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Reading While White

Reading While White

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2018 Summer Reading List 2018 Summer Reading List PDF Are you looking for a curated summer reading list that celebrates diversity and all its intersections? The team at We’re the People select books that are by and about IPOC (Indigenous and People of Color), people with disabilities and people from the LGBTQ+ community. Chosen books are thoroughly discussed, vetted and given second reads. #DiverseBookBloggers Directory 100 Story Reviews (Daniel Brount) I am a recent college graduate from Ball State University. I am hoping to get a job in the book publishing industry to help push for more diverse literature. I identify as gay.

Before Diversifying Your Library Collection- Read This! Before Diversifying Your Library Collection- Read This! By: Lauren Lynn Caution: The next few sentences will be a pearl-clutching moment for many librarians! Is Mary Hoffman’s Amazing Grace one of your favorite books? Well, it is not one of mine! Book lists and Bibliotherapy - Library Media: Mental Health - LibGuides at Westborough High School Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach to supporting mental health. Teachers and Librarians using bibliotherapy as a tool should be well versed in the aspects of mental health as well as acquire some training in relation to students and mental health. The American Library Association makes this clarification: The duality of a guided therapy by a medical or psychiatric professional vs. directing the reader to a selection of books on an issue continues. The resources offered on this page address the directed reading aspect of bibliotherapy, which may distinguished from the more general readers' advisory by the presence of the "problem" to be resolved through reading. Some things to think about before you engage in Bibliotherapy with students:

Picture This: Reflecting Diversity in Children’s Book Publishing At the 2016 ALA Annual Conference, author Tameka Fryer Brown presented the Cooperative Children’s Book Center’s (CCBC) multicultural publishing statistics during the panel “Celebrating Diversity: The Brown Bookshelf Salutes Great Books for Kids.” She displayed Tina Kügler’s oft-cited 2012 infographic, with the comment that even though the numbers are now 4 years old, the image communicated inequity in publishing so well that she would use it at every opportunity. Just before ALA Annual, St. Catherine University MLIS Program assistant professor Sarah Park Dahlen had posted to Facebook asking if anyone knew of an updated illustration, but Kügler’s was the only one anyone knew about. Friends said they would be happy to support an illustrator to create an update.

Does My Collection Reflect My Community? Diversity in the School Library Shannon McClintock: Welcome, everybody, to our Future Ready Librarian Webinar. I’m so excited for our April webinar. And as you know, my name is Shannon McClintock Miller. I am the district teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School in Iowa and the Future Ready Librarians Spokesperson. Also, you can find me on my blog at The Library Voice and on Twitter and Instagram @shannonmmiller. And so we’re so excited to have everybody here for this webinar, and we’re now into the third year.

Tools, Publications & Resources Selection & Reconsideration Policy Toolkit for Public, School, & Academic Libraries For library professionals to make informed choices, selection policies for all types of libraries — public libraries, academic libraries, technical school libraries, and school libraries (public and private) — should include criteria to guide in the resource selection process. The criteria should be a blend of general, specific, and technical to enable library staff to select materials in all subject areas and formats. In addition to criteria such as appropriateness to the age and level of the user, librarians must also consider creating a collection that reflects diversity of ideas and authors as well as being reflective of the population the library serves.

Trauma-Informed SEL Toolkit - Transforming Education What is Trauma-Informed SEL? Trauma-informed SEL is an approach to fostering youths’ social-emotional development with practices that support all students, but is particularly inclusive and responsive to the needs of children and youth who have experienced trauma. This approach calls for creating reliable learning environments where students who have experienced adversities and trauma feel supported and connected;are welcome to explore their strengths and identities;can exercise their agency;can develop meaningful, positive relationships with adults and peers; andhave access to the mental health supports they need. Learn More about Trauma-informed SEL