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The UN Plans To Implant Everyone With A Biometric ID - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY In scenes similar to what you would expect of a dystopian novel, The United Nations want us all to have a biometric identification tag by 2030. It is part of their Global Goals agenda, and they are already working towards implementing this goal, especially aimed at refugee populations. The UN is working with Accenture on the project that will report information “back to a central database in Geneva”. According to a report by FindBiometrics, the UN's ultimate goal is tohave every man, woman and child on the planet to have biometric identification by 2030. From the official website of the World Bank: Providing legal identity for all (including birth registration) by 2030 is a target shared by the international community as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (target 16.9). Source: The Economic Collapse If you enjoyed this article or learned something new, please don't forget to share it with others so they have a chance to enjoy this free information.

The One Video That Can Change The World This is a short documentary film made by Spencer Cathcart questioning our freedom, the education system, corporations, money, the American capitalist system, the US government, world collapse, the environment, climate change, genetically modified food, and our treatment of animals. I urge you to listen it the whole way through. If everyone in the world would hear every word in this video and then act upon their feelings the world would change overnight… At this moment you can be anywhere, doing anything. Instead you sit alone before a screen. So what is stopping us from doing what we want, being where we wanna be? Each day we wake up in the same room, following the same path to live the same day as yesterday. If you try to take what earth provides you’ll be locked away, so we obey their rules. Please help The Usual Routine by sharing our posts to your friends and family to aid us in our cause Read More: Have You Heard About “The Mandela Effect”? Source

Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Property Collecting Rainwater Collecting rainwater on your own property in the U.S. can now lead to jail time, as has been proven by a man from Oregon who was sentenced to prison for doing just that. Who owns the rain? The US government, apparently. Not so long ago, it was common practice across much of the world to collect rainwater into man made wells on your property to use for farming, irrigation and having fresh clean water. It wasn’t even that many generations ago that all of this was common practice – people born before WWII were pretty adept at these skills, as they were a necessity to survival. Now, a man from Grey Point, Oregon has been sentenced to thirty days in prison for storing collected rainwater on his very own property – and the public is outraged. According to CNS News (source): A rural Oregon man was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail and over $1,500 in fines because he had three reservoirs on his property to collect and use rainwater. “They issued me my permits.

How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next | William Davies | Politics In theory, statistics should help settle arguments. They ought to provide stable reference points that everyone – no matter what their politics – can agree on. Yet in recent years, divergent levels of trust in statistics has become one of the key schisms that have opened up in western liberal democracies. Shortly before the November presidential election, a study in the US discovered that 68% of Trump supporters distrusted the economic data published by the federal government. In the UK, a research project by Cambridge University and YouGov looking at conspiracy theories discovered that 55% of the population believes that the government “is hiding the truth about the number of immigrants living here”. Rather than diffusing controversy and polarisation, it seems as if statistics are actually stoking them. Nowhere is this more vividly manifest than with immigration. All of this presents a serious challenge for liberal democracy. This is an unwelcome dilemma. Here’s a problem, though.

Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself | aNtiDoTe Zine Trump Knows You Better Than You Know YourselfPsychometrics and the (counter)revolution in marketing that is helping bring fascism to power around the world AntiNote: The following is an unauthorized translation of a December 2016 article that caused quite a stir in the German-language press. Das Magazin (Zurich) occupies a respected position within the German-language cultural and literary media landscape, functionally similar to (though perhaps not quite as prominent as) The New Yorker, and this work by investigative reporters Hannes Grassegger and Mikael Krogerus got a lot of attention—and generated some controversy, for apparently having scooped the English-language media with sensational observations about 2016’s most sensational story, the campaign and electoral victory of a fascist dictator in the United States. On the occasion of this article’s authorized wider release in English, should that come to pass, we will consider removing this post if we are asked nicely. Like this:

The New Mind Manipulators By Jeremy Lent / Your mind is being controlled by distant strangers who don’t have your best interests at heart. If that sounds like a paranoid fantasy, brace yourself and read on. These are the findings of a series of scientific studies that show how a few dominant institutions have the power to affect how you feel, how you act, and even how you vote – without you ever knowing about it. Deliberate mind manipulation of the masses is, by itself, nothing new. Edward Bernays: the father of modern consumer culture – © Waking Times “We must shift America from a needs to a desires culture,” declared Bernays’ business partner, Paul Mazur. [T]he conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Like a rat on a wheel, we are trained to need more… and more. – © Getty Images Facebook has built its global empire of 1.6 billion active users on this addictive routine. Is your mind being controlled?

Spin: Footage You Were Never Supposed to See (1995) Artist Brian Springer spent a year scouring the airwaves with a satellite dish grabbing back channel news feeds not intended for public consumption. The result of his research is SPIN, one of the most insightful films ever made about the mechanics of how television is used as a tool of social control to distort and limit the American public's perception of reality. Take the time to watch it from beginning to end and you'll never look at TV reporting the same again. [watch video below]

HUD Wants to Outlaw Tiny Homes and RV Living - Return to Now The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – which ironically was founded to end poverty and racial injustice in housing – proposed a law last month that would make living in a recreational vehicle – and potentially a tiny home – illegal. You can help prevent this proposal from becoming law by sending comments to by April 11!! While recreational vehicles are currently exempt from housing regulations, the proposed change would allow them to keep their exempt status only so long as no one is “living” in them. HUD complains in a summary of its proposed rule that some RVs “are being produced with patio roofs, screened in porches, and other extensions that exceed the 400 square-foot maximum” and “are being marketed as suitable for year-round living.” The regulation also defines “recreational vehicle” as a “self-propelled” unit, apparently excluding tiny homes on wheels from the RV exemption. “There are nearly 9 million RV owners in America,” Muss-Barnes says.

Occult Battery Definition: How Humans are Used as Batteries When we think of a battery, we often think of an object that stores electrical energy for powering electronic devices. This common definition of battery only shows us the overt meaning of battery. To find its deeper meanings, you need to know how the word battery is used in other subjects, such as law, business, and commerce. Once you know the relation of the word battery to law, business, and commerce, you will know what I mean when I say that in the occult world, the word battery is sometimes used to describe the process of harnessing the energy of slave workers. The Overt Definitions of the Word Battery As a noun, defines the word battery as “a combination of two or more cells electrically connected to work together to produce electric energy.” The Occult or Covert Definitions of the Word Battery To find the occult or covert meanings of the word battery, you need to understand how the words charge and battery are used in court and business. The Matrix – Battery