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Cody-Roby starter kit – ECW edition – CodeWeek Italia

Cody-Roby starter kit – ECW edition – CodeWeek Italia
This page is just meant to provide the links to the png and pdf files that compose the Europe Code Week edition of the Cody-Roby starter kit. Please refer to the Cody-Roby page for general information, and on the video tutorial for building the kit. The kit has to be printed out on 6 sheets of standard A4 paper: a board, a folding box, a page with 10 move-forward cards, a second page with 10 more move-forward cards, a page with 8 turn-left cards and 2 additional move-forward cards, a page with 8 turn-right cards and 2 additional move-forward cards. Each page is provided both in png and in pdf format. Please use pdf files for high quality results. The four pages o cards are also provided with fancy card backs. Specific instructions for professional printing are provided for each page, specifying both the weight and type of paper and the printing options. Board (pdf) Paper: Demimatt, 170gr.

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4 new projects to help you learn HTML, CSS and Javascript! - CoderDojo Check out the four latest projects developed by our content team which cover HTML, CSS and Javascript. We’ve sorted them according to their difficulty, from beginner to intermediate, so young people can progress through each new project, as they master skills from the previous project. My favourite celebrity This beginner web development project brings young people step-by-step through coding a web page about their favourite celebrity! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks Welcome to the next level of Snap! Snap! is now a community website where you can share and publish projects so others can find and remix them, and where you can ask questions and discuss the beauty and joy of computing. We invite you to check out the new site. Did you know that you can embed Snap! projects in other web pages?

How To Clean Mac- The Best Ways - Systweak Software - Medium Apple’s Macbook is known for its faster processing, helped by its efficient RAM and SSD Drives. Almost every version of the Macbook is an upgrade to its predecessor and Apple intends to offer more every time. With the help of regular upgrades on the Mac’s operating system, that is, MacOS, you won’t need anything better than that. But, like every other laptop or desktop, Apple’s Macbook can also be overwhelmed by the bulk of unwanted applications, unchecked junk and cache files, and malware threats. Consider Mac a machine, and therefore, you need to find appropriate ways to clean your Mac. But what consists of the stack that overwhelms and slows down your Mac? Smart classroom assistant machine learning tutorial — The MagPi magazine First, you’ll create an assistant that uses a list of rules for understanding commands, and you’ll learn why that approach isn’t very good. Next, you will teach the assistant to recognise commands for different devices by training it using examples of each command. Smart-Classroom: Use machine learning and Scratch to turn on a lamp and control a fan 1. Get started

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Coding Classes For Kids In Valencia Educational robotics and coding are an attractive way of teaching young people important concepts such as mathematics and science. This great learning tool allows students to apply content acquired from other disciplines in a playful way, motivating new enthusiasm for science and technology and for areas that may lead to incredible careers in the future. These classes encourage children to become future scientists, engineers and programmers and represent an innovative and fun activity designed to develop the skills and abilities needed to meet the challenges of this century. Bearing in mind the thirst for technology on the part of children and the advantages it brings, on this occasion we have prepared a list with nine places in Valencia where your little one can enter into an interesting technological adventure, where learning and fun are based on experimentation. 1.

Mr Bit Lots of people are talking about the BBC micro:bit and what you can do with it: It's a pocket-size microcomputerYou can program it to show images and messagesIt can be connected to external devices and control themYou can design and play games with itIt can make measurements and do calculations Insight Mr Bit can help you learn to do all these things.

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