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APHUGE 2016-2017 – Google Drive

APHUGE 2016-2017 – Google Drive

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Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt Why A T-Shirt? We wanted to see the hidden world behind clothes sold in this country, so we decided to make a T-shirt. We wanted to make an ordinary shirt like the vast majority of the shirts sold in this country — not organic cotton, not hand-sewn in the United States. To figure out how many shirts to make, and to raise money to pay for them, we turned to Kickstarter. Welcome To DYW Carpet Cleaning! – DYW Carpet Cleaning – Medium Selecting the right Phoenix carpet cleaners can make all the difference in the world and at DYW Carpet Cleaning, being rated as the top cleaner in Arizona does not happen without providing award winning service at the best possible prices. You’re in good hands. You’re complete satisfaction is our standard goal, and we stand behind our name. There’s a reason we are the #1 Carpet Cleaner in Phoenix AZ. We provide quality and professional services at the lowest price — guaranteed.

Map Men: teaching geography through comedy Mark Cooper-Jones and Jay Foreman tap into a rich vein of geographical quirks to teach through comedy ‘Maps are probably the best gateway into geography,’ argues comedian Mark Cooper-Jones. ‘They have become trendy, and cool.

Save Time Grading with Doctopus & Goobric (Overview of These Two Tools) I’m always on the look out to spend LESS time grading or, at the very least, to feel like the time I do spend grading is productive and efficient. Several months ago I wrote a blog titled “Google Docs: Grading Tips & Tricks” in which I shared some simple strategies for grading more quickly when working with Google documents. In addition to those tips, I recently wrote a blog about the new editing feature in Google Documents, which is making it easier to provide formative feedback. During a training last week, I was surprised that several teachers using Google Apps with students had not experimented with Doctopus, a Google Spreadsheet script developed by Andrew Stillman, and Goobric, a Chrome extension that adds rubric functionality to any document shared using Doctopus. When Google upgraded to include “Add-ons” to Google Documents and Sheets, I lost the ability to use the rubrics I had designed and created using Google Forms. The New Doctopus & Add-on Gallery

Instapaper Done Your Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning Our highly trained and experienced professional cleaners continue to set the bar when it comes to carpet cleaning Phoenix AZ. Cleaning your office or home of any size quick and naturally fresh. 'American Panorama' Is a Historical Atlas for the 21st Century When Charles Paullin’s Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States first appeared in 1932, it was hailed as a “monument to historical scholarship.” Its 700 maps traced nearly every dimension of American life across the country’s geographical bounds—its natural history, its settlement by Europeans, the spread of railroads, state boundaries, suffrage, and much else. Paullin, a naval historian, hoped his meticulous research and beautiful renderings would inspire new research into history’s old narratives. They did. And yet for nearly a century, no other project really attempted to match its depth. Inspired by the scope and intellectual ambition of its predecessor, a new project promises an American historical atlas for the online era.

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