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Map of Free Camping Areas

Map of Free Camping Areas

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Frontline Hammock / Jungle Hammock • We dispatch all orders within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). • We offer the fastest shipping we can, normally orders arrive very quickly. • Shipping is included in the price. There is a drop down menu on the shopping basket page to select your country/ area. Once selected it will update the price in your local currency including shipping. We ship to the following countries: • UK: (normally 1-2 days but please allow 5 working days) • All European countries: (normally 3-4 days, but please allow up to 6 working days) • USA & Canada: (normally 1-2 days but please allow 5 days. Small orders under 500g can take up to 10 days) • Other countries: please contact us to check the price. • We will happily exchange or refund an item up to 30 days from the date of receipt (provided it is in unused condition). • If an item is found to be faulty we will refund or replace the item. • All items come with a one year warranty against manufacturing faults.

2016 NM4 Overview Welcome to the world of the limited-edition NM4—the near future where fantasy is reality, and imagination with inspired engineering makes every moment feel like a cinematic adventure. With a twist of the throttle, the 670cc fuel-injected engine engages. Reflections from the street lamps on the sculpted front end come faster and faster with each upshift of the Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission. Integrated saddlebags stow away everything you need to escape and almost anything you discover along the way. The HemLoft: A Secret Tree House Hiding in the Woods HemLoft is a self-funded secret tree house built by Joel Allen on crown land (government owned) in Whistler, Canada. It hangs on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks, about a five minute walk from the nearest road. The story of how it came to be and the future of HemLoft is a fascinating tale.

Pocket Shower Pocket Shower When a cold beer is just an unattainable dream at least you can douse your desire by having a shower! The Pocket Shower uses the same heat resistant waterproof fabric and roll top closure as our standard Dry Sacks. At the base there is a compact and free-flowing rose that smoothly and gradually adjusts from off to full flow with a simple twist. Enlightening Books, and Why Viggo Mortensen Read Them “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” by Christopher Hitchens “Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, the Quran. In the film, the children have read all these texts, we’ve discussed them. If one of them wants to be Catholic it’s fine, but a presentation will be expected. Very Cool Portable Solar Fridge with No Solar Panels! Advertisements Share this: Like this: Like Loading... Related Backyard Sustainability - Part Two - The PlanIn "Aquaponics/Hydroponics"

SOTO Muka Multi-fuel Gas Stove Requires no priming! The Muka Stove has revolutionized common understanding of a gasoline stove’s characteristics such as becoming dirty with soot, cumbersome preheating, and maintenance before and after use. This gas stove combines a reliable, powerful output and ease of care. Permanently Mark Or Etch Knives With Your Designs or Trademark In Seconds For Pennies Video Below: Here's A Preview Of What The Etch-O-Matic Can Do For You! Here Is How You Mark A Knife Here Are Examples Of Electro-Chemical Marking That You Can Easily Do In Your Own Shop In Just Seconds! Now All You Do Is Create Your Own Design, Logo, Trademark Or Brand Name And Then Put It On Your Knives, Swords, Cutlery, Multi-Tools, Or Leatherman Tools For Less Than A Cent Per Mark. It Is Easy, Quick, Cheap, Professional And YOU Can Do It...In Seconds!

Guy Builds Impressive Hut in the Middle of the Woods with His Bare Hands Watch this resourceful guy build a hut using naturally occurring materials and primitive tools. The hut is 2m wide and 2m long, the side walls are 1m high and the ridge line (highest point) is 2m high giving a roof angle of 45 degrees. A bed was built inside and it takes up a little less than half the hut. The tools used were a stone hand axe to chop wood, fire sticks to make fire, a digging stick for digging and clay pots to carry water. The materials used in the hut were wood for the frame, vine and lawyer cane for lashings and mud for daubing.

VitalGrill Survival Stove Product Description The VitalGrill Survival Stove is a unique stove that is environmentally friendly and specially designed for outdoor activities and survival situations. The flame, fed by a blower fan, produces up to 20,000 BTU of heat – two to three times more energy than traditional portable stoves. It is so light and compact that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Effective Altruism vs. Feel Good Altruism: How to Make a Bigger Difference in the World Many of us have a desire to do good in the world but we don’t quite know how to do it. If a charity advocate comes to your door or approaches you on the street, you may be compelled to donate some money to them (even if it’s just a few dollars). Or if you find out a percent of a product’s sales go to a certain charity, you may be more compelled to buy that product over another brand. These small acts of altruism can often make us “feel good” and lead us to believe that we’re making a bit of a difference. Recycled Refrigerator Solar Water Heater Designs More recycled refrigerator solar water heater designs offered by MOTHER's capable staff. When Miles K. Free III sent us an article telling how he'd recycled an old refrigerator into part of a solar water heating system (see "Recycle a Refrigerator Into a Solar Water Heater", pages 108-109, MOTHER NO. 48) . . . he didn't know that MOTHER's researchers had already been working on the same idea for some time. Whereas Miles began his project by thinking about how easy it'd be to convert a refrigerator into an insulated storage cabinet for a tank of solar-heated water, however, MOTHER's research staff sorta approached their conversion project "the other end to". It all began with an old junked Hotpoint refrigerator that a couple of MOTHER's people were taking apart with the idea of using its compressor as a small solar-powered steam engine or something of that nature.