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10 Excellent New Educational Web Tools for Teachers

10 Excellent New Educational Web Tools for Teachers
March 20, 2015 Here are some very useful educational web tools we have curated over the last few weeks. These are EdTech tools we came across through posts from other edubloggers. As is the case with previous posts in New EdTech Web Tools for Teachers, we only feature the recent trending tools which we think would be a valued addition to teachers technology toolkit. Check out the ones we have for you today and share with us if you have other suggestions to add to the list: 1- iClicker iClicker is a powerful formative assessment tool and intuitive student response system that allows for dynamic student-teacher interaction. 2- ThinkBinder ThinkBinder is an excellent web tool for creating study and discussion groups. 3- EverySlide EverySlide is a web tool that allows you to create interaction around your presentations. 4- RabbleBrowser "RabbleBrowser is a curated, collaborative Web browsing and file sharing tool to help with learning and sharing in a group setting. 5- Flocabulary 6- Tricider

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3 Good Text to Speech Tools for Struggling Readers June 16, 2015 We have received a few requests over the last couple of weeks to share our recommendations for text to speech tools designed specifically for struggling readers.While all text to voice converters can be used by both struggling and non struggling readers, the tools listed below are reputed for being effective with kids with reading disorders. Natural Reader is not free but it does offer a free trial period to test the application and decide if it works for you. 1- Natural Reader CPCS Teaching Tools 2. Learn2Earn Whooo's Reading The biggest barrier to creating content is time, and the lack of it. Thankfully, sharing insightful commentary quickly and efficiently is where social media comes into its own. Top 200 also lag way behind in using this medium, having fewer than 360,000 Twitter followers between them. With all evidence suggesting that firms that regularly share thought provoking insight and knowledge on social media...

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Insights- A New Educational Tool for Creating Paperless Interactive Lessons June 25, 2015 The popular educational app TinyTap has recently released a new tool called Insights. This is basically a data management tool to help teachers access real-time analytics on data related to classroom teaching such as which lessons students completed, how they scored on them and how they are improving. Insights is designed to help you engage your students, improve grades, and save valuable time. Here are some interesting video tutorials to help you make the best of Insights. Inside iOS 9 Search: Apple’s Plan for More Connected Apps At WWDC 2015, Apple announced app search, a new feature of iOS 9 that will help users find content inside apps. Beyond the user-facing aspects of a new search page on iOS and proactive suggestions from Siri, however, lies a commitment to fundamentally rethink iOS' relationship with apps and the web, with deep implications for the future. With iOS 9, Apple wants to reimagine how information from apps is exposed to users. For a long time, iOS apps have largely been treated as data silos – utilities that kept gaining design improvements and powerful functionalities as iOS grew, but ultimately unable to bring their data outside the confines of their sandbox. Following in the footsteps of iOS 8's adoption of extensions, Apple's plan to further open up iOS is deceptively simple: just let users search for what they need. Behind the scenes, the reality of iOS 9 search is going to be a little more complex than that.

free online photo editor - fun photo effects editor Free trial Limited time 30 day FREE trial then $3.99/month Start my free trial More Options: Not interested in PRO? You can unlock this content for a single session by watching a short video: 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 by TeachThought Staff This post was sponsored by CK-12, a non-profit foundation that creates and aggregates high quality curated STEM content. What are the best apps for your classroom? The best little bits of software to use tomorrow, in your school, to make your classroom go? This is, strangely, not a frequent topic for us.

Bring a New Dimension to the Classroom – Verso for iPad There are so many educational apps for iPad out there, many are total rubbish, some fall into the category of “Cool, but not quite good enough to give me a tangible educational benefit”. A select few though are real bankers and very occasionally, an app comes along which enables me to change something for the better in my classroom. Verso is one such app. The central premise of Verso is that it will collect responses, or answers to a stimulus and allows other people in the group or class to see them anonymously, which takes the worry out of who is saying what. The teacher, or group creator can see individual names of respondents so can see who as or hasn’t responded. Set up is very easy indeed.

3 Powerful Chromebook Apps for Creating Educational Infographics and Posters October 4, 2015 Looking for tools to use on your Chromebook to create posters and infographics to share with your students? The apps below are good places to start with. Our favourite tool in this list is PiktoChart, we have been using it for few years now and never had any issues with it plus it’s very easy and simple to use which will make your infographic making a simple drag and drop process. 1- PiktoChart PiktoChart is a web-based application that allows you to create beautiful visuals without the need for any prior design knowledge. You can choose from a wide variety of professionally made templates; customize the text, graphics, charts and color of your infographics, add interactive elements such as charts, HTML output then save and publish to social networks or download as an image. Looking for new ideas for how to set up student classroom desks? You have come to the right place! This site is designed to give you some new ideas and fresh perspective for our classroom set up! This site has several pages of possible student desk arrangements for class sizes from 16-24. Hopefully you are able to incorporate something new for your classroom this year! Stop back often as the site will be updated weekly with new ideas.

Sidenotes- A Great Tool for Annotating Videos and Webpages June 21, 2015 Sidetones is an excellent web tool for annotating web pages. It allows you to add notes to any web page without having to switch tabs or use a third party platform. With a simple click, a new sidebar will open up next to the page you are browsing where you can add and edit your notes. Sidenotes is also integrated with Dropbox so you can access your notes on the cloud. All the notes you create are automatically synced with your Dropbox account. More importantly, the notes are saved with a generated URL linking back to the original source page where the note was initially added.