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Motion Periodic Table

Motion Periodic Table

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8 Essential Elements of Your Agile UX Playbook [Infographic] By Yael Alpert, Katrina Berlin Benco, and Mundi Morgado In today’s business climate, there is increased attention and urgency focused on creating and improving digital experiences. However, the absence of standards to organize these efforts can result in under-leveraged insights, unsupported teams, and inconsistent and complex experiences. This is particularly true for the Agile UX practice, which involves fast and effective direct interaction and cross-functional collaboration. An Agile UX Playbook can help anchor decision-making in a rapidly changing business landscape. Quantum Vibe by Scott Bieser, published by Big Head Press Panel 1 Exterior view of the L5-City. It is an enormous, jumbled complex of artificial habitats orbiting at the Terra-Luna Lagrange 5 point. Caption: L5-City Nicole (from somewhere in the City): No, Mom, I'm still working at Audio-Chrome. Panel 2 Inside a concourse within one of the city habitats.

39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes bars and pies for proportions Much is said about the relative merits of bars and circles for showing proportions. All five of these studies legitimize the use of pie charts when conveying proportions and some even show their superiority over bar charts. I did not encounter any studies that said we should not use pie charts for showing proportions in all cases. Eells (7) was among the first to publish a paper on this topic in 1926. 55 Free CSS3 Animated Buttons Tutorial and Techniques of 2013 CSS3 animation effects are adding big values to designers. Today we created a special article about CSS3. In this article, we sharing 55 special CSS3 animated buttons methods and tutorials which is published in 2013. If you search on search engines, you can get CSS3 button methods in various of websites but you can’t find one as detailed we prepared here.

Why the Customer Journey is Your New Marketing Funnel By Gary DeAsi Over the course of the past ten years or so, marketers’ focus has slid further and further down the marketing funnel and across the customer life-cycle to encompass the entire customer journey. First it was driving traffic and generating net new leads/names to fill the marketing database. Next came MQL and SQL definitions which often required higher amounts of nurturing, education and increased attention towards the middle of the funnel. In recent years, the concentration became more about revenue for many marketers, though often aimed primarily at generating new/new business.

An Táin - Foilsitheoir / Publisher: Cló Mhaigh Eo book publishers Foilsitheoir / Publisher - Cló Mhaigh Eo Tagann éad as cuimse ar an mbanríon, Méabh, nuair a theipeann uirthi a fear céile, Ailill, a shárú maidir le maoin agus saibhreas. Aige siúd atá an Fionnbheannach, tarbh nach bhfuil a leithéid le fáil in Éirinn. Nó an bhfuil? Seo insint úr bhríomhar ar an scéal is iomráití i dteanga na hÉireann, an Táin, nó Táin Bó Cuailgne mar is fearr aithne air. Archived Webinar: Learn the Essentials of Data Visualization Categories: Opportunities, Webinar Tags: Data Visualization, Webinar Earlier this month, we held the webinar, Learn the essentials of data visualization, with Stephanie Evergreen, a US-based expert on using research to present data effectively, and Andy Kirk, a UK-based apostle for better designed data visualization. In this one-hour webinar, Evergreen and Kirk addressed the basics of data design and demonstrated various ways for showing different types of data.

Using jQuery to Detect When CSS3 Animations and Transitions End It seems like only a couple of years ago that almost every animation on a web page was done either by means of Flash or a JavaScript library like jQuery. CSS3 has put that to rest. Simple, elegant animations are possible using CSS3 transitions, and even complex fine-grained movement can be accomplished using CSS3 keyframe animations. And now that every major modern browser supports both transitions and keyframe animations, they are a very real possibility on every new project we create. In this post, I’ll discuss how you can include callback-like behaviour when using CSS3 transitions and animations, and thus keep your animation effects separate from your jQuery logic. Separating Logic from Effect

Mapping the Patient Journey: A Case Study By Ezra Schwartz Many healthcare organizations today are focusing on understanding the patient journey, as they operate in a competitive landscape that is driven by Meaningful Use policies and regulations that focus on demonstrating effective use of technology to improve patient care, satisfaction and experience. At the same time, the inherent fragmentation of care, further magnified by the rapid proliferation and popularity of urgent care clinics, can diminish the return on investments for quality improvement projects. In part this is because transforming raw patient care data into contextual, accurate and reliable medical information is extremely difficult.

7 Data Visualization Types You Should be Using More (and How to Start) 7 Data Visualization Types You Should be Using More (and How to Start) Unique data visualizations are more memorable, and add variety for the audience — even the most clear and straightforward visualization types lose their appeal when repeated over and over again. As visual literacy increases in the general population, data visualization designers will need to continually extend their knowledge of and proficiency across a widening range of visualization approaches to grow their skills alongside audience familiarity and expectations. Even more importantly, broad visualization know-how is essential for matching the data visualization type to the data available, the story to be told, and the question being answered. In this article, I review 7 less-common (though certainly not unheard-of) yet very useful data visualization approaches: SlopegraphsParallel CoordinatesAlluvial DiagramsSunburstsCircle PackingHorizon ChartsStreamgraphs