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AppSquadz A Leading Mobile App Development Company India And USA. Top Web & Mobile App Development Company-India,USA,UK,KSA. Top Mobile App Development Company In India. Blockchain Solutions and Services. What Is Blockchain Technology? The blockchain is a one of a kind conveyed record that stores information and checks its uprightness. By utilising an alternate arrangement of cryptography based advances, Blockchain guarantees that exchange proceeded into the blockchain database which is steady.

Blockchain innovation deals with the each money exchanges. In any case, Blockchain isn't restricted to simply money yet expands to any area where anything of significant worth is executed, be it contracts, individual data, wellbeing records, business information and considerably more. Blockchain Technology has been reforming the way organisations are changing their functioning model. How Does Blockchain Function? Blockchain, as the name demonstrates, are blocks that convey data – clumps of exchanges and such pieces are added into a chain. How Does AppSquadz Add Value To Your Blockchain Development? How to calculate Capital Gain? Capital gains are calculated differently for assets held for a longer period and for those held over a shorter period.

How to calculate Capital Gain?

Formula for computation of Capital Gain on short term capital assets: Gain arising from transfer of Short-term capital asset should be computed in the following manner: Gain arising from transfer of Long-term capital asset should be computed in the following manner: Best Indian Subsidiary Company. Learning Management System. E-Learning Mobile App Development Company. Detailed Process for Copyright Registration in India. Copyright is characterized as a legitimate right of the proprietor of protected innovation.

Detailed Process for Copyright Registration in India

It is a restrictive right of the first maker to imitate the work. Copyright gives selective power to the maker of the primary document to further produce for a given period. Here, we will discuss the Copyright Registration in India. Copyright is a selective right allowed by the law to literary, artistic, musical or dramatic works and to filmmakers too. It additionally incorporates right identified with propagation, correspondence to general society, interpretation of work.

Mobile Application Development Company Mumbai. Mobile Application Development Company Gurgaon. Can you give loan to directors? Conditions under section 185 of the Companies Act, 2013. Directors are responsible for management of the company.

Can you give loan to directors? Conditions under section 185 of the Companies Act, 2013

Some directors even engage into day to day affairs of the company (example, managing directors). While directorship brings in several powers under the law, it also brings many responsibilities. Why you should NOT file your ITR late? Income tax returns (ITR) are to be furnished by July 31st / September 30th of the assessment year.

Why you should NOT file your ITR late?

Which means, for financial year 2017-18 (i.e. period starting April 1, 2017 and ending on March 31, 2018) the due date for filing the ITR will be July 31st, 2018 for certain classes of people, like individuals, small businesses which do not require audit by a CA. Android App Development Services UK. MSME Registration in India and know how it will Benefit your Business. MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which was earlier known as SSI (Small Scale Industry).

MSME Registration in India and know how it will Benefit your Business

MSME Department is a branch of Central Government, approved under The MSMED (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development) Act, 2006. The implementation behind this Act was to advance the little scale organizations and award them the advantages that are accessible to large scale organizations by giving appropriations, motivating forces and plans. Step by step guide to Online Trademark Registration in India. A trademark is an intangible asset that is a recognizable sign in the form of symbols, a name, a label, numerals, image, or a design.

Step by step guide to Online Trademark Registration in India

Particular businesses use the trademark for distinguishing its products & services from another similar kind of business or related services. In other words, the trademark is the brand or logo that represents your business. Trademark registration forms an integral part of any business and has a sense of security and individuality amongst your opponents. Trademark registration is a common practice in India which is registered by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Trademark registration involves a set of procedure in India; also, you need to get your trademark registration done under the Trademark Act, 1999.

Some Crucial steps followed to Start a Business in India. None of the corporate giants is born overnight; it needs a lot of patience and expertise.

Some Crucial steps followed to Start a Business in India

It must have taken somebody’s concept, plan, raised funds and then launched a small venture or a startup in India. Uniqueness, commitment and superior service must have nurtured it to make it a brand. Today, entrepreneurs are coming forward to fulfil their entrepreneurial dream and establishing micro, small and medium enterprises. Residential Status of an Individual for Income Tax. The Determination of residential status of a person is essential for the purpose of levy of income tax, as income tax is levied based on the residential status of the taxpayer.

Residential Status of an Individual for Income Tax

There are different taxable incomes and some exceptions regarding the residential status in India. How to determine Residential Status? For the purpose of income tax in India, the Residential status of the taxpayer can be classified as: Resident. MSME Form - I: Initial Return and Half Yearly Return. MCA has introduced new E-Form MSME Form – I regarding ‘Micro and Small Enterprise Suppliers’ on 22nd January 2019.

