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Azumanga Daioh liquidhell Lucky Star is an anime also based on 4-panel manga, and thus, shares success with Azumanga Daioh in it's simplicity and non-sequiter (absurd/random) humour. Much like Azumanga Daioh, each episode is essentially standalone and filled with the quirky relationships between a close group of high school friends. Each character of the series has a distinct personality that allows for loads of crazy interactions with eachother (albeit slightly less random). If you liked that aspect of Azumanga, this is a must-watch. An excellent choice for those who want to have another lighthearted, slice-of-life series to simply pick up and enjoy without extra baggage. nike13 The style of humor is very similar in Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star, but in Lucky Star there are references to other anime (usually jokes about fan behavior also). Lucky Star is just another good humor+slice of (high school) anime. Himitsu smkks JustAbigail Niw Both anime rely somewhat on the 'kawaii factor'. himurakenshin drognen JAhU

Cheer Up, Emo Kid - A Webcomic about Life, Love, and Loss Gamble Fish Manga - Read Gamble Fish Online For Free Read Gamble Fish Manga Online The story is set at Shishidou, a school attended by rich and elite people. Tomu Shirasagi, a gambler, is a mysterious new transfer student who has come from a public school (instead of a prestigious private one) and faces the elitist environment.

Saiunkoku Monogatari sarwor248 Both series feature a smart heroine who ends up surrounded by male suitors. Everyone around her is sucked in by her charisma, and she helps everyone she meets with their problems. Both anime blend comedy with drama and romance really well. chamomille Both anime are about a cheerfull and energetic girl with strong personality that reaches everyone's heart. Nymn A world of politics, drama, a reverse harem of bishounen and of cause, romance. Galadriel in both animes we see a young, smart, beautiful and strong female character surrounded by bishounen who are attracted by her charismatic personality and also both animes have a deep political aspect.If you seen and liked one of this two be sure to check the other as well. wolfangel87 In Hanasakeru Seishounen and Saiunkoku Monogtari the female protagonist is extremely smart and is able to keep up with her male counterparts along the way in whatever the situation is. GrnEydDvl beccatemi MoonXArtemis

The End - Updates Tuesdays! Bakuman Manga - Read Bakuman Online For Free Read Bakuman Manga Online It's not easy to become and live as a mangaka, as Mashiro Moritaka knows from his late uncle. At 9th grade, while trying to keep up with reality, school and then a normal job, he left his notebook with a sketch of Azuki Miho, a girl he likes. Takagi Akito, a first-rate student found it and tries to convince Mashiro to draw a manga with his story. Natsume Yuujinchou oneredpanda Both series feature a boy with the ability to see spirits. Both are episodic and include a lot of shinto culture. Both deal with how the protagonist relates to the spirits, as friends or enemies. Both are slow paced. Nocturnalgloria Xxxholic and Natsume Yuujinchou are extremely similar, in both a young male protagonist is plagued by a special ability that allows him to see spirits. LittleBadKitty A story where a boy can see spirits and is annyoed with them one day meets a strange shop owner, Yuuko Ichihara, who claims that she can grant his wish to never see spirits again. A funny story with lots of advices of how the world and the people "work" entwined with the mystrious Spiritual world and its inhabitants. As to why I recomend them, they show you a different way of seeing the world and have lots of humor and great advices that show you the same thing in a different way. GrnEydDvl cassiesheepgirl Szwagier eaper Foxfire Both have some tear-jerking moments. kitsune89 hamletsmage

Zap! Online Comic Samurai Champloo sothis Truly, Bebop and Samurai Champloo are all about style. I didn't like Bebop a great deal, but love SC, so it all depends. Regardless, I still realize they are very, very good recommendations for each other. Oozing style from the character designs, to the music, to the episodic plotline. Definitely check it out. XMrNiceguyX Even though both series hardly have any similarities besides that the series are both about a group of wandering people, the humor in both is really similar. buu It is all about the music. tfv Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop are from the same director, but that's not why I'm recommending them for each other, except to the extent that his influence has given both series a very similar feel. VivisQueen The pacing of the two anime are very similar (probably because they share the same director). Ooric The Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo series do have similar styles. lantis freakzilla aldat kmull neutrino MrsickVisionz vivafruit Uriel drognen micromania DraconAsilian LadyFox

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