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Globe In Transit "..or is music the inarticulate Speech of the angels on earth? Or the voice of the Undiscovered Bringing great truths to the birth?" - F.W.Faber - __________________________________________________________ ALIEN LIFE-FORMS INFLUENCEROCK MUSIC & POPULAR CULTURE ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 5|2002 NEW .. Keep It Together by Rich Deakin Keep It Together by Rich Deakin You Searched For: Author: rich deakin, Title: keep it together Sample Articles Gnosis #1: Gnosticism Ancient & Modern Article: Valentinus: A Gnostic for All Seasons by Stephan A. Hoeller Gnosis #6: Secret Societies Article: Freemasonry and the Hermetic Traditionby R.A. Gilbert Gnosis #8: Alchemy Article: C.G. Jung and the Alchemical Revivalby Stephan A.

κόσμος ἰδικός.: They Beat on the Outside (The Sync Book is now available. The following, which belatedly concludes the Tarot series, is part of my article for the book. The real draw of the book, of course, are the incomparable illustrations by Justin Morgan.) Because I promised to further discuss the esoteric side of Osama bin Laden's death, I present this excerpt from The Tarot: Talisman or Taboo? by Mark Patrick Hederman:To distance ourselves from this dark possibility within--the fact that we are all potential criminals--we have created a monster to act a main part in the pantomime we prefer to the dream drama of our lives: Satan as supernatural sadist or infernal demon. Robert Calvert (Hawkwind)- Musician Profile Biography, analytical Even among a already so strange bunch as Hawkwind was and still is Robert Calvert proved to be an odd one. Many have sought reasons for this in him being bipolar, others have pointed out that whereas all the other Hawkwind members were basically musicians pure sec, Calvert was a multi artistic performer.

The Secret Sun: The Exegesis: That's the Spirit "Spiritual but not religious" is a phrase that's become increasingly common these days. What exactly the phrase means depends on who lays claim to it. For some it means they still believe in church teachings but prefer to sleep in on Sunday. For others (more than the former category, probably) it means a belief in angels, reincarnation, and a host of quasi-Christian/New Age syntheses. It's one of those times when language fails us, something that seems to happen more and more often when dealing with anything esoteric (see: Aliens, Ancient). The Church of Man-Love Such resolve in this expression. I missed you so much!! Please kiss me now! Anonymous Bowie at a Japanese restaurant on his 66th birthday

Bowie Golden Years : 1978 7 Amanda Lear interviewed for Melody Maker by Chris Brazier. "With David it was great because it was a kind of symbiosis, an exchange, it wasn't just take, take, take. I introduced him to Germany, to expressionism and to Fritz Lang. Latin American High Weirdness: 'Hand of Death' Satanic CIA Cult Network Latin American High Weirdness: The Cults Part I Since the end of the second World War Latin America has become something of a playground for the Cryptocracy. Cults, medical experiments, UFOs, drugs, Nazi war criminals, and the like have been in abundance in this region of the world in an especially bizarre fashion for over a half century. The isolation of many parts of Latin America coupled with its close proximity to the United States are a big reason for this. I also suspect that its potent mixture of religious practices make it an especially fertile region for PSYOPs.

Laughing Gnostic « Bowiesattva Given David Bowie’s longtime enthusiasm for the internet, it seems fitting that there are a number of highly intelligent, perceptive, provocative, and entertaining sites exploring his work and personas. Here are a few of my favorites. I know I will be adding more. Pushing Ahead of the Dame: An incredibly impressive, literate, thoroughly researched blog with a post for each Bowie song, chronologically arranged, beginning with 1964’s single “Liza Jane.” The writer started posting in August 2009 and now, late May 2011, is finishing out the Heroes album.

This Stranger Things Fan Theory Makes Way Too Much Sense As far as fan theories go, the whole "Hero is really the VILLAIN!" thing is pretty weak. But when you apply that idea to Stranger Things, it makes a lot more sense than usual. Uproxx compiled some convincing evidence in the video above (complete with lovely illustrations) that implies that Eleven and the monster are one and the same. Now, we do see the two together in the same room, but that doesn't mean that the monster couldn't be something like a psychic manifestation of Eleven's childhood trauma.

Behind "Blackstar": An Interview with Johan Renck, the Director of David Bowie's Ten-Minute Short Film At the beginning of David Bowie’s “Blackstar” film, a woman with a tail comes upon a dead spaceman, his skull adorned with jewels. She removes the skull and travels to the middle of an otherworldly town, ancient and ambiguous, while the skeleton drifts toward an eclipse. A circle of practitioners waits for the skull “at the center of it all,” ready for some unspoken ritual. “On the day of execution, only women kneel and smile,” proclaims Bowie in elegant revelation. The man is back from space, and he’s brought some new characters with him.

hawkwind and the pink fairies at the isle of wight festival1970 Updated September 2012, New pictures of the site and audience Dec 2011 new photos of the Pye Recording crew and Miles Davis's engineer Stan Tonkel and producer Teo Macero Best viewed at 1280 x 1024 res . NB: MEDIA- If requesting contact details to use images for publication, please send the url, image file and name of Photographer to us so its easier to give you their contact details. Due to the impermanent nature of the web, people change addys frequently- so we don't have contact with all of our contributors.