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Related:  ArtsNature photosMedia The joy of cloudspotting: 10 incredible visions in clouds A “cloud on the horizon” means that something bad is about to happen. Meanwhile, someone with their “head in the clouds” is thoroughly out to lunch. As Gavin Pretor-Pinney points out in today’s talk, clouds get a bad rep when it comes to language. Gavin Pretor-Pinney: Cloudy with a chance of joy “But I think they’re beautiful, don’t you?” he says. “It’s just that their beauty is missed because they’re so omnipresent, so commonplace that people don’t notice them … unless they get in the way of the sun.” Pretor-Pinney is the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society and, in this talk, he asks each of us to do something we excelled at when we were kids — looking up at the clouds and letting our imaginations run wild. Below, Pretor-Pinney (and a few guests) shares a few cloud images with the TED Blog. A heart-shaped cloud, spotted by Angelo Storari of Ancona, Italy. A fish in the sky, spotted by Gavin Tobin of the Blasket Islands in Ireland. Spotted by Andrew Kirk of Deep Springs, California.

ekit, phonecards, prepaid sim cards and international cell phones for international travelers When traveling, you need an international mobile phone that works on the GSM frequency bands used in the countries you are visiting. An international phone, often described as a global phone, travel mobile, travel phone, world phone or tri-band phone is simply a GSM phone that operates on three GSM frequency bands. Already have an international phone? You need to ensure your international phone is unlocked. Are you from the United States? Mobile phones from the US generally don't won't work outside of the US. Types of GSM phones The type of GSM phone (dual-band, tri-band or quad-band) you need for your trip depends on where are traveling to. ekit offers a range of dual-band, tri-band and quad band phones to suit any budget. Dual band phones are the cheapest because they don't work in as many countries. ekit mobiles phones are unlocked and come with a charger, optional power adaptors for foreign countries and an English manual. What is a SIM card? Local, regional and global SIM cards

Letting environmental art speak for itself is no longer enough Cynthia Hooper is constantly dancing. At least, this is how the Californian film-maker describes balancing the two halves of her practice. Yes, she makes works of art; but she also tries to raise awareness of environmental issues. Her films of energy infrastructure, waste landscapes and agricultural spaces are often stark and hypnotic – even strangely alien and futuristic – when presented on their own. Eschewing explanatory infographics and voice-overs, they feel much more like art pieces than documentaries. Yet each landscape she captures has a background of political and environmental controversy, its unique beauty a result of human manipulation, exploitation – and even destruction. A couple of weeks ago, Hooper presented some of her work as a guest in the Infrastructure Aesthetics series at New York University’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. Advertisement Exportadora De Sal from Cynthia Hooper on Vimeo. Geotérmoeléctrica Cerro Prieto from Cynthia Hooper on Vimeo.

18 Remarkable Photos of Nature Reclaiming Civilization | NoodleNuke | Page 6 Source: danjur Humanity is often proud of its great feats of engineering, we are dazzled by the structures we can create, by our mastery over our surroundings, and all of this is for good reason. The science and mathematics behind the structures of civilization are amazing, but nature shows no particular respect for all the hard work. One way or another, things that are left to decay will be taken back by the unstoppable forces of nature.

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Poppy Dandiya- Poppy Dandiya Poppy Dandiya is a studio jeweler living between Jaipur and England. Poppy was born in 1955 and by 1975 he completed his formal education at St Stephens College in Delhi. This education was designed to pave his way into the Indian bureaucracy, but he started biking and backpacking across India and Europe instead. By 1980, Poppy found himself in London, taking evening classes in jewellery-making and gemmology at Sir John Cass, honing the jewellery instincts he had inherited from his jeweler grandfather. Finally, since around 1996, Poppy started sharing his time again between Jaipur and the UK, first in Cambridge and later in Devon. Poppy works in natural gemstones of all colours, which he sometimes cuts and shapes himself, and in diamonds, which he has specially cut. In more recent years he has given priority to his spiritual quest and spends considerable time meditating and volunteering in a meditation organization.

Aurora australis as seen from the Australian and New Zealand mainlands Updated The swirls, twists, and curtains of light of the aurora australis were visible from the Australian and New Zealand mainland overnight. The natural light display caused a flurry of excitement, captured on social media. As explained by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the phenomenon is caused when electrically charged electrons and protons accelerate down the Earth's magnetic field lines and collide with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere — usually about 100 kilometres above the Earth. "These collisions cause the neutral atoms to fluoresce, emitting light at many different wavelengths. Topics: phenomena, australia, new-zealand

Overture Photographer encounters forgotten Chinese city covered in lush vegetation Whenever new photographs arise of manmade structures gone untouched for years, it's hard to look away. Some photos are haunting and eerie, yet these lush, green-shrouded buildings on Gougi island, in China’s Yangtze River, are anything but eerie. Instead, they reveal a tranquil sense of what happens when nature reclaims the land. Related: Buy your very own gold rush ghost town on Craigslist! Gouqi island is located in the Shengsi archipelago of about 400 islands. Jane Qing captured the stunning images of this city of seemingly endless buildings, which were a part of a fishing village years ago. Each discovery of abandoned cityscapes is captivating, but one covered in beautiful ivy and greenery surely enchants in its own way. Via Bored Panda and Images via Jane Qing

These 'Mind-Blowing And Humbling' Instagram Photos Will Remind You Of Earth's Wild Beauty Sam and Amanda Ciurdar often find themselves retreating into nature, captivated by Earth’s beauty. The Southern California couple, both devout Christians, take every opportunity to travel into the wilderness with their cameras in tow. Whether it's the forests of Oregon or the sand dunes of their home state, nature is the place for them to meditate and be present. “It feels like that’s truly where we belong,” Amanda told HuffPost. “There’s just something that happens in our souls where we’re able to disconnect from the busyness of life.” There’s plenty of vast, wide open spaces in the couple’s photography -- a reminder, Sam says, of how small humans are compared to God’s creation. He remembers standing on an Alaskan mountain top during one of their trips, looking out at startling white ice fields that stretched out as far as his eyes could see. “It’s mind blowing,” Sam told HuffPost. The Ciurdars have been sharing their wild adventures on Instagram.