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Welcome to Impro-Visor

Welcome to Impro-Visor
Last update: 15 May 2012 Version 5.16 is now available here: Please join the Yahoo! user group to download The Imaginary Book and user-contributed works. Downloads | Uses | Classroom Use | FAQ | Certifications | Tutorials | Reference Card 60+ Ideas for Using | Samples | Roadmap Garden | Licks | Comments | Papers | Photos | Videos | Links Impro-Visor (short for “Improvisation Advisor”) is a music notation program designed to help jazz musicians compose and hear solos similar to ones that might be improvised. Impro-Visor Screen Shot: Partial List of Features: Lead sheets and solos can be constructed through either point-and-click or using a plain text editor (one is provided, but any editor can be used). Optional automatic note coloration shows whether notes are consonant or dissonant with chords and scales. Chords may also be entered quickly through a "roadmap" editor, which also analyzes chord changes for implied keys and idiomatic progressions ("bricks"). MacOSX (with Java 1.6 installed) Linux Related:  apprentissage du piano

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Drums - DRUM LESSONS / DRUM TABS - Drums: Over 500 Free Drum Lessons and Free DrumTabs! #1 Drums and Percussion Online, Music Education site for drum lesson plans, drums set, marching, how to play drums 8 Jazz Standards To Practice Like an Etude Every musician has spent time in the practice room working on etudes… Diligently running through exercises that cover various techniques like articulation, the altissimo range, or diminished arpeggios. This is a good start for most players, but where does the jazz musician turn to develop the techniques that are essential for improvisation? After all jazz is a music that you learn by ear, not from a dusty book of exercises… Well the answer can be found in an unlikely place: the repertoire of jazz standards that we’re all expected to learn. By using jazz standards as your etudes, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: learning tunes and developing the techniques necessary for jazz improvisation. Below we’ll show you how to turn 8 jazz standards into the daily practice etudes that will transform your skills as an improviser. Before you get started, listen to the YouTube clip of each tune. Ready to go? 1) Moving from Major to minor: Ornithology Audio Player 2) An exercise in 3rds: Jitterbug Waltz

The ABC Plus project Musicsandbox2425 - home Piano Scales Piano scales lay the foundation for a pianist’s keyboard skills and understanding of music. Mastering the music scales on the piano will not only help you know your keyboard, it will also provide you a knowledge base for learning piano music and even composing your own music. [Many piano teachers avoid teaching the scales because they are concerned their students will get bored. I have not found this to be true. Most piano students enjoy playing the scales and chords and related exercises. For the practicing piano player, the scales keep the fingers and the mind on the keys. The following pages offer a resource for pianists of all levels. A beginner should go through, learning and mastering these elements in the order presented here. For a more complete understanding of how to build your piano-playing foundation, read "Piano Player... For the most direct, organized, and progressive path to learning to play the piano, start the Piano Skills Foundation series of piano lessons. Octave Scales

Piano Software & Music Education Solutions 'Best In Class' Award. -International Society for Technology in Education Gets to the heart of how music is learned...a simpler and more effective way to develop a musical sense that will last. -The New York Times I have been in a teaching situation with people from ages 7-78... Developed by music educators, Piano Suite is a real teaching tool for learning to play piano no matter what your age! To sum up the whole package, I have to say that I’m very impressed on several counts. Piano Suite Premier is a rare bird: kid-friendly software that doesn't condescend. I also know few people - myself included - who had the dedication to hone their skills by putting in the long hours of practice required to play an instrument well. I have Piano Suite on 3 computers! (Piano Suite) contains all of the above and is designed to teach users to play the piano as well as to provide a solid grounding in theory, history and composition.

Harmonic Progressions | Learning and Loving Music Theory Kelvin, You actually caught a mistake on the roman numerals! Thanks, I’ll have to fix that. The first and last chords of the progression are not 7th chords. Somehow I inadvertently typed “I7″ on the first chord of all the major keys. (Notice that I didn’t do that for the minor keys.) In the classical tradition, for the sake of stability, the first and last chords of a circle-of-fifths progression are usually triads, not 7th chords. Harmonic Sequences Part 2 In the jazz tradition all chords usually are 7ths, in which case the progression will start and end with 7th chords. Thanks again for your interest and input.

1. The Practice Routine — Fundamentals of Piano Practice Many students use the following practice routine: First, practice scales or technical exercises until the fingers are limbered up. Continue this for 30 minutes or longer if you have time, to improve technique especially by using exercises such as the Hanon series.Then take a new piece of music and slowly read it for a page or two, carefully playing both hands together, starting from the beginning. Every step of this procedure is wrong! Lack of progress is the main reason why so many students quit piano. Note that the above practice routine is an “intuitive” (or “instinctive”) method. Students who started with the correct methods from the beginning are the “apparently lucky” ones. We describe the components of a proper practice routine in the following sections.