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Art Through Time: A Global View - The Ecstasy of St. Teresa Born in the Castilian town of Ávila in 1515, Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda y Ahumada entered a Carmelite convent around the age of twenty, but it was not until the 1550s that she began to experience divine visions like the one to which Gian Lorenzo Bernini gives tangible form here. Located above the altar of the Cornaro Chapel in Rome’s Santa Maria della Vittoria, Bernini’s The Ecstasy of St. Teresa represents an episode from the life of the saint as recorded in her spiritual autobiography. Teresa describes an angel carrying a fire-tipped spear with which he pierces her heart repeatedly, an act that sends her into a state of spiritual rapture. “The pain,” she writes, “was so severe that it made me utter several moans. The sweetness caused by this intense pain is so extreme that one cannot possibly wish it to cease, nor is one’s soul then content with anything but God.” Bernini’s sculptural group shows a cupid-like angel holding an arrow.

related si galerii inspirationale Anish Kapoor investit Paris pour une expo virtuelle | Art'ilt 10 mai 2011 Par Fabienne Anish Kapoor l’invité prestigieux de l’édition 2011 de la Monumenta, nous offre déjà une première exposition… exclusivement en ligne ! EmailShare 25EmailShare Je vous parlais usages artistiques des réseaux sociaux -en l’occurrence de Facebook-, abordons aujourd’hui le sujet de la réalité augmentée ! Si Anish Kapoor présente dans moins de 24h son Léviathan dans la nef du Grand Palais à l’occasion de l’édition 2011 de la Monumenta, vous pouvez dès à présent profiter de six œuvres surprenantes… Jusqu’au 30 septembre prochain, le site permet d’appréhender une nouvelle facette des réalisations de l’artiste : un parcours dans une capitale investie ! Anish kapoor • Flesh, Esplanade du Champ de Mars Réalisé dans le cadre de cette Monumenta, ces œuvres ont vu le jour grâce à ce nouveau service des Pages jaunes qu’est UrbanDrive et d’un studio 3D : WLB Visual, lequel a été chargé de produire ce parcours « curratorial » en vue de l’ouverture de la Monumenta.

Audioguide Google Developers This morning we welcomed 6,000 developers to our 7th annual Google I/O developer conference. The crowd in San Francisco was joined by millions more watching on the livestream and 597 I/O Extended events, in 90+ countries on six continents. We're meeting at an exciting time for Google, and for our developer community. There are now one billion of you around the world who use an Android device. Today, developers got a preview of our most ambitious Android release yet. But, beyond the mobile phone, many of us are increasingly surrounded by a range of screens throughout the day--at home, at work, in the car, or even on our wrist. For more information visit Watch all Google I/O 2014 videos at: Show less

Motherhood From Spirit and Water | Motherhood as Spiritual Art… I recently watched a movie on 12th Century Christian Benedictine Abbess, mystic, nun, writer, artist, herbalist, musician and prophetic visionary and healer Hildegard von Bingen, whose mandalas are above (the first is entitled Awakening, the second Motherhood from Spirit and the Water, and the third Cultivating the Cosmic Tree…). What strikes me so deeply about her story and her life’s work is how much she was able to do as a woman in one lifetime – and during a time when a woman’s power in Europe was scant. She found a way to divinely illuminate a feminine spirituality that was embodied and earth-based. Her message reminds me that the archetype of Motherhood transcends giving birth. Here is a woman who was visionary, mystic, healer, caregiver and creative artist all at once. Opening herself to awakening and perceiving the interconnectedness of all things, a profound Vision guided her life. She led me to think on ‘Vision‘- and what it means in my own life. Like this: Like Loading...

CV - Martin Wittfooth Museums Mull Public Use of Online Art Images Photo AMSTERDAM — Many museums post their collections online, but the Rijksmuseum here has taken the unusual step of offering downloads of high-resolution images at no cost, encouraging the public to copy and transform its artworks into stationery, T-shirts, tattoos, plates or even toilet paper. The museum, whose collection includes masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Mondrian and van Gogh, has already made images of 125,000 of its works available through Rijksstudio, an interactive section of its Web site. The staff’s goal is to add 40,000 images a year until the entire collection of one million artworks spanning eight centuries is available, said Taco Dibbits, the director of collections at the Rijksmuseum. “We’re a public institution, and so the art and objects we have are, in a way, everyone’s property,” Mr. “We’ve gotten over that hurdle,” said Deborah Ziska, a spokeswoman for the in Washington. The National Gallery has so far uploaded about 25,000 works to share with the public.

17 musées dans le monde, dont l’Hermitage de Saint- Petersbourg, la National Gallery
de Londres et le Château de Versailles, sont visitables depuis chez soi en 3D au travers de Google Art Project. by gcorreia Nov 30

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