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Bruno Walpoth - Artist

Bruno Walpoth - Artist
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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki This summer we are proud to announce the first Empty Kingdom Art Show at 111 Minna. Within the show will be a host of fantastic artists, one of whom is Alicia Martin Lopez. Alicia works with both digital painting and oil, which she describes rather well. Her work is mysterious and other worldly, she herself is intelligent and well spoken. The most valuable lesson I learned is that there is nothing better than a deadline and the fear of showing your work in public to force you to get it done! As a student of advertising as well as an artist you have studied communication from two very different angles, what have you learned from each?

Katya Knight Katya Knight. Artiste plasticienne, née en 1964 a Zimbabwe. Vit et travaille en Périgord, France depuis 2000. Depuis vingt ans, je travaille autour du papier: matière première ou support pour fabriquer des eaux-fortes, des monotypes, les aquatintes, des feuilles de papier fait-main, des moulages, des objets… Le papier, si simple, si courant, est aussi un matériau extraordinaire, aux ressources variées et singulières: résistant , fragile, souple, docile, expressif, plein d’humour… Il a sa propre mémoire et le dialogue avec chaque bout de papier est différent, intarissable. Travailler le papier me donne un sentiment de liberté. J’ai suivi un cursus d’histoire de l’Art à l’Université du Pays de Galles, en Italie et aux États Unis, mais aussi, en autodidacte, j’ai fréquenté divers ateliers internationaux de papier, estampes, et vannerie. Mon lieu de travail et d'exposition est l'Atelier Ermitage à St Marcel du Périgord, ouvert depuis Juillet 2002.

One line drawing Paolo Ceric’s amazing images are created of a single line. Having a certain passion for graphic and digital effects, the Croatian artist loves to play around and explore the connection between real world and what computer codes can produce. To create these images of one line and actually adding depth to the picture the line spacing is larger in bright areas, while the lines are closer in dark areas. He stumbled across this kind of image representation by chance and was immediately fascinated. All images © Paolo Ceric hérault insolite: le jardin de Roger Peridier à Castries Je vous avait parlé de cet endroit vraiment étonnant : pu rencontré Amélie et Stephan, les petits enfants du créateur de ce lieu qu'ils appellent tout simplement: "le jardin". L'eau est là , il faut la remonter. Roger a la fibre bricoleuse il construira une première éolienne de ses mains , qui sera érigé par un système ingénieux de palan. Il fabriquera ensuite 2 bassins superposés et un système de tuyaux enterrés qui permettra d'arroser le potager par simple gravité . Il commence également à construire un cabanon au dessus du puits , utilisant le sable extrait ...Mais au fil des années notre homme transforme le cabanon en petite folie , digne héritière populaire des folies montpellieraines de l’aristocratie languedocienne . un vitrail de bouteille En creusant une galerie horizontale , il tombe sur une interstrate qui laisse écouler un filet d'eau , il a trouvé une source ... et beaucoup moins profond que son puit !

Modern Metamorphosis | Art Prints Collection Tapio Mömmö is a multidisciplinary artists living and working in Finland. After graduation from art school in 2011, he began working out of his own studio creating both oil and digital paintings. Tapio says his passion for digital painting is fueled by the capability to work quickly and intuitively with digital tools – creating on his computer allows very clean, precise results. Tapio says it’s also refreshing to work with two different techniques. Tapio’s inspiration to create come to him while he creates, and he never plans his artworks out in advance.

J.W. Kinsey's Artifice Portfolio My background is in fine art, and I have a degree in Computer Graphic Imaging. My career path began in the Silicon Valley workforce as an interface designer and digital artist. From there I owned and operated a high-end custom cabinet shop: it was here that I began to develop and nurture my wood and metal working skills. This has culminated in my current endeavor, J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice, a small artisan shop specializing in the creation of unique, design-driven projects focusing on timeless beauty and craftsmanship. I believe that creating a bespoke object that is uncompromising in both quality and timeless design is a noble pursuit. I have deep convictions about both construction integrity and cohesive design, and integrate masterful craft techniques with quality materials in my pursuit of heirloom quality pieces. Surface treatments typically include gilding, cold- and electro-plating, enamels and lacquers, and the use of various chemical patinas and color stains.

Artist Spotlight : Bruno Walpoth | 2dots Outstanding sculptures made by Italian sculptor/artist Bruno Walpoth. About Arthrobots - Original steampunk insect sculptures by Tom Hardwidge Unfortunately my workshop is closed until further notice so I will not be taking on any new commissions for work. what are arthrobots? Arthrobots are unique and individual arthropod sculptures created by me, Tom Hardwidge. Each Arthrobot starts its life as a series of sketches, some take their inspiration from nature, others from bits and pieces of metal and beads which form an unusual structure or fit together in an interesting way. After they have been finished, each sculpture is named based on its natural counterpart (a grasshopper or dragonfly for example) and any unusual or unique features it has developed during the sculpting process (long legs or a steam valve on its back). Arthrobots are NOT toys. i want one, how much are they? Click here for more information about pricing and postage costs. view the arthrobot gallery Here's a short time lapse video of me in action creating a praying mantis sculpture. what are they made out of? Anything and everything really. what is steampunk?

"Ich versuche Bilder für Dinge zu finden, die man so nicht mit Worten umschreiben kann" INTERVIEW mit Simon Schubert | nicht mit Facebook verbundennicht mit Twitter verbundennicht mit Google+verbunden Der Kölner Künstler Simon Schubert hat eine einzigartige Ausdrucksform entwickelt: Durch eine besondere Falttechnik verwandelt er Papier in erstaunliche Relief-Bilder. Meist sind es Innenräume, die er mit dieser außergewöhnlichen Vorgehensweise – das genaue Verfahren ist geheim – festhält. Untitled (mirrored hallways), 150×150 cm, 2011 Der Künstler selbst sagt, dass er das Papier aus der Sicht eines Bildhauers betrachtet. Wie er zum Papierfalten kam, welche Einflüsse es gibt und warum architektonische Formen eine besondere Faszination für ihn haben, darüber gibt Simon Schubert im Interview mit Auskunft. Abb. © Simon Schubert, Sie kommen aus dem Bereich der Bildhauerei. Untitled (hallways middle), 50 x 38 cm, 2010 Ich sehe die Papierfaltungen als skulpturale Zeichnungen, die sich zwischen Zwei- und Dreidimensionalität bewegen. Untitled (Berlin Stadtschloß), 100 x 75 cm, 2010