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Constellations of Words

Constellations of Words
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The Origin of the Zodiac. The Origin of the Zodiac: (Astrology) The zodiac (Greek: ζoδιακός, zōdiakos) is the term used to describe the circle of twelve 30� divisions of celestial longitude that are centred upon the ecliptic - the path of the sun. The term zodiac derives from Latin zōdiacus, which in its turn comes from the Greek ζoδιακoς κύκλος (zōdiakos kuklos), meaning "circle of animals". From the earliest of times, the zodiac has been universally used to predict or reflect characteristics of personality, whether from the Chinese, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, Egyptian or any other culture, echoing the ancient philosophy 'As above - so below'... what we today call astrology. Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for purpose in the heavens. The Lascaux Planetarium. Near to the entrance of the Lascaux cave complex is a magnificent painting of a bull. (More about Lascaux, France) The Empty Part of the sky. Slanted Constellations. (More about the Sumerians) (More about Egyptian Geodesy) The Hindu Zodiac:

New Constellation Symbols Calligraphic version | Fixed-width version There are symbols for the twelve classical constellations of the zodiac, which are primarily used for astrological purposes. Two symbols have been proposed for Ophiuchus, the thirteenth constellation of the zodiac - one in general use in Japanese astrology and the other based on the rod of Aesclepius. For the book One Hundred Year Star-Diary, I created symbols for a number of meteor showers. Having created symbols for those constellations, I wondered - could I make symbols for the rest of them? The constellations of the zodiac New constellation symbols Obsolete Constellations and Sub-Constellations Notes for selected constellations: Aquila, Cassiopeia, Delphinus, Orion, Sagitta, Triangulum, Triangulum Australe, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor all contain very distinctive star patterns. Carina, Puppis, and Vela are the 3 parts of the obsolete constellation Argo Navis, the ship Argo. Sightings See the sightings page for a Chamaeleon tattoo. Full-sky map:

Earliest sunrises before summer solstice At mid-northern latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, the earliest sunrises of the year happen around mid-June, despite the fact that the summer solstice – the year’s longest day – is still about a week away. And if you live at middle latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, the earliest sunsets take place around now, even though the winter solstice – the year’s shortest day – isn’t for another week. Top of post: June sunrise at Sands Beach Club in Sea Bright, New Jersey, from our friend Steve Scanlon Photography. For those of you who are privileged enough to be outdoors before one of these early sunrises, you’ll find some of the most beautiful dawn twilights of the year. The exact date of earliest sunrise varies with latitude. So it is for other Northern Hemisphere latitudes. The earliest sunrises come before the summer solstice because the day is more than 24 hours long at this time of the year. Enjoying EarthSky so far? For Philadelphia (40o north latitude) Source:

Fixed Stars Astrology – Astrology King Astrology Fixed Stars It is a planet between a star and earth that bring out the fixed stars potential. The effects are not continuous. To use the fixed stars you need to correct for Precession. If you were born in 1928 2000 − 1928 = 72 72 × 0.838 = 60 Add 60′ (1°00′) to your planets. If you were born in 1970 2000 − 1970 = 30 30 × 0.838 = 25 Add 25′ (00°25′) to your planets. Fixed Stars Articles The 13th Zodiac Sign Fixed Stars For Astrologers Fixed Stars in Medical Astrology Precession Astrology Prophetic Fixed Stars Fixed Stars Astrology Books Allen, Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, 1889. The Constellations

Murmeltier: Bedeutung, Definition, Synonym - Wörterbuch Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Mit der Nutzung stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Details Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law Verifiktionsseite Überprüfung nötig Bitte geben Sie den folgenden Code ein: Impressum | Datenschutz | AGB | © 2017 Wörterbuch Ophiuchus- The “New” Astrological Symbol - Ancient History Blog Ophiuchus- The “New” Astrological Symbol It seems like a lot of changes have been going on in the cosmos. First, Astronomers talked about Pluto, the planet that was suddenly not a planet. The next discovery came in the form of an announcement that a “new” Zodiac symbol had been discovered. This new Zodiac symbol was believed to have thrown the entire system on its head. What many people do not realize is that Ophiuchus is far from being a “new” Zodiac symbol. The name Ophiuchus actually means “serpent bearer” in Greek. Each of the Zodiac constellations has a story or symbol that goes along with it. Another theory is that the symbol represents a Trojan priest named Laocoon. Still other possibilities for Ophiuchus include Apollo wrestling with a python, and Phorbas. There are several significant stars in this constellation.

