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ShowMe - The Online Learning Community

ShowMe - The Online Learning Community

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Teacher Talk: PicCollage in the Classroom – PicCollage When we created PicCollage, we thought it would mainly be used as a digital alternative to scrap-booking, allowing users to capture their memories in unique, creative ways. But pretty quickly, we began seeing teachers from all over the world sharing their students’ PicCollage projects across social media and we realized what a great tool we’d created for the classroom! Since then, we’ve worked to make PicCollage classroom-friendly by adding school settings and even developing PicCollage for Kids, which can be used by kids of any age.

Dozens of Tips & Techniques for Creating High Quality Engaging Screencasts The creation of instructional videos is one of the many technology-enabled capabilities that the 21st century teacher has at their disposal. Instructional videos can be a wonderfully engaging element in teaching. Video content is also usually a fundamental element of the flipped classroom (which regular readers of EmergingEdTech know we’re a big fan of). The low cost of good quality web cams and the availability of free or relatively inexpensive screencasting applications helps to make the development of video learning content easier than ever.

An Educator’s Guide to the “Four Cs” Preparing 21st Century Students for a Global Society Found In: teaching strategies All educators want to help their students succeed in life. What was considered a good education 50 years ago, however, is no longer enough for success in college, career, and citizenship in the 21st century. The “21st Century Skills” movement is more than a decade old. Yet, educators still pose important questions about how to move 21st century education forward.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs When using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy (a revised take on Bloom’s devised by educator Andrew Churches), it helps to have a list of verbs to know what actions define each stage of the taxonomy. This is useful for lesson planning, rubric making, and any other teacher-oriented task requiring planning and assessment strategies. The Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy verbs in this handy infographic apply specifically to each stage of the taxonomy. Education made easier Frayer Model-Vocabulary Study Google Doc! Frayer Model-Vocabulary Study Google Doc! I like to make technology and learning interactive. While working on ideas for science vocabulary, I began thinking about using Frayer models. I wondered, “Is there a way that students could collaborate on a digital version?” How many ways are there to prove the Pythagorean theorem? - For more proofs of the Pythagorean theorem, including the one created by former U.S. President James Garfield, visit this site. Another resource, The Pythagorean Proposition, by Elisha Scott Loomis, contains an impressive collection of 367 proofs of the Pythagorean theorem. Welcome to the LAT Web Site!