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The Most Influential Images of All Time

The Most Influential Images of All Time

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The best photographs of 2016 - in pictures Boy on a bike at the Qayyarah oilfields (21 October)Carl Court/Getty Images I had heard the oilfields were on fire in Qayyarah, Iraq, and spent hours driving to get there. When I finally arrived, there was a strange atmosphere in the town – it felt dangerous and volatile, like anything could happen.

Telling Is Listening: Ursula K. Le Guin on the Magic of Real Human Conversation Every act of communication is an act of tremendous courage in which we give ourselves over to two parallel possibilities: the possibility of planting into another mind a seed sprouted in ours and watching it blossom into a breathtaking flower of mutual understanding; and the possibility of being wholly misunderstood, reduced to a withering weed. Candor and clarity go a long way in fertilizing the soil, but in the end there is always a degree of unpredictability in the climate of communication — even the warmest intention can be met with frost. Yet something impels us to hold these possibilities in both hands and go on surrendering to the beauty and terror of conversation, that ancient and abiding human gift. And the most magical thing, the most sacred thing, is that whichever the outcome, we end up having transformed one another in this vulnerable-making process of speaking and listening. Why and how we do that is what Ursula K.

Free Arpeggiator VST/AU Plugins For Windows & Mac! I needed an arpeggiator plugin for a work in progress music project yesterday, so I browsed the web to see which tools the freeware VST plugin world has to offer. As a result of that search here’s another BPB Freeware Studio article featuring the best freeware arpeggiator VST/AU plugins for Windows and Mac. Arpeggiators can be an awful lot of fun, especially if you produce electronic music. You can use them to trigger your virtual synthesizers and come up with exciting new bassline and lead sequence ideas without actually playing a keyboard. Don’t limit yourself to synthesizers, though. Fragrant Nature Resort, Kollam – Experience Kollam as a seaport had a sustained commercial reputation from the days of the Phoenicians and the Romans. It is also known for its natural beauty embraced with sea, forests, mountains, lakes, backwaters, plains, rivers, tropical crops and vast green fields. With its lush greenery and vivid natural surroundings, Kollam has become one of the favorite holiday destination. Fragrant Nature Resort Kollam Located far away from the hustle-bustle of the city life is Fragrant Nature Resort – the only SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) in South India.

Expressive Portraits Capture the Soulful Beauty of Animals The eclectic portfolio of photographer Sergey Polyushko is as comprehensive as it is captivating. With a wide range of interests, the Kiev-based cameraman finds inspiration in an array of subjects, from fast-paced fashion shoots to awe-inspiring landscapes. Like many photographers, he also has a particular penchant for portraiture. Unlike most portraits, however, Polyushko’s depictions are not limited to people; he also finds picture-perfect subjects in the animal kingdom. In his ongoing series of animal portraits, Polyushko showcases a range of cuddly critters.

Film Happiness shows 'invasive force' of TV on Bhutan village The power of television: Director Thomas Balmes, left, and cinematographer Nina Bernfeld. Photo: Getty Images What happens when a remote village in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan gets electricity and television? Happiness, a new documentary by Frenchman Thomas Balmes, shines a light on the power and risks of the small screen.

Catanya 1.0 Download (Free trial) How to Create Your Own Embroidery Patterns Road Rash: Race It Old School Style Threshold Technology Release Comes This Fall Simple tools to create notes and stick them on your desktop Disable the Windows key shortcuts Top 10 Best Pet Photographers in the World Have you ever tried to photograph your pet? It is not easy to photograph pets like cats and dogs as they are difficult to be controlled and you cannot ask them to do anything for capturing a good photo. For this reason, you have to learn how to photograph pets or you can easily choose one of the best pet photographers to photograph them for you. In order to be able to photograph your pets you have to know that there are many things which you have to consider when you photograph a pet. You have to wait and relax to be able to capture the right and most natural moment.

Photographer Spends Hours on Bridges to Capture Colorful Overhead Portraits of Street Vendors Keen photographers have the ability to elevate the ordinary into stunning imagery and photographer Loes Heerink has done just that with her series about the street vendors of Hanoi. Waking up at 4 am, the vendors—often female migrant workers—pack their bicycles to the brim with fresh flowers and fruit, walking miles throughout the course of the day to peddle their wares. Heerink lived in Vietnam for many years and became fascinated with these street vendors, so much so that she sought to capture their beauty in a unique way. Stationing herself on different bridges around Hanoi, Heerink patiently waited for vendors to pass, capturing these colorfully symmetrical photographs as they unknowingly moved below the bridge. The work takes patience.