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Herbs & Herbal Uses

Herbs & Herbal Uses
Herbs in medicine, cooking, and magic. Find charts, planting tips, and other uses for these valuable plants below. Imagine....awakening in the morning and stepping outside to a lush and fragrant paradise....which exists to satisfy your own culinary, medicinal, and even spiritual needs..... Welcome to Herb Gardening! What is an herb? The loose definition of herb is any plant that is used for its culinary, medicinal, or fragrant properties. Please do explore the links to the left for a comprehensive index of herbs and their uses, and the links below for some creative ways to use them in your own life. Culinary Chart Common Foods and Complementary Herbs Making Gourmet Herbal Vinegars Making Gourmet Herbal Oils & Butters In gardening, herbs are an important part of what is known as "Companion Planting." Companion Planting As always with gardening, esthetics are extremely important. List of Annual Herbs List of Biennial Herbs List of Perennial Herbs Landscaping with Herbs Print Your Own Seed Packets Related:  Herbs

The Sabbats of Wicca Learn Wicca / Wicca 101 / Faerie Tradition Because witches honor nature, they have eight festivals, or Sabbats, that mark the year as it turns through its seasons. The following is basic information about these Sabbats, and includes both standard Wiccan information as well as my personal Sabbat lore and experiences, in other words, what I perceive the Sabbats to be. Samhain happens near Halloween and is when the Wiccan year begins. My altar cloth is black, because we are in the time of year that is dark. On my altar is the harvest, our "dead Lord" whose life is in the crops and "sacrificed" when the crops are killed to become our food. Yule or winter solstice happens near December 21, which is the longest darkest night of the year. Brigid or Candlemas, on February 2, is the festival of the Goddess Brigid, patron of poetry, healing, and metalsmithing. Spring Equinox happens about March 21, and I pass from one time into the other, yet am between one time and another. Lammas is August 1.

Primstav Primstav - sommer- og vinterside. Primstav -detalj - start sommerside. Primstav fra Hallingdal, slutten av 1700-årene, med den norske løve utskåret i øvre ende. Detalj av primstaven over. Den norske løve var et svært vanlig motiv i norsk folkekunst. Primstav eller rimstav er en flat, stavformet kalender laget i trevirke. Opprinnelse og bruk[rediger | rediger kilde] Benevnelsen primstav har sammenheng med de latinske uttrykkene prima og primatia lunee, og det norrøne ordet prim. Primstaven stammer trolig fra den ennå eldre runekalenderen, som er kjent siden 1200-tallet, men godt kan være ennå eldre. Primstaven er typisk for Norge og Danmark. Utforming og merking[rediger | rediger kilde] Primstaven var gjerne et flatt og langstrakt stykke trevirke på 50-80 cm i lengde og 4-6 cm i bredde. På primstaven er dagene merket med en strek eller et hakk, og helligdager og merkedager er merket med spesielle tegn eller figurer. Merkedager på den norske primstaven[rediger | rediger kilde]

self-reliance | homesteading | backwoods | home | magazine Native American ethnobotany - Daniel E. Moerman Growing Coriander & Cilantro Did you know that what we call cilantro is actually the leaves of the coriander plant? Pretty flowers and two great flavors make this herb a great addition to any herb garden. Coriander Characteristics (coriandrum sativum, linn.) Growing Cycle of Coriander Name Origin: The coriander plant is actually named from the ancient Greek Koris, a bug. Origins: Thought to be a native of southern Europe and China. Natural Order: Umbelliferæ Growing Cycle: hardy annual herb Height: grows to 24 to 30 inches tall Appearance: Clusters of slightly divided leaves with a parsley-like appearance. Flowers: Umbels of small whitish flowers that are followed by pairs of brownish-yellow, deeply furrowed “seeds” Fun Fact. Ancient reasoning attributed anything with such a pronounced and unpleasant odor to possess powerful curative or preventative attributes. How to Grow Cilantro/Coriander (Sowing seeds and harvesting cilantro or coriander seeds) Growing Coriander From Seeds Coriander Seed Harvesting Cilantro. (leaves and seeds) Seeds.

Magicka School ChronosXP - Free Planetary Hours Software for Windows - Astrology Freeware What should I do? The most common question by far we get on this website is “What should I do?” Once people watch The Crash Course and are awakened to the very real threats posed by Peak Oil and reckless monetary policy, they understandably want to know how to position themselves intelligently. Our recommendation: start building resilience into your life today. Ensure that you, your family, and your community are as prepared and sustainably situated as possible so that you can enjoy a high quality of life regardless of how the future plays out. My staff and I have distilled the astounding wealth of knowledge our community members have shared on this site and combined it with our extensive experience to recommend specific steps and products for you to consider in your personal preparations. Click on each step below to read the full post: Step 1: Getting Started Learn the six concepts of preparation and how to take your first step towards personal resilience Step 2: Water Step 3: Storing Food Step 8: Community