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11 Essentials for Excellent ePortfolios

11 Essentials for Excellent ePortfolios
According to the Office of Research Consumer Guide, portfolios are "a collection of student work representing a selection of performance." While artists have kept them for hundreds of years, portfolios emerged in modern education (PDF) from college writing courses in the 1980s. Electronic portfolios are online versions of this tool. If done well, portfolios can aid students in metacognition (PDF), reflection, and ownership of learning (PDF). If done poorly, students and teachers may feel like portfolios are a waste of time. While some see portfolios as excellent qualitative measures instead of standardized tests, we know that the subjective nature of portfolio assessment can make it an unreliable comparison between schools. You'll face 11 essential decisions in your pursuit of portfolio excellence. 1. Will you have elements of a showcase portfolio? As outlined in Dr. A portfolio for learning is often a short-term capstone project that will be assessed summatively. 2. Personal website Paper

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Education Week UserID: iCustID: IsLogged: false Universal Instructional Design Principles: Usability, Accessibility, Evidence In Moodle vs MOOCs Are MOOCs really open? We have witnessed its rise in past years. We have also witnessed the wave of backlash in many of its aspects. Content, engagement, completion rates and churning in particular. My Learning Journey: Can I be that little bit better at ......using methods to make feedbackstick? In my previous post I looked at reasons why feedback might not stick. It focused on whether it was the way in which we as teachers approached it, or was it simply the way that students perceived feedback that was the issue. Whatever or however we approach it, we probably have methods that we use on a regular basis with students. 5 Good Portfolio Creator Apps for Students June 8, 2015 Today we are updating the popular ‘iPad digital portfolio apps’ post we published last year by adding the Android version of some of the apps we featured there. Using these apps students ad teachers will be able to easily create and access their digital portfolios online. They can also use them to document their learning and to showcase their progress via compiling and storing different learning artifacts and creating independent learning journals. Some of these tools allow parents and teachers to keep track of what their students are learning and how they are progressing. 1- Weebly Weebly allows you to easily create a webpage where you can share your learning artifacts and documents.

Seven Principles for Classroom Design: The Learning Space Rating System Key Takeaways The Learning Space Rating System tool enables scoring a classroom's design to see how well it supports active learning. If the design meets the criteria for a specific credit, a point or points are added to a compiled score. The higher the score, the better the design for active learning. What works in education – Hattie’s list of the greatest effects and why it matters [UPDATE February 2015: Over the past few years, numerous people have commented on my last paragraph as being an overstated and overheated conclusion, unwarranted by the data and of no help in advancing reform. Fair enough: I have come to think that they are correct. So, a new concluding comment is attached, with the old concluding paragraph available for inspection. I agree with my critics: there is no need to pile on teachers in this era of teacher-bashing – and it was not my point. My point was to say: we can improve learning, so let’s do it.]

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Excellent iPad Apps to Create Portfolios So you want to be able to create and access your digital portfolios on the go. There are apps that allows you to do that and some of don't cost a dime. There is also the possibility to work on your digital portfolios on Google Drive, in fact EdTech did a great video tutorial on how to use Drive as a portfolio solution in your iPad classroom. Learning spaces Students are drawn to spaces that are open, inviting, and stimulating spaces where they become fully engaged in the conversation and in the excitement of sharing new ideasCarole C Wedge and Thomas D Kearns You may have been given a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity to plan and design a technology rich learning space. It may be a refurbishment of an existing space or a new build. You want a space that will be inspirational for learners and others, yet practical in that it must meet the multifarious needs of a variety of users. And is it possible to future-proof for tomorrow’s technology? So where to start?