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Wine Bottle Cutting 30 seconds Perfect Edge Bottle Cutter GreenPowerScience Bottleneck Guitar Slide

Wine Bottle Cutting 30 seconds Perfect Edge Bottle Cutter GreenPowerScience Bottleneck Guitar Slide

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DIY Schuh EDIT march 2011: due to tons of comments (over at on the historical correct period for this shoe, i've changed the name from 'viking' to 'iron age' shoes. i've also closed the comment section here, due to spam. by following the description, you should end up with something that looks like this (above. never mind the red dots in the picture - they will be explained later). the uncut shoe is my left foot (wrong side out), but the cut, dark one is my right foot shoe (right side out). (i'm sorry for the bad quality photos. i don't know what's wrong with my camera - the top photo was taken about two years ago; crisp, clear and fine. all the photos i take these days come out pale and grainy). look through all the photos before you start drawing! you start by purchasing some good leather about 2,5 - 3 millimeter thick. thinner than this will be like wearing a thin but stiff plastic cover on your foot. not good. start with drawing a line around your foot.

How to build a kitchen compost storage container that keeps flies out One inconvenience about composting is that its generally a good idea to keep the compost bin away from the house. This keeps away potential vermin, flies and smells. The downside to keeping the compost bin out back is that it would require multiple daily trips to it without the use of an intermediate compost storage bin.

Warm Glass More than one oven or a really big one? - I have been working on making several one foot long curved blades for whirlies and have had to deal with the time delays of having just one annealer/kiln/oven, so I have to take the time to run a sheet and mold up, then down, then anneal. One solution would be to make a big flat sagging/fusing kiln with lots of insulation, but I don't really have a use for it. An alternative is to have two controlled kilns. By taking all the sheets I want to sag up to the annealing point in one kiln, I could then transfer them one at a time to the mold in another kiln, run that up to 1300 or so, cool it to about the annealing point, move the stiffened glass to the holding kiln and then continue until time for slow annealing.

Tetrapacktasche This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age Recycle a milk or orange juice carton into a clever carrying case for change, trading cards, and more. The carton's cap keeps the wallet closed. Download Carton Wallet Template How to Make an Out-of-the-Ordinary T-Shirt Quilt: Part One September 7th, 2012 Email 106 users recommend Sew memories together into a warm and comfy quilt. Erika Kern Use patterned shirts and the sleeves and backs to add color interest to the graphics of the tees.

Bottle Reworking Link to Bottle Labels I consider bottle slumping to be one of the really boring activities in the world, but I will share some information about it since everyone who gets anywhere near a kiln seems to be interested in it for a while. The problem from my point of view is that unless one gets really creative, there are only a limited number of things one can do: stretch the bottle, flatten the bottle, make a spoon holder, make an ashtray. [Some people have made societal comment by arranging slumped bottle shapes in ways that suggest comment on mechanical and tired society - "Preacher and Choir", "Exhaustion", but that is more art than slumping, I think, and not me. 2002-07.] Easy Cardboard Shelves So there is no secret about how this is made. Each tray shelf would be either a preassembled shape, like a box lid (or you could cut the top and bottom off of a taped-shut box and get two). You should leave the turned-down tray sides at about 2" for strength. 9-11" is a good depth for the shelves - no wider than you have to. If you don't have box lids or a few boxes of the same size to make lids out of, but you did rescue a refrigerator box from the trash, you can pretty easily make trays. Cut rectangles 4" wider and longer than you want your shelves to be. Then cut 2" squares out of each corner.

French Apartment in Moroccan Style ♥ Френски апартамент в марокански стил Two apartments combined into one made it possible for the owner of this home to bring Morocco and the influence of Mediterranean Africa in a small town near Paris. From the entrance you can feel the blue mood, which goes from one room to another. Parallel with it you can feel the femininity and exoticness in the details - gorgeous wooden furniture, impressive textile and amazing decoration. I just love the arrangements with hands of Fatima on the wall.

300 Square Foot Round Cottage Was Built in Just 8 Hours (Video) © Brandon Knapp If you can build a cottage that's energy efficient, made from sustainable wood, and makes for a fantastic getaway in the great outdoors, awesome. But can you do it in just eight hours? The team at Mandala Homes in British Columbia decided to try, and pulled it off last month. Varnish This is meant to be a simple picture essay to describe how I cook the colored resin that I use in my violin varnish. I have tried my best to photograph every step of the process so that other violin makers can try themselves. One thing that I have not shown in the pictures is the fire extinguisher that is always kept close to where I bbq/cook varnish. Cooking varnish involves heating potentially flammable ingredients over a fire. Accidents can happen, whether cooking varnish or bbq-ing chicken, so you must be prepared.

Spruce Gum Ninety years ago, a person could walk into almost any general store in America, plop down a penny or two, and pick up a trim little package of spruce chewing gum. There was even a choice of brands, such as Kennebec, Yankee, 200Lump, and American Flag ... to name just a few. People were accustomed to the unsweetened, woodsy taste of spruce gum, and their demand for it supported a thriving industry boasting nationwide distribution. But then came the "modern" chews—which were softer, sweeter, and less expensive to manufacture—and they soon took over the market.

Welcome to The Sietch - Projects Here at The Sietch we are always thinking up new ways to create positive change. One of the best ways we have found to show people the power of things like renewable energy and green living is to create projects people can do at home. Here you will find do it yourself (DIY) projects that you can try at home with stuff laying around the house. Enjoy. Solar Water Distiller Use the sun to create clean drinkable water. DIY T-shirt slippers My son loves slippers but he only wears the ones that hook on between your big toe and middle toe (These are very common in Singapore!). We decided to make t-shirt slippers - refashioned t-shirts ! I've made 3 pairs so far, and I'm planning on making two pairs each per family members so that at least we still have one to wear while the other's in the wash! Yeah, they are washable!![Update in Oct 2012: some bloggers have requested for more detail on the DIY weaving. Hope to have that out soon!]

rner blog: d.i.y. braided basket My friend Anna and I recently made a braided basket for a classroom art project at our daughters' school. We had all the students make polymer clay beads and each donate an old t-shirt. We braided the t-shirts along with some extra jersey fabric we bought, threading on the beads every 18" or so, then sewed the giant braid into a basket (Anna did the braiding, I did the sewing). Time consuming? Absolutely.