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Notes from the Psychedelic Salon - podcasts

Guest speaker: Terence McKennaListen Download Subscribe MP3 Free PCs – Right click, select option Macs – Ctrl-Click, select option Terence McKenna [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “A psychedelic point of view means a point of view which honors consciousness.” “You do not measure the depth of a universal mystery with the neural network of a primate.” “Our role is not to understand but to appreciate.” “It’s ridiculous to attempt to seize the tiller of reality, because we don’t even know where we want to go.”J “We extract the poetry from being by the assumption of the mundane.” “Once nature is taken as the ground of being then permission to inflate the image of the ego is denied.” “Intuition must be given prominence in the rearrangement of our relationship with the world.” “Science is really the, it’s the plumbing level of reality. “Intuition is the unifying of experience into a gestalt image of the world.” Related:  PsychonauticaMedia and Blogs

Dhushara Home Page PsyAmb Mixes - Download Archive Finally after much procrastination and delay I have managed to put links to all mixes in one handy post. You can visit each mix's track-listing and synopsis by following the 'link' for each entry in the tables. To download a mix, right click on the the associated 'Download' entry and select 'Save link as .. '. PsyAmb Mixes Psionic Geometries - DIFM psychill radio mixes Other Mixes Yoga Music Mixes As a side project I have mixed a few yoga music mixes at a blog I setup called Yoga Audio Temple.

Michael Prescott's Blog Rites Of Passage (enlarge) Written by Wilbert Alix Rites Of Passage: any ritual or ceremony wherein a participant crosses a threshold demarcating a transformation of their state of being. Rites Of Passage is a holistic, spiritual model based on an inevitable journey that all humans go through in a lifetime. This model describes the twelve Mystical Stages of our Physical and Spiritual Evolution. Humanity is in a constant search to discover a truth that can explain the nature of our existence. We live in a contemporary culture. The Circle The three great religions of the west (Judism, Islam and Chrisianity) speak of a religious model based on the principles of a straight line. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Jupiter: Gatekeeper of expansion and personal belief systems. Uranus: Ally of liberation and authenticity. Chiron: Ambassador to the galaxy. Neptune: Remembering your visions and dreams. Rites Of Passage (Shamanic) Stages and Planetary Cycles Sexual Initiation (approx age 21) Mid-Birth (approx age 39-44)

List of entheogens This is a list of species and genera that are used as entheogens or are used in an entheogenic concoction (such as ayahuasca). For recreational use they may be classified as hallucinogens. The active principals and historical significance of each is also listed to illustrate the requirements necessary to be categorized as an entheogen. Fauna[edit] Flora[edit] Fungi[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] DoseNation Subversive Thinking