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Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking
What is Visual Thinking? Visual thinking is a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate. It’s a great way to convey complex or potentially confusing information. It’s also about using tools — like pen and paper, index cards and software tools — to externalize your internal thinking processes, making them more clear, explicit and actionable. Why is Visual Thinking important? There’s more information at your fingertips than ever before, and yet people are overwhelmed by it. But can I do this? Drawing is a natural process for thinking, exploring ideas and learning. “I’m no artist” “I can’t draw a straight line” “I can’t draw a stick figure” This is a fallacy. Don’t believe me? Visual Thinking basics In this 20-minute video I share some basics of visual thinking that will get you up and running in about 20 minutes. How to know what to draw Visual thinking reading list.

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Teaching Grit Cultivates Resilience and Perseverance (Research Made Relevant Series) Amy: Kenny is a student that participated in my grit program last year. Kenny: This is my evaporator. Amy: He's a perfect example of a ten year old with grit. In New Hampshire, we do a lot of sugaring, which is the term for making maple sugar and it's a whole ton of work.

Ten Tips for Making Interesting Images Ten Tips for Making Interesting Images 1.) Employ The Rule of Thirds Images are more interesting if the interesting bits are not in the center. Unconsciously, we want to put the thing of interest in the center. But it’s more interesting if we don’t. 31+ Mobile Learning Tips for Instructional Designers There’s a shift happening in the world of instructional design, and the new kid in town is mobile learning. Well, he’s hardly the new kid anymore—he’s set up shop and customers are pretty excited about what he’s got to offer. Learning anywhere, anytime?

Learn the basics with pen and paper Do you want to have amazing and beautiful notebooks? Do you wish that you could sometimes get away from the screen and do actual work in your notebook without interruptions? This class is for you. Digital tools like iPhones, laptops and email are amazing for many things.

Apprenez à exprimer les émotions , les sentiments A ) Les expressions du visage 1. Vidéo ( Débutants - enfants ) Visual Thinking reading list I’ve had a lot of people ask me for book recommendations so I am putting together this list of suggested reading on various topics. I will add to this as I have time. Hover over each link to see a thumbnail of the book cover. The Doodle Revolution, by my Gamestorming co-author Sunni Brown, is an engaging, inspiring and breezy read about the power of doodling to enable productive thinking. The Design of Everyday Things

Digital School Days - Anp e TIM, primo evento a Torino il 12 maggio 2016 - ANP Eventi ANP (Associazione Nazionale Dirigenti e Alte Professionalità della Scuola), che da sempre sostiene, promuove e valorizza la formazione e l’aggiornamento delle alte professionalità scolastiche, attraverso progetti di modernizzazione e formazione dei metodi di insegnamento, ha stretto un accordo di collaborazione con TIM, nel ruolo di innovatore tecnologico, anche nel campo della scuola. Una delle iniziative previste dall’intesa è la realizzazione di una serie di appuntamenti per promuovere nelle scuole di tutto il territorio italiano le esperienze già esistenti, che mettono a fattor comune le nuove metodologie di insegnamento sviluppate da ANP insieme con i servizi innovativi pensati da TIM per la scuola. Ai dirigenti e ai docenti delle scuole partecipanti sarà offerto un nuovo punto di vista e testimonianze concrete sulle metodologie didattiche che già oggi utilizzano strumenti innovativi di apprendimento. Pubblichiamo il programma e il link per registrarsi

Questioning Toolkit Essential Questions These are questions which touch our hearts and souls. They are central to our lives. They help to define what it means to be human. Most important thought during our lives will center on such essential questions. 35 Educational Resources to Encourage Inquiry & Inventive Thinking This is a sponsored post. I’ve scoured the internet, including all of my favourite social media sites, to bring you a fantastic collection of online inquiry and inventive thinking resources that I know will inspire and motivate both you and your students. The collection includes Lego, science, practical activity ideas, engineering, videos, animation, technology and a tonne of fun facts – so there is sure to be something for everyone!