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Five-Minute Film Festival: Poetry Month There's no doubt that when taught well, poetry can get kids excited about reading, writing, performing, and finding their voice. As we approach the beginning of April, which is National Poetry Month, I've put together a selection of videos about the power of poetry for young people -- both in the classroom and beyond. Video Playlist: Celebrate Poetry Month! Nik Collection - Google photographie Today we’re making the Nik Collection available to everyone, for free. Photo enthusiasts all over the world use the Nik Collection to get the best out of their images every day. As we continue to focus our long-term investments in building incredible photo editing tools for mobile, including Google Photos and Snapseed, we’ve decided to make the Nik Collection desktop suite available for free, so that now anyone can use it. The Nik Collection is comprised of seven desktop plug-ins that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities -- from filter applications that improve color correction, to retouching and creative effects, to image sharpening that brings out all the hidden details, to the ability to make adjustments to the color and tonality of images.

Mathematical Habits of Mind We all have them, some good and some bad. We pick them up from friends, family, and even strangers. But we may not recall who we picked them up from or when they began. Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation Tool discovery is often a challenge for teachers interested in finding ways to use technology that will change the way they and their students work. With so much going on in the classroom, many teachers don’t have the time to test out various apps and find the perfect tool to meet their needs. Luckily, several tech-savvy librarians have been curating the apps their colleagues find useful and sharing the all-stars with one another through personal learning communities (PLC) and edWeb webinars. These educators are paying attention to their own working habits, as well as those of students, to figure out which technology products and trends are here to stay. Michelle Luhtala, a school librarian in New Canaan, Connecticut, has noticed that much of her own work has transitioned from the computer to her smartphone. She sees the same trend in students, but also recognizes many schools have policies against phones because they can be distractions.

1 Question That Encourages Students to Connect to Literature Posted 11/22/2015 5:42PM | Last Commented 11/23/2015 10:37PM As a student teacher, I am always looking for creative and engaging ways to help my middle school students connect to the literature in English class without reverting to the overdone personal reflection journal entry. Of course, there will always be times when students just don’t particularly enjoy a text in the curriculum, but I still want them to be able to understand what they are reading by making personal connections and viewing literature through a wider lens.

My top 10 apps for a Primary School iPad Follow @theteachgeek Whenever you speak to teachers about integrating technology into learning experiences, the first question is usually, “Which apps should we be using”. I’m always on the look out for new tools to assess students understanding, support collaboration and provide meaningful feedback, I can usually rely on my toolkit of my top 10 apps for a primary school iPad. My Top 10 Apps for a Primary School iPad inc. The Essential Unique Search Tool Your Students May Have Never Used - November Learning The Wayback Machine is as basic a reference tool for the Internet Age as a dictionary. When was the last time you saw a student use it? By Alan November When I’m giving a talk to students about being responsible digital citizens, I’ll tell them, “You know, some day you might apply to college, or run for Congress—and you might regret something you posted online when you were young.” And there’s always one student who will say to me, “Mr. November, we’re not that stupid—we’re going to take those things off the Web before we apply to college.”

170 Ways To Use Word Clouds In Every Classroom Welcome to a post I always have fun writing. Last year I attempted finding ways to use Word Clouds (Wordle) in education. When I concluded writing that post I was at 108 possible ways. More than a half year went by, and I was up to 125 ways to use Word Clouds in the classroom. I am so proud that this post now includes 170 ways.

Idioms are Dying: Should we mourn them? — The Writing Cooperative — Medium Idioms are Dying:Should we mourn them? If I offered you a penny for your thoughts would you say I’m barking up the wrong tree, and that curiosity killed the cat? Or, maybe, you wouldn’t say anything because actions speak louder than words. Depending on your age, you may or may not be familiar with those idioms. 10 Teacher Tools to "Techify" Your Classroom By Bethany Petty The classrooms of today have the potential to look vastly different than those of the past. Many teachers have access to a vast array of technology tools that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement.

Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories Quest lets you make interactive story games. Text adventure games like Zork and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Gamebooks like the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books. You don't need to know how to program. Reading Writing Responding: What's So Digital About Literacy Anyway? Much like leadership offline, students and adults can LEAD others in how they interact and treat each other online. When we put our heads in the sand and ban social media, we miss a huge opportunity to showcase and tap into digital leadership and model a positive online presence. This got me thinking about some of the other things that we may do personally online , but not necessarily model all the time in school. One such practise is that of reading and responding online. So often students are told to use tracks and be active readers, to write regular journal reflections, but this usually starts and stops at the physical book. When are students getting the same opportunity to read and respond online?

How to cook up a new magazine for 8-12 year olds I’m a massive believer in having all sorts of reading material around at home for M and J (and us grownups!) to enjoy. Alongside books, catalogues, and newspapers, magazines play an important part in our varied reading diet: We subscribe to the enormously fun (and secretly often educational) Phoenix Comic, the very well produced and stimulating Adventure Box and Discovery Box, and also to the Young Archaeologists Magazine.

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