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Tidal - Home Tidal is a language for live coding pattern. It provides a way to express music with very flexible timing, providing a little language for describing patterns as discrete sequences (which can be polyphonic and polymetric), some generators of continuous patterns (e.g. sinewaves, sawtooths) and a wide range of pattern transformations. Tidal is highly 'composable' in that pattern transformations can be easily combined together, allowing you to quickly create complex patterns from simple ingredients. Tidal does not make sound itself, but rather controls synths using Open Sound Control or MIDI. By default, for its sister the Dirt sampler. To see and hear Tidal in action, check out some of the videos of demos and performances.

Every Noise at Once italian progressive metal deep symphonic black metal christian symphonic metal brazilian classical piano Quarks, Extensions and Plugins It is quite easy to add extra functionality to SuperCollider in the form of quarks , which are optional SC software packages that, when installed, provide additional functionality to SC's language and/or server. Quarks consist of two parts: a definition file (a .quark file) and the actual implementation files, which generally fall into one of two categories: SC extensions are optional Sclang class definitions and documentation that are automatically loaded when SC starts up.

AlgoMech Festival - Algorithmic and Mechanical Music+Art 8th-12th Nov 2017 Thanks for coming! It was a great time. We're collecting coverage, e.g. an in-depth review in The Wire, the Guardian made a short documentary about our Algorave, Now Then magazine have a review of (one of) 65daysofstatic's decomposition theory shows, top French blog French blog Makery sent journalist Elsa Ferreira to cover the festival, and a nice blog appeared with reflections on our Saturday events. If you spot more, please let us know! How to Organize a Music Collection With Mediamonkey Edit Article Getting music onto your PC is relatively easy, but once it's there, how do you find missing track information and get it organized into an easy to navigate collection? Steps

How to Program in SuperCollider: Fast Pbind-based Introduction for Experienced Programmers You may wish to quickly scan the first post to find a bit of background Online resources The program Once the program is downloaded and running, it should look like the image at left. Boot a server by clicking on the boot button of the localhost server or the internal server Put your code in a new window run code by selecting it and hitting enter (not return) stop code by hitting command-. get help by selecting the name of a class (or help topic) and typing command-?

Scripting Processing With MIDI: 12 Steps This setup allows multiple devices to lay the role of grid. What's left is to add some final flourishes. The bulk of the graphics happens on a split screen. Download MediaMonkey transactions are processed via Element5 a division of Digital River. Our store supports a variety of payment types including credit cards, cheques, and PayPal. Digital River is a leader in secure transaction processing: all communications are encrypted and stored securely. Getting Your License Key Field is a development environment for experimental code and digital art in the broadest of possible senses. While there are a great many development environments and digital art tools out there today, this one has been constructed with two key principles in mind: Embrace and extend — rather than make a personal, private and pristine code utopia, Field tries to bridge to as many libraries, programming languages, and ways of doing things as possible.