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The Villa Of Ormen. The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar" - The Vigilant Citizen - Understand the Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture. In the wake of David Bowie’s death, his last album, “Blackstar”, is his swan song, an enigmatic conclusion to a career punctuated by otherworldly alter-egos and esoteric symbolism.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar" - The Vigilant Citizen - Understand the Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture

We’ll look at the meaning of “Blackstar” in the context of David Bowie’s career. Very few artists can boast the longevity of David Bowie in the music industry, as his career spanned over five decades and produced 28 albums. Throughout the decades, Bowie migrated from one musical genre to another, and even from one persona to another, but a constant remained: He was surrounded by an otherworldly aura. Through his work, Bowie turned himself into a musical ‘ascended master’, a Gnostic Christ-like figure who achieved a high level of illumination and who sought to communicate a cryptic message to humanity.

While many of Bowie’s eccentricities could be attributed to drugs and rock and roll, one cannot paint a complete picture of this artist without mentioning his most enduring obsession: Western occultism. Major Tom. The Fall To Earth: David Bowie, Cocaine And The Occult. For details of a free literary event including a reading from the book by Peter Doggett at Foyles on Charring Cross Road tonight, go to the end of the feature. The Unmaking of a Star #3: Cocaine and the Kabbalah I just wish Dave would get himself sorted fucking out. He’s totally confused, that lad... I just wish he could be in this room, right now, sat here, so I could kick some sense into him.

Mick Ronson, 1975 Cocaine was the fuel of the music industry in the seventies. Bowie was, and has been, more candid about his drug use during this period than most of his contemporaries, and various associates have fleshed out the picture. ‘Give cocaine to a man already wise,’ wrote occultist Aleister Crowley in 1917, ‘[and] if he be really master of himself, it will do him no harm. It was not entirely helpful that a man who was bordering on cocaine psychosis should choose to immerse himself in the occult enquiries that had exerted a more intellectual fascination over him five years earlier.

David Bowies’ Gnostic Obsession With the Occult, Nazis and Cocaine. Not many fans of the singer David Bowie (born as David Robert Jones in 1947) are aware that he had a secret obsession with the occult, Gnostic doctrines, the paranormal, Aleister Crowley, Nazi's and cocaine.

David Bowies’ Gnostic Obsession With the Occult, Nazis and Cocaine

He was by no means a Nazi himself, and in fact, his mother was Irish and part Jewish. There have been several books that have documented these alleged facts. It was also documented that in his younger years he was into the teachings of the Gnostics and Jewish Kabbalah. In his cocaine heydays it was said, that he was sometimes paranoid and used protective pentagrams to protect himself against the dark spiritual occult forces. I found it fascinating that Bowie was interested in the occult and Gnosticism. There is an old story told of the seventeen–year–old Cameron Crowe who allegedly found Bowie secretly burning black candles against an aborted magical ritual during the LA period. In Bowie's 1971 song 'Quicksand' he sang: Bowie had fascination with the NAZI's and Hitler.

David Bowie and the Occult The Laughing Gnostic Magick and Gnosticism Golden Dawn Aleister Crowley Kabbalah Kenneth Anger Arthur E. Waite Chime (Chimi) Youngdong Rimpoche Charles Manson Dion Fortune Derek Jarman Tree of Life Seph. The final mysteries of David Bowie’s Blackstar – Elvis, Crowley and 'the villa of Ormen' Nearly a fortnight after we were told “Look up here, I’m in heaven”, we’re still obsessing over David Bowie’s death.

The final mysteries of David Bowie’s Blackstar – Elvis, Crowley and 'the villa of Ormen'

Pop detectives have been finding more cryptic clues about his demise from his last album, Blackstar, as well as discovering a tumblr that the man himself may have written. Here’s our handy, Illuminati-grade guide to the biggest work of death-art ever to hit the internet, to stop you swirling down a rabbit-hole of Bowie-sized proportions. 1 That album title Yes, it’s a name for a cancer lesion, although one usually associated with breast cancer, so its meaning in outer-space terminology is likely to have been far more significant for the Starman.

As well as being the name of a “hidden planet” that the apocalyptically inclined think will crash into the Earth (“Guys! Maybe Bowie was also winking at his good friend, Mos Def, who had a collective with the same name, plus Black Star is the name of a little-known Elvis song that has being doing the rounds.