine for drawing? Unless I'm doing an experiment, there isn’t a routine. Third ear day Your work is so personal. I try not to censor myself at all but there are some things that I wouldn't want to share online. Torture. Blind Which project was the hardest? The Third Ear Experiment and While Being Tortured were the most physically demanding because they both involved pain and lasted a long time. Facing fears. Torture.

A Quiz: 25 Common Idioms that you Really Need to Know I know the feeling. I have been there. You have studied English really hard this year. Just by sheer luck, at a party, you are introduced to a British person and you feel it’s your opportunity to shine. “Did he just say something about the skin of my teeth?” Yes. In this quiz you’ll find some very common idioms used by native speakers. Blog de Cristina is also on facebook. Tool used: Riddle Do you know what these idioms mean ? If something is on your bucket list You need to buy it quickly You want to do it before you die It is something you do when it is raining If you cut corners You do something in the easiest or most inexpensive way You are in a strong position when you are competing with someone else You stop doing something before you have finished If you bite off more than you can chew You eat everything on a plate, thus depriving anyone else of having any You take on a task that is way too big You drink very heavily If you hit the sack you go to bed you go to the gym you quit your job If you rock

When this man complained using Eminem lyrics Asos let him down awfully When your item hasn't been delivered, any old Facebook user can rattle off a clear and concise message of complaint. Jay Whalley from Preston went one better when his blazer wasn't delivered. The complaint, crafted in line to the lyrics of Eminem's Stan, has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook, as has the response that Jay received and subsequently posted. We have no idea what this is from. 2/10 response, if we're honest. HT Mashable