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Check out some examples created with mysimpleshow

Check out some examples created with mysimpleshow
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Kolibri : A Free, Open Source Education for All | Learning Equality Among other types of reorganization, Kolibri Studio makes it possible for you and others to collaborate online while aligning resources in the Kolibri Content Library—as well as any of your own—to curricular standards. By organizing your resources in the form of Studio channels, you can create a custom folder structure for your curriculum, browse through the Library, select resources you find most applicable, and place them into a structure that allows for easier navigation, time savings for teachers, and enhanced relevance when the channel is exported to the Kolibri Learning Platform for use offline. Control the way that resources will look, from the folders they appear in and how those are organized, to which parts of existing sources should appear, to what they are titled. Select and combine resources to bring out the full potential of digital learning to expand what’s done in the classroom and introduce educators and learners to the variety of options available.

QR Codes Can Do That? There are tons of quick and easy ways to integrate technology into your instruction -- with powerful results. I've been a fan of Quick Response (QR) codes in education for years and even wrote a book all about how they can be used to promote deeper learning in your classroom. When speaking to teachers about these black-and-white squares, it's so much fun to see the "aha" moments as we explore different ways to use scannable technology in the classroom. This list of five things that you may not know about QR codes contains some simple ideas that definitely pack a punch. 1. QR codes can talk! Another quick option is using a web tool like Vocaroo, which lets users record their voice with the microphone on their device. 2. Since a QR code is connected to a web address, you can take a scanner to any location on the internet. 3. There are lots of reasons why I love Google Forms, including how easy they are for collecting information. 4. 5.

10 Ideas for Great Video Content - mysimpleshow 11. Dec 2019 Video content is a fantastic way to generate more search traffic and also to connect with your target audience. We have selected the following ten content video ideas that you can use to connect with your target audience: 1. Consumers want to know who they are dealing with! 2. Definitely have a video that showcases your product! 3. Make a demo video to show how your product is used. 4. Make targets feel special by inviting them to view what is going on behind the scenes in your company. 5. Introduce your team to targets so that they may feel more at ease doing business with you. 6. From a consumer’s perspective, it is often not that easy to decide which product to go for. 7. Make sure that you make use of the advantages of seasonal celebrations! 8. If you have any conferences or special events coming up in the near future make an info video, or even an invitation video, that creates excitement and at the same time creates brand awareness! 9. 10.

PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative 10 Animoto Alternatives and Competitors 2018 – Top Best Alternatives Animoto is a cloud-based video-making platform that generates video from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows. Animoto is based on the concept of ‘make it easy’, and ‘make it beautiful’; and it offers you the simplest means to craft the most elegant videos online, whether for yourself, your friends, your family, or for your business. Animoto allows you use your images, clips as well as text to produce any number of videos. cards online is a platform that can create a lot of presentations and computer graphics to use as a resource in your blog or use as an extra element in works such as dossiers or presentations and posters or more personal. WeVideo is a video editing tool that allows you to use any of your Android multimedia content (video, music, and photos) terminals to create a composite video funny. 6. Adobe Premiere Elements is the ideal apparatus to oversee and alter your recordings with expert results.

Poly What does this mean for you? The ability to download assets was disabled on June 30, 2021. The ability to upload new 3D models on was disabled on April 30, 2021. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey. The Poly team Is it possible to download my assets? The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources Creating content isn't always a walk in the park. (In fact, it can sometimes feel more like trying to swim against the current.) While other parts of business and marketing are becoming increasingly automated, content creation is still a very manual job. That being said, there are plenty of tools out there to make creating content much easier. Click here to download our full collection of content creation templates for blog posts, ebooks, infographics, and more. Below, you'll find a list of 36 fantastic tools and resources to help you research, write, edit, and design content more easily. Let's get started. 36 Free Tools & Resources to Make Content Creation Easier For Researchers 1) Google Drive Research Tool Google recently added a tool to Drive that allows you to conduct Google searches without ever leaving your Drive window. 2) Site:search This is a handy Google hack I use every day. 3) Google Webmaster Tools Doing SEO and keyword research? 4) Percentage Change Calculator 5) Atlas Source: Atlas

5 Simple Tips to Create an Explainer Video - mysimpleshow 30. Oct 2019 Life in the fast lane means that we do not have time to watch long videos, let alone read pages and pages of information. That said, coupled with the fact that our brains process videos considerably faster than text, no wonder explainer videos are so popular! So, how do you go about making an explainer video? We share a few simple tips: Find a structure Consider carefully what needs to be explained. It is important to consider the key points that you want to make in your video. Tell a story For a good explainer video, you need to have a good script. Find pictures Videos need images! Highlight key words or key phrases in your script. Good quality audio Good quality audio is paramount for a good explainer video! Video creation tool Decide how you will make the final product. With these simple tips anyone can create an explainer video, enjoying the process, and create a masterpiece that will also benefit others!

Subscription Plans Pricing ProjectsCreate videos by simply picking your favorite template customizing its scenes to perfectly fit your narrative. DurationUnlimited video duration does not concern the music visualizer templates Export QualityExport your videos in a wide range of high resolutions and easily showcase them on massive displays. Stock footageUse professionally filmed high-quality stock videos to save time and give your video an advanced touch. No watermarks or adsCreate outstanding projects without any watermark or ad, and make them look more trustworthy. Text to speechWrite your video script and convert it to a professional voice-over in your desired language and gender voice. Create unlimited color palletsCreate your own color palettes right with your brand colors, save, and easily apply them in your projects. Upload unlimited fontsUpload your own font and make your texts push your branding. 1M+ premium templatesGet access to the most popular video templates and scenes on Renderforest.

[OFFICIAL] iMovie for Windows: Download iMovie for PC Video Editor L’Atelier des Chercheurs | infos À propos de l’Atelier L’Atelier des Chercheurs est un collectif de designers engagés depuis 2013 dans la création d’outils libres et modulaires pour transformer les manières d'apprendre et de travailler. Ces outils sont essentiellement fabriqués en collaboration avec les acteurs de terrains aussi variés que des écoles, des fablabs, des tiers lieux ou des théâtres. Notre approche, que nous qualifions de située, suppose des temps d’observation et de nombreux échanges avec nos partenaires, ainsi que l’expérimentation de prototypes fonctionnels dans les situations que nous mettons en œuvre avec eux. Les prototypes que nous produisons évoluent de manière itérative et donnent lieu à des versions successives qui se précisent au fur et à mesure des temps d’observation, des tests et des retours collectés. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter en utilisant les informations ci-dessous si vous souhaitez en savoir plus ou travailler avec nous. Contact Équipe Membres actifs Membres fondateurs Partenaires