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Latest news: June 17, 2015: This year marks the 20th anniversary of the WebQuest model. Watch this space for announcements of some new resources coming later this summer! October 22, 2008:WebQuests and Web 2.0? This webinar conducted by the Discovery Education Network features a discussion about how blogs and wikis fit into the WebQuest model. You can view the archive here. August 9, 2007: QuestGarden received the MERLOT Teacher Education Classics Award at the organization's international conference in New Orleans. Contact Please report bad links and suggest additions and improvements to the site by writing toBernie Dodge, PhD.

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Family & Consumer Sciences Student Web Links Child Development & Child Care Child Care Resources Children's Health & Safety Children's Learning Child Advocacy Family & Consumer Sciences Student Links Career Resources Occupational Outlook Handbook This handbook from the U.S. Department of Labor describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations. It is updated every two years.

Chesterfield Web Live - home The Chesterfield Health District is comprised of Chesterfield County, Powhatan County and the City of Colonial Heights with a population of over 374,000 citizens covering 726 square miles. The mission of the District is to protect, preserve and promote optimum health for the community through excellence in public health. The Environmental Health Division accomplishes this mission by providing the following services: Food Safety Program – Inspects and permits all food establishments including restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, caterers, child care centers, nursing homes, temporary food events and migrant labor camps, ensuring that food is handled and served safely.

National Nutrition Month: Best Web Resources for Teachers Along with Women's History Month, March is also National Nutrition Month. If you're planning on incorporating nutrition lessons in your classroom, we've compiled a few of our favorite resources here. You'll find lesson plans that cover the science of cooking and digestion, as well as links to a variety of helpful source materials from around the web.

Project Zero Skip to main content SitemapPrivacy PolicyHarvard Graduate School of EducationHarvard University Copyright 2016 President and Fellows of Harvard College | Harvard Graduate School of Education Subscribe to Our Mailing List Family & Consumer Sciences Student Web Links Food & Nutrition Food Safety Food Science Nutrition Culinary Arts & Food Service 60 Team Building Activities Below are more than ninety fun free team building activities that can improve teamwork, develop trust, and enhance problem solving skills and the best part is, the majority of these team challenges can be delivered anywhere, by anyone and with limited or no equipment. All you have to do is click on the link of one of the team building activities and you will be taken to an information page containing: challenge description, equipment requirements and suggested learning outcomes. If need some help on how to teach a team building session then make sure you check out our workshop delivery section featuring helpful articles and video tutorials. Blindfold Activities | Quick Team Building | Problem Solving | Active Team Building | Creative Team Building Blindfold Activities

Ten Search Strategies Students Should Try Students often think that because they can type a phrase into Google or saying something aloud to Siri they know how to search. Of course, any teacher who has heard a student say "Google has nothing on this" or "there's no information about my topic" knows that students don't inherently know how to search despite growing up in a world filled with Google and Siri. When your students need help formulating or refining a search, have them review the following ten tip. 12 Awesome Team Building Games Your Team Won't Hate "Not another dumb company team building game," says the displeased employee. Ouch. When this thought crosses your employees' minds, you can pretty much throw the benefits of team bonding games out the window. Team building activities and games are supposed to be not only educational, but also enjoyable. They help the team learn about each other — how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun. To encourage your team to learn about one another without hearing a chorus of groans, below are 13 team building games your team will want to play over and over again.

Designing a WebQuest - The WebQuest Model Dodge (1997, p. 4) describes 4 steps that a teacher/WebQuest designer needs to go through before starting to work on the actual WebQuest elements: 1. Familiarize "with the resources available on-line in their own content area" (p. 4).2. Organize the content according to their relevance (can be main ideas in the subject areas, examples, references, etc.) with the lesson-to-be-taught.3. "Identify topics that fit in with their curriculum and for which there are appropriate materials on-line" (p. 4).4.

A Week of STEM activities!  I decided to take on my own challenge of incorporating a STEM activity every day for a week. It turned out to be a huge success where both my students and I had a blast. Here were the various STEM tasks that they took on: STEM activity 1: Newspaper towers! 10 Royalty Free Music Sites Every Online Video Creator Should Know Finding free, legal music for your online videos can be difficult. As an online video creator you want the perfect soundtrack for your video masterpieces, but you also want to make sure that you don’t break any copyright laws. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating then working hard on a video only to have YouTube take it down because of a music copyright violation. Luckily there are some great sources online where you can find the perfect music for your video project. We’ve put together a list of ten great sites for finding royalty free music for your online videos. Updated: 6 More Places Video Creators Can Find Royalty-Free Music