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35 Inspiring Color Palettes from Master Painters

35 Inspiring Color Palettes from Master Painters
Putting together a great color palette for your design work can be one of the most challenging aspects of any project. And many times, color palettes are built from some source of inspiration. So why not be inspired by some of history’s greatest master artists? Colour Lovers has a lot of great tools including the ability to create color palettes auto-magically from pics you find around the web. It’s a great way to find inspiration when building your palette. Of course, computer algorithms are not perfect; they miss key accent colors frequently and make questionable decisions on extracting the dominant tones. Long story short … here are 35 color pallets extracted from the work of some amazing painters with relative ease thanks to the Colour Lovers tools: William Blake Ancient of Days William Adolphe Bouguereau Birth of Venus Nymphs and Satyr Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros Alexandre Cabanel Cleopatra Paul Cezanne The Basket of Apples La Montagne Saint Victoire Barnes Leonardo Da Vinci St.

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Quantum memory 'world record' smashed A fragile quantum memory state has been held stable at room temperature for a "world record" 39 minutes - overcoming a key barrier to ultrafast computers. "Qubits" of information encoded in a silicon system persisted for almost 100 times longer than ever before. Quantum systems are notoriously fickle to measure and manipulate, but if harnessed could transform computing. The new benchmark was set by an international team led by Mike Thewalt of Simon Fraser University, Canada. "This opens the possibility of truly long-term storage of quantum information at room temperature," said Prof Thewalt, whose achievement is detailed in the journal Science.

Visit Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass at the MFA "Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass" has closed. The video is no longer available. Visit other exhibitions at the MFA List of colors The following is a list of colors. A number of the color swatches below are taken from domain-specific naming schemes such as X11 or HTML4. RGB values are given for each swatch because such standards are defined in terms of the sRGB color space. It is not possible to accurately convert many of these swatches to CMYK values because of the differing gamuts of the two spaces, but the color management systems built into operating systems and image editing software attempt such conversions as accurately as possible. The HSV (hue, saturation, value) color space values, also known as HSB (hue, saturation, brightness), and the hex triplets (for HTML web colors) are also given in the following table.

25 Tutorials to Build Up Your Design Skills - Designer Blog Designer Blog One of the best ways to improve and build upon your design skills is by using tutorials — short, instructional guides that teach techniques so you can craft great designs. We’ve collected 25 of our favorite tutorials from across the web to help you practice your skills. These skills include: Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesignLogo, Web, App, Icons, Print and Packaging, TshirtTypography, Grids, 3-D, Opacity, Gradients, Masks, Patterns, Layout, Color Management, Brushes, Meshes, Textures, Bleeds and Margins, and more. Logo

Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Top Home » Illustration • Inspiration » Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Abstract art is an interesting form of art that makes use of visual language of form, color and line. These elements create an interesting work of art that stays alive with a scale of independence from visual references in the world.

Create a rainbow coloured eyeball using Gimp In Gimp there are a wide variety of tools at the user’s disposal for colouring an area. Here we are going to learn how to use the gradient tool to selectively colour an area, in this case the iris of an eye, and to make the colour appear more a part of the image than if we dropped the colour straight into the image and left it. Step 1 Our first action will be to duplicate the background layer so that we can create a selection of just the Iris and modify that part of the image without affecting the rest of the picture. To isolate the Iris draw a path around it using the Path tool.

Surrealistic Paintings by Tetsuya Ishida (21 pics) Pics | 8 Jun, 2010 | Views: 22058 | These are the paintings of Japanese artist Tetsuya Ishida. He was trying to show the dark side of modern life. Weird. Do you like it? What does COLOR say about Your BRAND? Every hue in the color spectrum evokes and brings to mind different emotions and unique personality attributes, this is referred to as Color Psychology. Choosing a primary color for your branding identity can signify as much as a pattern or icon that you may have chosen or have in mind for your logo and or brand. Perhaps you’ve already established your brand or maybe you’re just in the process of designing it, either way it’s good to have an understanding about what your color choices are saying about you and your business.

Poster from the Words Would you like to make your own cool musical poster? This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to do it. Final Image Preview Resources Girl Step 1 Russ Mills - Works - <Page 1 of 6> Indiesart .com Daily illustrations and graphic stuff for alternative art lovers Russ Mills<< Back to artist's profile Computer History John Kopplin © 2002 Just a few years after Pascal, the German Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (co-inventor with Newton of calculus) managed to build a four-function (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) calculator that he called the stepped reckoner because, instead of gears, it employed fluted drums having ten flutes arranged around their circumference in a stair-step fashion. Although the stepped reckoner employed the decimal number system (each drum had 10 flutes), Leibniz was the first to advocate use of the binary number system which is fundamental to the operation of modern computers. Leibniz is considered one of the greatest of the philosophers but he died poor and alone. Leibniz's Stepped Reckoner (have you ever heard "calculating" referred to as "reckoning"?) Jacquard's Loom showing the threads and the punched cards

Beautiful and Creative Origami Creations Origami is the art of paper folding. This post showcases beautiful and creative origami creations. Grulla Origami Designed by Roman Diaz and Daniel Naranjo, folded by Emre Ayaroğlu from 37*37cm MC treated tissue. [link] JUCUMARI Origami

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