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YouTube Help The URL to a YouTube video must be the full length url. To ensure you are using the correct URL, visit your video on The URL to your video will be in your browser's address (see photo for an example) Related:  Interactive MapsICT and Geography

Map creator online to make a map with multiple locations and regions Geograph Britain and Ireland - photograph every grid square! Mammals for Kids: Learn about animals and what is a mammal. Back to Animals What makes an animal a mammal? Mammals are a particular class of animal. What makes an animal a mammal are several things. First, they must have glands that give milk. This is to feed their babies. Where do they live? Mammals live in all sorts of environments including the ocean, underground, and on land. Three Types of Mammals Mammals are sometimes divided into three types based on how they give birth and take care of their young. Live young - Most mammals give birth to live young (instead of laying eggs like birds or reptiles). The largest mammal is the Blue Whale which lives in the ocean and can grow to over 80 feet long. Mammals Are Smart Mammals have unique brains and are often very intelligent. What do they eat? Mammals that eat meat are called carnivores. Fun Facts About Mammals A giraffe's tongue is 20 inches long.

Flu & Ebola Map | Virus & Contagious Disease Surveillance OS GB Mapping from The Hug BBC Learning English - Learning English Newspaper Map Discovering Antarctica - teaching and learning resources on Antarctica Monsters in the Goosebumps series - Goosebumps Wiki This is a list of monsters and villains that have appeared in the Goosebumps series - in alphabetical order. Abominable Snowman: A mysterious creature from the highest mountains in Alaska. The creature itself is harmless (save for a rabid appetite for trail mix), but the snow that comes from its habitat has the ability to freeze objects instantly. The Barking Ghosts: The ghosts of former burglars who are in the form of spectral dogs. Dare: A "Gamesmaster" from KidsCare. Egg Monsters: Yellow monsters from Mars who look like egg yolk. Fifi: The reader's pet poodle in Please Don't Feed the Vampire! Gargoyle: Thought to be a statue, this monster attacked a boy named Adam. The Ice Hound: A wolf-like creature who resides in the Frozen North. Jenna: A genie (dressed more like a punk rocker than a stereotypical genie) who emerges from a Coca-Cola can. Karl Knave: A miniature toy who created a miniature toy town called Karlsville. Nasty Kathy: A living doll with a rude attitude.

DengueMap Marker Color Marker color reflects the noteworthiness of events at a particular location during a given time window. An event's degree of noteworthiness is based on the significance rating of the alert provided by HealthMap users. In the absence of user ratings, the system assigns a composite score based on the disease importance and the news volume associated with the alert. If a location's marker has multiple alerts, the color associated with the most prominent alert is used. Marker Size The large circle indicates a country-level alert, while state, province and local alerts are indicated by the small circle.

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