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iPhone Application Development iPhone Mobile Application Development We, at AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd., are the right people. With more than 10 years of iPhone application development experience under our belt, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. is light years ahead of other firms in the use of the latest iPhone application development technologies and our refreshingly innovative experts. Top iPhone App Development Company iPhone App Development Company iPhone App Development Company in Dubai AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Search Engine Optimization Company Search Engine Optimization SEO is not rocket science, but Search Engine Optimization is the strategic approach that aids to improve the visibility of a website or Web page in search engines return page. In SEO, the main objective is to assure that your website acquires the best ranking in all the major search engines.

Android Application Development Company Android Mobile Application Development Services: AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been developing Android applications for clients right from the time Google launched the open source operating system. Over the years, our developers have become conversant with the APIs offered by the Android SDK. Interfacing with the phone through the SDK, we deliver applications that ranges all the way from M-Commerce, Chatting & Messaging, Dating, Augmented Reality, On Demand Delivery, Taxi & Travel and Logistics. Our expertise in Android application development is best illustrated by the applications we have designed and developed.

Top Wearable Device App Development Company Wearable Devices App Development AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has entrenched a milestone in the Wearable Devices App Development in a span of 2+ years by the virtue of their determined squad of more than 80 people which enables it to interact with a mass of visitors across Dubai and other parts of UAE. What are Wearable Devices? Wearables or Wearable Gadgets are innovation gadgets utilized as a part of the type of smartwatch, eyeglass and wellness band. Wearable gadget is worn by a shopper to gauge his wellbeing and wellness, to take photographs by synchronizing it with cell phones and to make business assignments simpler.

In What Aspects SEO Services Serves any Business and Its Needs? Aspects SEO Services Serves any Business and Its Needs If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you might wonder what exactly SEO is, how SEO may help your business in future growth, why does your business needs SEO services, and which type of business needs SEO services the most? All these questions frequently strike in the mind of business owners and entrepreneurs. This article tends to throw light on these questions and help in solving the concerns of all entrepreneurs related to SEO. SEO stands for Search engine optimization, is a set of rules for optimizing the website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing, and improve your website’s performance in organic search results. SEO is a great technique that enhances the volume and quality of traffic to a website from various search engines.

What is Director Identification Number ? Director Identification Number (DIN) as the name suggests ‘identify’ the directors, whether existing, proposed or new, electronically. It is a unique identity number (consisting of 8 digits) that helps in representing the directors on a common platform and maintaining all the information related to them in a database. Once allotted, it can be valid for lifetime unless deactivated or cancelled. A director can hold one DIN irrespective of the number of companies he is a director in.

Hire Dedicated iOS App Developer Hire Dedicated iOS Developers Hire Dedicated IOS App Developers Dubai Hire dedicated iOS App developers in Dubai from AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Blockchain Solutions and Services What Is Blockchain Technology? The blockchain is a one of a kind conveyed record that stores information and checks its uprightness. By utilising an alternate arrangement of cryptography based advances, Blockchain guarantees that exchange proceeded into the blockchain database which is steady. Blockchain innovation deals with the each money exchanges. In any case, Blockchain isn't restricted to simply money yet expands to any area where anything of significant worth is executed, be it contracts, individual data, wellbeing records, business information and considerably more. Blockchain Technology has been reforming the way organisations are changing their functioning model.

Types of Capital Gains and Tax Rates in India To learn about when does capital gains arise, click here. There are two types of capital assets depending upon their holding period: Short term Capital AssetsLong term Capital Assets Following is the type of capital asset and its period of holding to qualify as either ‘short-term capital asset’ or a ‘long-term capital asset’ Gains or losses on transfer of short term capital assets are termed as short-term capital gain/ loss and gains or losses on transfer of long term capital assets is termed as long term capital gain/ loss.