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Born Again Pagan - An Atheist Smorgasbord: Movies, Comics, Photos, Stories and Much More!

Born Again Pagan - An Atheist Smorgasbord: Movies, Comics, Photos, Stories and Much More!
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Science News, Articles and Information | Scientific American The Skeptic's Dictionary Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc | Founded 1970 ERS Charles Darwin and other early evolutionists were fascinated by religious phenomena and how they might be explained from an evolutionary perspective. Nevertheless, evolutionary theory became restricted to the biological sciences and excluded from the study of many human-related subjects for most of the 20th century. Only now is the theory being used to explain all aspects of humanity in addition to the rest of life. The new field of evolutionary religious studies is part of this larger trend. This website provides an introduction to the study of religion from an evolutionary perspective. It includes the following features: Please visit the EvoS web site for a more general introduction to evolution in relation to human affairs. This website is funded by a TARP (Templeton Advanced Research Program) grant from the John Templeton Foundation, which is administred by the Metanexus Institute. For questions and comments, contact the program director, David Sloan Wilson.

Portland State Sociology of Islam & Muslim Societies | Home The Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies Newsletter: Winter 2011 Newsletter No. 7 - ISSN:1942-7948 Contents Social and Political Transformations in the Middle East - Umit Kurt and Oguz Alyanak The Political Economy of Turkey’s Response to the Arab Spring - Altay Atli Footsteps of Revolution in the Land of Queen Sheba - Bezen Balamir Coskun Two Sides of the Same Coin; Conflicting Views of Islamism in Pakistan - Jeanette Bailey Egypt and the "Arab Spring": Notes on Facts and Challenges - Moises Garduño García The Arab Spring and the Turkish Model - Alper Y. Dede Will Geopolitics Split Along Sectarian Lines in the Middle East? Witnessing the Rise of a Sectarian Speech Amidst War of Perceptions - Camille Germanos Turkey as a Model Democracy? International Conference: Globalization and its impact on Indigenous Cultures November 17-18th, 2011 (Thursday & Friday) First Day: November 17, 20119:00-11:00 AMRecitation from the Holy QuranOpening Remarks by Dr. 5. Session II: 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.1.

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