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Divi — The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Divi — The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Related:  Spring 2017Between Marketplace and Listingwordpress - Online Course Evaluations Delivers the lowest total cost of ownership Our course evaluation application is designed with cutting-edge technology, providing a tremendous level of flexibility and customization. It delivers the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to both paper-based evaluations and those offered by online competitors. LaGuardia ePortfolio 2012 - Present: ePortfolios and Outcomes Assessment The CTL plays a key role in supporting the College’s assessment process. Our ePortfolio team assists faculty and students with the depositing of assessment artifacts, and with collecting the materials needed for faculty engaged in the Periodic Program Review process mandated by CUNY. Blade - Responsive Multi-Functional Theme by greatives Blade is a straightforward multi-functional WordPress Theme in which Flexibility and Simplicity exist side-by-side. Grace of its high-quality, it is suitable for building every website project you have in mind, believe us! Blade has been created with tons of work and love by Greatives. Blade is completely based on your feedback, thank you all for that and for your reviews. Enjoy it!

showthread Yes. You can edit the TOC field code, using the "\n" switch to instruct Word not to use page numbering for a particular heading level (in this case, Heading 1). See this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information (navigate about halfway down to the section about the "\n" switch).Go to the page where the TOC starts and press Alt F9 to display the TOC field codes (what you normally see is the code results). Insert your cursor into the code and type the switch, using the syntax shown in the Knowledge Base article -- except, since you want to hide the page numbering for only one heading level, use { TOC \n 1-1 } (i.e., hide the page numbering for level 1) rather than { TOC \n 3-4 } (hide the page numbering for levels 3 and 4). You have to use the "1-1" syntax or the code won't work properly.When you have finished editing the field code, press Alt F9 again to toggle the display back to showing the code results.That should do the trick.

Spiraling Out of Control: The Greatest Spiral Stairs in the World Recently the Loretto Chapel was entered into the Atlas. The Santa Fe chapel is known for a very cool looking set of spiral stairs built in 1877 by a mysterious stranger. With no central support the stairs are said by the sisters of Loretto Chapel to be miraculous in construction. Cocoons - Professional Grade Fitovers The hazelnut filter reduces the intensity of bright light, while enhancing contrast and object definition. It has been proven to provide relief from eyestrain due to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), digital eyestrain and light sensitivity commonly experienced by those suffering from Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), cataracts, glaucoma and sleep disorders associated to over-exposure to blue light and reduced melatonin production. The combined benefits of reduced light transmission and improved contrast provides the wearer with soothing relief and sharper visual acuity in bright indoor and outdoor environments. The chassis, featuring an impervious Soft Touch finish, is injection fused to our patented Flex2Fit temple system.

Bento - the Ultimate Free WordPress Theme / Satori and tons of other features: Retina-ready — your website will look good also on high- resolution screens, thanks to extensive use of scalable graphics and optimized images. Post formats Stylus/Stylus Publishing - High-Impact ePortfolio Practice: A Catalyst for Student, Faculty, and Institutional Learning “A handbook of everything educators need to know about the current state of the art, capped off with a rovocative look at the synergy of ePortfolios with other student success interventions.” - John N. Gardner, President, Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education; and Betsy O. Barefoot, Senior Scholar , Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education “Drawing on years of work with campuses nationwide, the authors provide excellent analyses of best practices in ePortfolio use, and they situate their examples in critical contexts that demonstrate the role ePortfolios play in facilitating reflection and integration, essential elements of impactful education.

Exporting HTML from Tinderbox 7: Using CSS for a Help Book – The Eclectic Light Company Tinderbox is a wonderful tool for developing structured content, then transforming it into different formats, most notably HTML. This project started when I wanted to write Help Books for my apps, and discovered there was only one affordable tool with which to do that. macOS Help Books are essentially small websites, which have to conform to intricate specifications. What better tool to use than Tinderbox? This first article shows what I have done so far in Tinderbox, to produce a simple website of (X)HTML pages which conforms to Apple’s rules. In the next I will show how to turn that into a Help Book, which can then be built into a Mac app. Help Books have two types of pages: an index, and a normal page.

Adornments as map dividers It is possible to set zero width or height for an adornment allowing it to server as a rule or linear divider on a map. Note that such dividers can only be of horizontal or vertical alignment - i.e. not at any angle. It is possible to set both height and width to make a small dot. Fleet Information - Korean Air 368 Seats The seat type may differ according to the number of seats within the same fleet type. floor 1 On the main deck, there are 8 exits: 6 in the middle and 2 in the back.There are 10 lavatories: 2 in the front, 4 in the middle and 4 in the back. 2 lavatories in the middle are accessible restrooms and 1 lavatory in the back is a female-only restroom.There are 5 galleys: 1 in the front and 4 in the middle.There are 8 bassinets in the middle.For the seating, there are 6 First Class Kosmo Suites 2.0, 26 Prestige Suites and 314 New Economy Class Seats.From the first row to the third row of the First Class area, the pitch between the seats is 83 inches on the main deck. From the 7th row to the 11th row of the Prestige Class area, the pitch is 75 inches for the seats in the center and 86 inches for the left and right side seats. floor 2

Battles - The Battle of Jutland, 1916 The greatest naval battle of the First World War. Jutland had all the ingredients to be a great British naval victory, but in the event the result was much less clear-cut. The recently appointed commander of the German High Seas Fleet, Reinhard Scheer, had returned to the policy of making sorties against the British coast, confident that his codes were secure, and thus that the main British battle fleet, at Scapa Flow in the north of Scotland could not intervene. However, the British could read German coded messages, and were aware of Scheer's plan. At the end of May, Scheer sortied with the entire High Seas Fleet, expected that the only serious threat he would meet was Admiral Beatty's battle cruiser squadron based on the Forth.

German Report on the Battle of Jutland, 29 June 1916 Reproduced below is the official German report issued in the wake of the 31 May-1 June 1916 Battle of Jutland - up to that point arguably the greatest naval battle in history. The report's author was Eduard von Capelle, the German naval minister. Although regarded by many as tactically a German victory - more damage was inflicted upon the British Grand Fleet than upon the German High Seas Fleet - strategically the victory belonged undeniably to the British. The German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, afraid of the dangers faced by his fleet, forbade them to engage the British in similar fashion for the remainder of the war.