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Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

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Santa Spy Cam - Google Play Santa Spy Cam™ 3 (SSC3) is the third major release of the Internationally acclaimed “proof of Santa” app, enabling parents (and grandparents) to capture live-action, high-quality video of Santa Claus, his friendly elves, and real reindeer in and around your home! With an almost limitless array of live-action video capability and customization options, Santa Spy Cam™ 3 provides “sightings” of Santa and his elves that children all over the world have always wanted in one easy-to-use app. SSC3 brings an unprecedented level of magic and enchantment to a child's holiday experience with its highly intuitive suite of both Santa and his elves "sighting" options.

Full STEAM Ahead: Why Arts Are Essential in a STEM Education In December of last year, Old Navy was caught up in a controversy over a tee shirt design in which the word "Artist" was crossed out and replaced with either "Astronaut" or "President." The internet was full of artists and scientists sharing their stories about how art was actually an important part of their lives. There was even a photo of former President George Bush, now an aspiring artist, making its rounds. In fact, NASA even has a page dedicated to astronauts turned artists.

GE Utilizes Your Webcam to Show Off Augmented Reality Posted 03/06/2009 at 6:59am | by Florence Ion GE’s official statement on their website is that they’re dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into leading products, which is why they’ve brought us this fun site. It’s a digital hologram created to promote Smart Grid technology and it interacts with the many different peripherals connected to your computer. The website, which utilizes augmented reality, makes it possible so that the 3D graphics can be integrated with live footage in real time. LandscapAR - Google Play LandscapAR is a new form of augmented reality (AR) app that invites users to create intriguing islands and terrains. Just sketch the elevation lines on a real piece of paper and it will be directly translated into a 3D landscape! Create your own favorite tropical island with as many hills, mountains and valleys as you wish and visualize it on your table top at home in full 3D. Walk around your creation and view the islands from all perspectives. Note that the paper should be distinctly visible from the background, that is, the paper should be as bright as possible and the background as dark as possible. Furthermore, you should use a thick dark pen. - Google Play Hide messages in the real world using augmented reality. Leave a message on the wall, or somewhere in a real place, that can be seen only by those you want. It's a funny way to hide private messages in public places. BBC micro:bit unveiled STEMNET is proud to be partnering with the BBC to raise awareness of the micro:bit with schools right across the whole of the UK. Teachers can now register to get micro:bits for 2015 Year 7 classes at: The BBC micro:bit is a codeable device that will do whatever the children who get one program it to do. Every child in the UK starting their first year of secondary school (or equivalent) this autumn will be given one for free.

Animal 4D+ – Google Play - Multi languages: English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Bahasa, Deutsch, Mandarin, Korean, French- Holographic Mode- Interactive Quiz- Voice over- Performance Optimization(The features above will be available through in-app purchase or serial number registration)---- Flashcards are no longer boring with Octagon 4D+. Created by Octagon Studio, Animal 4D+ is a fast and lightweight app that allows you to scan the printed animal cards and witness how the animals come alive right before your eyes!

12 Surprising Things Your Child Can Learn from Minecraft Video gaming has been seen by some detractors as a passive, mind-numbing activity that has an adverse effect on children’s social development. In fact, research indicates the exact opposite. There are a number of benefits to playing video games, including cognitive development, motor skill development, and creative problem solving. In particular, games like Minecraft have been shown to affect cognitive skills in a variety of positive ways, and is now being used in schools across the globe for its surprising educational benefits. With this infographic we explore 12 Surprising Things Your Child Can Learn From Minecraft, and in doing so, unlock some of the most important reasons why the game is considered the greatest educational game of its generation. Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Quiver - 3D Coloring App - Google Play The original augmented reality coloring app “colAR Mix” is now Quiver! Coloring pages have never been so much fun! The Quiver App combines physical coloring from “back in the day” with state of the art augmented reality technology to bring you and your children an extraordinarily magical experience. You can find our free pages by downloading the app and on our website ( Save and print the pages directly from the Quiver App or from a computer to start enjoying the fun. By using our unmatchable expertise in augmented reality, the Quiver App enables children and adults to unleash their inner artist and interact with their personally customised creations.