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The world's largest climate modelling experiment for the 21st century

The world's largest climate modelling experiment for the 21st century
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Solve Puzzles for Science | Foldit The Science Network AQUA@home MilkyWay@home FightMalaria@Home 2,906,889 tasks After the huge crash of the database, everything is fixed and ready to go. 2,906,889 more WUs! Edit: The transitioner need to catch up 23 Feb 2015, 16:42:17 UTC · Comment Project down this weekend I stopped the BOINC server. I'm currently putting 3 million task into the database. 8,310,176 WUs New batch! I increased the predicted running time for this batch. New WUs I just put 3 192 552 more WU! Have fun :) 13 Jan 2015, 11:23:52 UTC · Comment FightMalaria@Home data now available online Hi all volunteers, We have made a results website for easy access to the data we generated using the FM@H BOINC server. We're still doing the last repeat calculations for the remaining MMV19k and other datasets, the results of which we'll add to this website. I had hoped to get the publication out prior to releasing this 'raw' data, but this is taking longer than I'd hoped. Thanks again for your generous contributions to this project.

Pacific Sea Level Monitoring Project The Pacific Sea Level Monitoring (PSLM), operates under the Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific (COSPPac). It is a continuation of the 20-year South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project (SPSLCMP) The 14 Pacific Island countries participating in the project are the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. The primary goal of the project is to generate an accurate record of variance in long-term sea level for the Pacific region. The project also provides information about the processes, scale and implications of sea-level rise and variability of extreme events on South Pacific communities. It also makes sea-level data more readily available and usable to support management of coastal infrastructure and industries. Pacific Region Data Products and Reports Archived Data Products Pacific Sea-Level Monitoring Network

Beyond Belief: Candles in the Dark BEYOND BELIEF DVDs are now available! Purchase them here. Beyond Belief: Candles in the Dark DVDs will be available soon. Beyond Belief: Candles in the Dark is the third in an annual series of conversations: an ongoing project to foster and promote the use of reason in formulating social policy. In The Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan wrote: Science is more than a body of knowledge; it is a way of thinking. At The Science Network, we embrace scientific meliorism (last year's meeting, after all, was entitled Enlightenment 2.0). This U.S. election year, when science and reason in the nation's deliberations have been repeatedly challenged as irrelevant or elitist, and science seems to be estranged from society, Sagan's words sound prophetic -- an alarm call. Download the program here Friday, October 3, 2008 Saturday, October 4, 2008 Sunday, October 5, 2008 Here is a list of participants for this event. Peter Atkins Patricia Churchland Paul Davies Nita Farahany Owen Flanagan Jonathan Glover Sam Harris

SETI@home Rosetta@home Fluorescent proteins designed from scratch Congrats to all Rosetta@home volunteers who contributed to a recent report in Nature describing the design of a completely artificial fluorescent beta-barrel protein. As described by one of the main authors, Anastassia, in this forum post: The paper presents many “firsts” in computational protein design. It is the first de novo design of the beta-barrel fold (one of the most described folds in the past 35 years, yet mysterious until now). Thanks to all the Rosetta@home volunteers who contributed to the validation of our designed proteins and binding sites. Here is the link to the IPD webpage that contains a copy of the paper. 17 Sep 2018, 23:14:21 UTC · Discuss ... more collaborative computing atlantiksolar | A UAV for the first-ever autonomous solar-powered crossing of the Atlantic Ocean

"There Was No Big Bang!" Say Several Leading Cosmologists (A Galaxy Classic) "What banged?" Sean Carroll, CalTech -Moore Center for Theoretical Cosmology & Physics Several of the worlds leading astrophysicists believe there was no Big Bang that brought the universe and time into existence. Before the Big Bang, the standard theory assumes, there was no space, just nothing. Einstein merged the universe into a single entity: not space, not time, but spacetime. Proponents of branes propose that we are trapped in a thin membrane of space-time embedded in a much larger cosmos from which neither light nor energy -except gravity- can escape or enter and that that "dark matter" is just the rest of the universe that we can't see because light can't escape from or enter into our membrane from the great bulk of the universe. Perhaps not surprisingly, there is no supportative data to date for Big Bang theory, although the results aren't sensitive enough to rule out the pervasive Big Bang/inflation model. Are branes the key to understanding the origin of our universe?