MSME Form - I: Initial Return and Half Yearly Return

What is ‘MSME Form – I’? MSME Form-I is a form issued by MCA for getting details from all the companies who receives goods and services from micro and small enterprises and whose payment to these suppliers exceeds 45 days from the date of acceptance of goods. Who are Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) Enterprises? Enterprises are bifurcated between Micro, Small and Medium on the basis of their investments in Plant and Machineries/Equipments: Note: Only Micro and Small Enterprises are covered under this notification and hence, medium enterprises are not required to file MSME Form I.

Trademark Registration. Steps for Private Limited Company Incorporation in India. As per the records of MCA Annual Data, each month, more than 10,000 private limited companies are incorporated.

Steps for Private Limited Company Incorporation in India

Private Limited Company is the most common form of a business entity among small, medium and large companies in India. Many don’t know the process concerning the legal procedure for the incorporation of the company. A private limited company has several basic requirements which need to be accomplished before the incorporation of the private limited company. Private Limited Company Incorporation. Everything you need to know about Income Tax Return. Paying income tax for the very first time is a milestone for everyone who earns or gets an income in India and is subject to income tax. But for the beginners or first-timers, income tax return filing can be a daunting and tedious process. To make you aware of it and help you understand the tax implications here is a guide for you compiling the basics of income tax. As per the new guidelines of the Income Tax Department, now every assessee subjected to pay tax has to file Income tax returns digitally.

But there is an exception to this guideline where super senior taxpayers are permitted to file an income tax return in paper format. Along with the super senior taxpayers, taxpayers with income less than Rs. 5 lakhs and not claiming refund can file an income tax return in paper format. Now let us dive deeply to know exactly what income tax return is? MSME or Udyog Aadhar Registration. One person Company. Web Application Development Company. Private Limited Company Incorporation. PHP Web Development Company. iPhone Application Development.

iPhone Mobile Application Development We, at AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd., are the right people. With more than 10 years of iPhone application development experience under our belt, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. is light years ahead of other firms in the use of the latest iPhone application development technologies and our refreshingly innovative experts. Developing an app requires more than just the latest technology and a handful of experts. This task calls for a dedicated, innovative and experienced development team that can furnish you with a technically proficient, aesthetically pleasing and value driven app for your business. AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. employ 25+ Dedicated Experts, solely for the purpose of iPhone application development and testing.

We Love Making iPhone Apps! We simply love making iPhone apps. Hire iPhone Application Developer At AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd., we house a team comprised of the top iPhone app developers in the industry. Android Application Development Company. Android Mobile Application Development Services: AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been developing Android applications for clients right from the time Google launched the open source operating system. Over the years, our developers have become conversant with the APIs offered by the Android SDK. Interfacing with the phone through the SDK, we deliver applications that ranges all the way from M-Commerce, Chatting & Messaging, Dating, Augmented Reality, On Demand Delivery, Taxi & Travel and Logistics.

Our expertise in Android application development is best illustrated by the applications we have designed and developed. At AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. GST Registration for Company. GST Return Filing - Upto 30 Invoices. GST Registration - Non Company. One Person Company. Private Limited Company Incorporation. How to File Income Tax Return. What is Director Identification Number ? Director Identification Number (DIN) as the name suggests ‘identify’ the directors, whether existing, proposed or new, electronically. It is a unique identity number (consisting of 8 digits) that helps in representing the directors on a common platform and maintaining all the information related to them in a database. Once allotted, it can be valid for lifetime unless deactivated or cancelled. A director can hold one DIN irrespective of the number of companies he is a director in.

To avoid any frauds and to cross-verify the valid identity of directors, the Government has introduced the DIN. The authenticity of such people can be verified so as to their names, addresses, contact details, companies in which the person holds the directorship etc., as this they are required to provide the relevant documents for obtaining the number such as PAN, voter ID, utility bills not older than 2 months. GST Registration for Foreign Company. Types of Capital Gains and Tax Rates in India. To learn about when does capital gains arise, click here. There are two types of capital assets depending upon their holding period: Residential Status of an Individual for Income Tax.

Online GST Return Filing. GST Registration Services. Private Limited Company Incorporation. Procket: Income Tax Return Filing. Income Tax Return Filing Online at Procket. E-Filing of Income Tax Return Online.