Pre-Astro-Theology #2 | The Jordan Maxwell Show | The LEGITIMATE Jordan Maxwell Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 45:15 — 42.0MB) The bible is, to put simply, the war between light and darkness. There are 12 hours of light, and there are 12 hours of darkness. “The Truth in the Light” You better prepare yourself when the night comes, that is when the predators are out. The letter D-in front of evil = Devil ******** Take the letter o out of Good = God The bible says, that Jesus is the truth in the light, and is god’s son. Pontius Pilate, was from the fifth Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea, from AD 26–36. What happens when a bright light is turned on? Is Church Dogma? Do not judge this concept until you hear the entire story. Follow Jordan on Facebook Follow Jordan on Twitter Show Links Matthew 27 Dead Sea Scrolls Bible Torah Quran Photos

Mars, Saturn and the Moon Align During Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight Skywatchers in will be able to witness a celestial "summit meeting" this week as the moon, Mars and Saturn converge in the south-southwest evening sky. It's a perfect illustration of what the late Kenneth L. Franklin, former chief astronomer at New York's Hayden Planetarium, called our "dynamic and ever-changing sky." Such an eloquent description will certainly fit the sky this week as darkness falls. For the past few months, Mars and Saturn have been prominent in our evening sky. On Thursday evening, many stargazers may be prepping for an all-nighter to watch for the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. As the sun sets, sky viewers in the Northern Hemisphere will see, in the south-southwest sky, a large triangle formed by a waxing gibbous moonand the planets Mars (orange yellow, brightness magnitude minus 0.6) and Saturn (yellowish, magnitude 0.3). Saturn appears as a steady golden "star" when night begins. Mars is much closer to Earth, at a distance of 73 million miles (117 million km).

fixedstars Would you like to make this site your homepage? It's fast and easy... Yes, Please make this my home page! Don't show this to me again. Fixed Star Meanings Star Positions * * * Planets Index Format: Star Name -- Apparent Position -- NGC# -- Magnitude -- Associated Meanings ACHERNAR ("end of the river") -- 15Pisces15 -- #1979 -- mag0.6 A white star at the mouth of The River Influence: Ptolemy gave it the influence of Jupiter, with success in public office; religion. ACRUX -- 11SC50 -- #16952 --mag1.6 Influence: Given the nature of Jupiter, it is associated with religion, ceremonies, justice, and magic. ACULEUS -- 25SAG41 -- #6405 -- mag5.3 Influence: Given the influence of Moon and Mars, it is a nebula in the sting of the Scorpion; it has a twin and they are associated with eyesight problems if conjunct or opposite a stressed luminary. AGENA -- 23SC45 -- #18971 -- mag0.9 Influence: Ptolemy gave it the influence of Venus and Jupiter; Alvidas - one similar as Mars conj Mercury. Star Positions

Les tournures de phrases à bannir de votre vocabulaire / L'actualité Edilivre Certaines expressions nous semblent correctes car nous les utilisons et les entendons partout, à la radio, à la télévision ou dans la bouche de nos interlocuteurs. Et pourtant, il est absolument faux de les utiliser. Voyons ensemble quelles sont ces tournures de phrases à éviter absolument. S'avérer vraiIl faut revenir à la définition du verbe s'avérer pour comprendre pourquoi cette expression est incorrecte. Baser surTournure très utilisée par les journalistes, elle est pourtant fausse. De façon à ce queNon, cette formulation n'existe pas. Malgré que Vous avez dû l'entendre très souvent, et cela fait grincer les oreilles. Pallier àLe verbe pallier n'a vraiment pas de chance, déjà qu'on lui oubli souvent un l, le réduisant ainsi au vulgaire étage d'un immeuble, il est aussi souvent mal construit, avec une préposition qui ne lui appartient pas. Par contreContrairement à ses acolytes, par contre n'est pas formellement interdit. Article écrit avec la participation de Louise

Tropical & Sidereal Zodiac Systems by Jagdish C. Maheshri The Earth, while orbiting around the Sun in its elliptical trajectory, also rotates around its North-South axis. The plane of its orbit around the Sun is tilted with the plane of Earth's rotation about its North-South axis by about 23 1/2 degrees. The Earth's rotation around itself is from West to East (eastward) once every 24 hours. As a result, the Sun appears to rise in the East in the morning and set in the West in the evening. When observed through successive nights, the stars in the sky will appear to move from East to West. The spherical space around the Earth (at anytime we see only a part of it) is called the celestial sphere. The lines perpendicular to the Celestial Equator passing through the Celestial Poles are the circles. As the Earth orbits around the Sun in its elliptical trajectory once every year, the Sun slowly appears to move from South of the Celestial Equator towards North in the Northern Hemisphere in the earlier part of the year (January through March).

Pre-Astro-Theology #1 | The Jordan Maxwell Show | The LEGITIMATE Jordan Maxwell Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 45:44 — 42.4MB) Astro-Theology is Religion from the Gods The Bible is the greatest Story Every told. Astro-Theology is the study of God. Life comes from Life. Bible, Torah, Koran. Claremont University has an original copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Jordan speaks about the Bible and Codes within the Bible. Aesop’s Fables or the Aesopian is a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560. “By their fruits you shall know them” Jesus. What are the fruits of these religions ?? Follow Jordan on Facebook Follow Jordan on Twitter Show Links Aesop’s Fables (Oxford World’s Classics) Dead Sea Scrolls Bible Torah Quran A Beautiful Mind – Paperback A Beautiful Mind (2001) Photos

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