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Adnan Syed Granted Appeal: Serial's Surprising Story Continues Adnan Syed's successful request for an appeal means that the sensational podcast's story isn't quite over. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Serial, the true-crime podcast that became a major pop-culture phenomenon last year, was that the show had no practical effect on the murder case it covered. But that might be about to change. Verb Tenses Worksheets "What a comprehensive site! I espcially like your verb tenses worksheets. They allow my students to really practice all the many variations. Thanks very much for your help." -- Lilliana V., Distrito Federal, Mexico, 10/28/11 Like these materials? Show your support by liking us on Facebook...

Paige Young the Playboy Playmate of the Month who felt so used she shot herself Paige Young was the November 1968 Playmate of the Month and the magazine's centerfoldBill Cosby was obsessed with Young who had caught his eye during his many visits to the glitzy Playboy Club She was 30 when she took a .38 caliber pistol and shot herself in the headIn a scene reminiscent of a 1970s B-movie,Young's friend and former model Melanie Myers found Paige's lifeless body lying on a blood soaked American flag on her double bed‘The cops had Paige’s suicide note and read some of it to me,’ Myers recalls‘The whole thing was about her anger towards the men who she believed had chewed her up and spat her out' By Ryan Parry, West Coast Correspondent for MailOnline Published: 14:49 GMT, 4 December 2014 | Updated: 19:43 GMT, 4 December 2014 Passed around by dozens of Hollywood leading men over a decade former Playboy model Paige Young had become damaged goods. When she turned 30 in 1974 her star had faded and she felt used, abused and unwanted by the Hollywood establishment.

Episode 01: The Alibi - Serial Asia’s letters give a small glimpse into Woodlawn High School in the days after Adnan’s arrest. Most people we talked to in the last year - former students and teachers - have a hazy memory of those months. But Asia writes about a school divided over whether or not Adnan is guilty. One teacher tells a group of students that the police wouldn’t have just arrested him on a whim. And, “White girl Stacie just mentioned that she thinks you did it. Something about your fibers on Hae’s body…” But his friends are sticking up for Adnan, telling Asia he’s innocent.

Serial Host Sarah Koenig Says She Set Out To Report, Not Exonerate The Serial podcast is Sarah Koenig's reinvestigation of the murder of Hae Min Lee, a Maryland high school student who was strangled in 1999. Lee was found in Baltimore's Leakin Park. Her schoolmate and ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted of the murder and is serving a life sentence. Courtesy of Serial hide caption

EFL/ESL Lessons and Lesson Plans from The Internet TESL Journal If you have a lesson that you are willing to contribute, please submit it.See the main page for this month's lessons plans. Home | Articles | Lessons | Techniques | Questions | Games | Jokes | Things for Teachers | Links | Activities for ESL Students Some of the articles on Teaching Techniques also include ideas for lessons. Search

Corruption, crime, and scandal in Turkey In December 2013, Turkish authorities arrested the sons of several prominent cabinet ministers on bribery, embezzlement, and smuggling charges. Investigators claimed that the men were contributing members in a conspiracy to illicitly trade Turkish gold for Iranian oil gas (an act which, among other things, violates the spirit of United Nations’ sanctions targeting Tehran). The scheme purportedly netted a vast fortune in proceeds in the form of dividends and bribes. Among those suspected of benefiting from the trade was Prime Minister (now President) Tayyip Erdoğan and members of his family. The firestorm from this scandal was initially so furious many feared that Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party would not survive its implications.

Serial Podcast Lesson Plans & Printable... by Mike and Melissa Godsey Update: Season 2 lesson plans are now available. Featured by Mind/Shift,The Wall Street Journal, nearly 300 pages of teacher guides and printable student worksheets covering season 1, episodes 1-12 of the podcast "Serial." This is a zip file of all 5 units marked at a 20% discount. If you'd like, you can download the units individually. Computing the optimal road trip across the U.S. Last week, Tracy Staedter from Discovery News proposed an interesting idea to me: Why not use the same algorithm from my Where’s Waldo article to compute the optimal road trip across every state in the U.S.? Visiting every U.S. state has long been on my bucket list, so I jumped on the opportunity and opened up my machine learning tool box for another quick weekend project. Note: If you’re not interested in the technical details of the project, skip down to the Road trip stopping at major U.S. landmarks section. Planning the road trip One of the hardest parts of planning a road trip is deciding where to stop along the way.

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