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Arte y Animacion

Arte y Animacion
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5 Classic Cartoons They Don't Want You To See Who doesn't love cartoons? The Man, that's who. They insist on editing away those wonderful animated moments of horrifying violence, profanity and outright bigotry that cartoons from all eras like to slip in from time to time. Typically they only get to slip it in once before parents and advertisers drop the hammer and get the episode pulled forever. Here are some of the moments they don't want you to see... though upon further review, we're thinking they may have been right. Donald Duck Gets in Der Fuhrer's Face The Cartoon: Donald Duck was basically the anti-Mickey Mouse. What many people don't know is that Donald Duck's rise to fame came in 1943 when Disney decided to him dress up like a goddamn Nazi and make fun of the Axis in the animated short "Der Fuhrer's Face": What The Fuck? Yes, this cartoon makes fun of Nazis, but it's still pretty fucking offensive. "Der Fuhrer's Face" was just one in a line of seven Pro-US and Pro-Army shorts done by Disney at the time". The Fallout: Holy shit.

Grafica in movimento, Motion Graphics, Motion Design, Video Arte e Tutorial | Archive | Featured Tutti sul nostro gruppo Facebook! Cambiamo semplicmente forma di comunicazione optando per messaggi più brevi e aperti ad un pubblico più ampio. Il blog resterà attivo così da essere un ricco archivio online ricco di ispirazioni e di spunti... Continua a leggere... Ora il mondo è perfetto Il videoclip che stiamo per presentarvi è stato realizzato dallo studio Made On per il pezzo "Ora il mondo è perfetto" dei Planet Funk ft. Continua a leggere... Laika – Paranorman Dai creatori di Coraline, Laika, sta per uscire il 17 Agosto un nuovo film d'animazione... Continua a leggere... Dmitry Zakharov – Micron Video ufficiale di Dmitry Zakharov per il pezzo Micron di Max Cooper. Continua a leggere... Unleash your fingers Unleash your fingers è il titolo della nuova campagna Samsung per la promozione del nuovo cellulare Galaxy. Continua a leggere... Continua a leggere... The Mill Group Showreel 2011 Continua a leggere... Uovo fritto Continua a leggere...

.jb1er. הפנקס – כתב עת מקוון לתרבות וספרות לילדים Her Cold Coffee Eyes The Lady and The Reaper An old lady is nearing the end of her days and she longs to be with the husband she has lost. So, when death pays her a visit on night in the form of a rather comical Grim Reaper then she touches his extended hand without fear. Only, she has not considered that a meddlling doctor on our side of the great divide will decide that she must be resuscitated . So ensues a terrific fight between the Reaper and the doctor, who fight fiercely over the mortal coil of the ancient dame. This wonderful 3D imaging short film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2009. digup•tv | digital design / human stories

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