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SpeakPipe Voice Recorder - A Quick Way to Create MP3 Recordings Earlier this week I wrote about SpeakPipe's updated widget for receiving voicemail through your blog. SpeakPipe offers another free tool for recording. SpeakPipe's Voice Recorder is a free tool for quickly creating an MP3 voice recording in your web browser on a laptop, Chromebook, Android device, or iOS device. Musicians & READ Posters: A Visual Timeline As lifelong bookworms, we’ve never needed a poster to inspire us to want to read — and if we did, we’re not sure that Phil Collins or the Indigo Girls would be the right celebrities to motivate us. That said, we truly enjoy their efforts in the American Library Association’s READ campaign, which is now in its 25th year. And lucky for us, these are not the only musicians to have lent their image to the worthy cause.

Quizalize - A Fun Quiz Platform Quizalize is a newer quiz game platform that reminds me of Kahoot. Like Kahoot, students play your quiz games on their laptops or tablets by going to the Quizalize website then entering their names and a class code. Students are awarded points for correctly answering questions quickly.

19 Color Palette Generators That Make Web Design Easier A great color scheme is a fundamental component of a well-designed website. An unattractive color scheme could potentially turn off website visitors before they’ve even got to your content. However, it’s not always easy to come up with an appealing palette of colors on your own. If you’re having trouble, then a color palette generator could help you select the right combination of colors for a specific application. We’ve put together a list of 19 handy color palette generators (all free) to help you create the perfect color scheme for your website. 19 Color Palette Generators That Make Web Design Easier 4 Excellent Apps for Taking Screenshots on Mac September 19, 2015 After we have seen how to take screenshots on the web, iPad and Chromebooks, today we are sharing with you some very good apps to use to capture the screen of your Mac. These are by far the most popular apps in the Mac App Store and also some of our favourites. If we are to choose only two apps from this list then we would select: MonoSnop and lightshot.

Mint Vinetu Bookstore by Love Agency Ad Campaign: Mint Vinetu Bookstore Advertising Agency: Love Agency, Vilnius, Lithuania Creative Director: Tomas Ramanauskas Art Director: Gediminas Saulis Copywriter: Tomas Ramanauskas Photographer: Website: Lithuania based design practice Love Agency creates this engaging new campaign for Mint Vinetu Bookstore, showing how easily you can Become Someone Else. *Source |

10 Photo Editor Apps for Any Budget The internet is becoming an increasingly visual medium. Eye-catching imagery is an essential component of almost any online content, and editing your images is a vital step before displaying them online. However, although Adobe Photoshop is often mentioned as the go-to solution, with so many alternatives available at different price points, it could be hard to choose the right one for your needs. In this post, we’ll give you a head start. YouCanBook.Me -Streamline Meeting Scheduling YouCanBook.Me is a meeting scheduling tool that integrates with your Google Calendar. YouCanBook.Me allows people to book fixed blocks of time in your calendar. You identify the times in your calendar that you are available to meet. Then when someone needs to schedule a meeting with you, you send him or her a link to your booking calendar. Visitors to your calendar click a block and enter their email addresses to reserve a block of your time. When a block of time is reserved you receive an email alert and the other person receives a confirmation email.

8 ways teachers can talk less and get kids talking more If you do fewer teacher-directed activities, that means the kids will naturally do more talking, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. I have often found myself talking almost constantly during group work and student-directed projects because I’m trying to push kids’ thinking, provide feedback, and help them stay on task. Even when the learning has been turned over to the students, it’s still tempting to spend too much time giving directions, repeating important information, and telling students how they did instead of asking them to reflect on their work. Here are 8 ways teachers can talk less and get students talking more:

Europe Code Week 2015 - Resources and guides EU Code Week is a grass-root movement run by volunteers who promote coding in their countries as Code Week Ambassadors. Anyone – schools, teachers, libraries, code clubs, businesses, public authorities – can organise a #CodeEU event and add it to the map. To make organising and running coding events easier, we have prepared different toolkits and selected some of the best lesson plans, guides and other resources. Presentations and toolkits How To Create Animated GIFs in Photoshop – Astroblog Animated gifs are useful for adding more narrative and dimension to images. It’s possible to make animated GIFs in Photoshop from video files, photos, and illustrated images. It even has an Onion Skinning feature, helpful for frame-by-frame animating; especially if you’re planning to draw your frames. Whether you want to try a new project, craft a storyboard, or adding some flair to your portfolio, check out our quick guide for tips on creating your own animated GIFs using Photoshop. Drawing from Scratch New to animating and want to practice?