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How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously

How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously
Early on a Wednesday morning, I heard an anguished cry—then silence. I rushed into the bedroom and watched my wife, Rachel, stumble from the bathroom, doubled over, hugging herself in pain. “Something’s wrong,” she gasped. This scared me. Rachel’s not the type to sound the alarm over every pinch or twinge. She cut her finger badly once, when we lived in Iowa City, and joked all the way to Mercy Hospital as the rag wrapped around the wound reddened with her blood. So when I saw Rachel collapse on our bed, her hands grasping and ungrasping like an infant’s, I called the ambulance. I don’t know how long it took for the ambulance to reach us that Wednesday morning. I didn’t know our wait was just beginning. I buzzed the EMTs into our apartment. “Eleven,” Rachel croaked. As we loaded into the ambulance, here’s what we didn’t know: Rachel had an ovarian cyst, a fairly common thing. There is nothing like witnessing a loved one in deadly agony. And there we stopped. “My wife,” I said.

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Twenty Cognitive Biases That Could Be Helping You Make Bad Decisions The human mind is a beautiful thing. Our ability to perceive, manage and express our individual experiences has been a huge reason for our success as a species. However, let’s not get too narcissistic. As rational as we like to think we are, our brain is riddled with ingrained patterns of thought which can lead us to be very irrational. Cognitive scientists and psychologists call these blips "cognitive biases." Simply put, cognitive biases are mistakes made by the brain when reasoning, evaluating or other cognitive processes. Sex Study: Pull Out Withdrawal Method Rivals Condoms, Better Than No Birth Control When sex researcher Rachel K. Jones published a report that suggests the much-maligned withdrawal method of birth control was nearly as effective as condoms in preventing pregnancy, she was showered with criticism. And it wasn't evangelicals who had taken virginity pledges who pulled out the big guns. Those whom Jones said could benefit from this information -- couples in monogamous relationships who are not at risk for sexually transmitted diseases -- reacted in "sheer disbelief," she said. "I don't know anybody who does the 'pull out' method, as we call it," said one 23-year-old who is in a monogamous relationship but didn't want her name used.

How to Overcome Sexual Repression ⋆ LonerWolf When was the last time you experienced a fierce throb burn in your loins and travel through your body like electricity? When did you last experience intense desire and passion consume you like wildfire? If you’re experiencing sexual repression your answer will probably be “once in a blue moon,” or perhaps even “NEVER.”

Prepare To Be Horrified At How That Tasty Shrimp Ends Up On Your Table Shrimp is loved by most. It is delicious in scampi, cocktails, and almost anything else one can think of, it is easily found at grocery stores, restaurants, and buffets. They even come on pizzas in South Korea. Shame – The Scary but Rewarding Journey of Working Through Your Shadows – Mariah Freya Do you love uncomfortable moments so that you can work through your shit? Most people don’t. By the way, shit here stands for: emotional shadow, shame, fear, guilt, worries and other scary emotions.

San Francisco’s last gun store is closing for good Harvey Milk San Francisco -— The only gun store in San Francisco is shuttering for good, saying it can no longer operate in the city’s political climate of increased gun control regulations and vocal opposition to its business. “It’s with tremendous sadness and regret that I have to announce we are closing our shop,” High Bridge Arms manager Steve Alcairo announced in a Facebook post on Sept. 11. “It has been a long and difficult ride, but a great pleasure to be your last San Francisco gun shop.” Alcairo said the breaking point came this summer when a local politician proposed a law that would require High Bridge Arms to video record every gun sale and submit a weekly report of ammunition sales to the police.

The Effect Of Stress And Trauma On Female Sexuality I’m a fan of the podcast “On Being” and it’s host Krista Tippettt. I listen to them while I walk in the woods. Krista has introduced me to so many new ideas and it was on one such walk, that this sex educator that specializes in the needs of women met Dr. Rachel Yehuda and the brand new science of “Epigenetics.” Why Minecraft is the newest and coolest teaching tool in school. Have you ever heard of Minecraft? If you haven't, don't worry — I had no clue what it was either until my 14-year-old brother showed it to me. It's a game that has become really popular in the past few years, and it looks kind of like Legos coming to life combined with The Sims. GIF via Daily Motion.

This Vietnamese University Is Turning Its Campus Into a Forest 6450 5ShareNew Image credit: Vo Trong Nghia Architects Even urban colleges need a little bit of nature. On FPT University’s new 14-square-mile campus in Ho Chi Minh City, students will soon appear as if they’re studying in a forest instead of in the midst of a city of nearly 8 million people. 7 Unique Ways to Transform Sexual Trauma into Orgasmic Bliss About Me Beth is a visionary coach, speaker, author, shamanic and holistic health practitioner with close to a decade of experience transforming people’s lives. She holds a BA from UC Berkeley, a minister’s license from The Church of Divine Man, is a Certified Plant Spirit Healer, and holds two independent certifications in herbal medicine. She’s passionate about helping people transform sexual trauma into empowerment in all aspects of life.

How to cope with traumatic news - an illustrated guide The era of 24-hour news brings traumatic events directly into everyone's lives. Here's how that can affect people, especially children, and some strategies for coping. By Lucy Fahey Transcript It's hard not to be upset by rolling media coverage of an unfolding tragedy. I Had a Sex Slave, and It Was Awesome Back in December, I relayed the romantic tale of my first sex slave. My feelings on having a submissive partner were unclear: I didn't like the whipping and spanking, but I did love being worshiped and having my dishes cleaned for me. After my sex slave and I broke up, I wasn't sure if it was really possible to be a part of this community if I didn't want to call men "small-dicked shitheads" and beat them up for not following my orders. I tried dating on Fetlife, but after getting too many messages from gentleman begging me to penetrate them with a dildo or be the star of my very own gang bang, I decided to delete my account. I was closing to giving up until a friend of mine suggested I use OkCupid.