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I’m writing this post while one of the test JeeNode Micro’s here at JeeLabs is nearing its eighth month of operation on a single coin cell: It’s running the radioBlip2 sketch, sending out packets with an incrementing long integer packet count, roughly once every minute: The battery voltage is also tracked, using a nice little trick which lets the ATtiny measure its own supply voltage. As you can see, the battery is getting weaker, dropping in voltage after each 25 mA transmission pulse, but still recovering very nicely before the next transmission: Fascinating stuff. A bit like my energy levels, I think :)

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Battery-board-DHT22 This board is similar to our Battery-board-DHT11 product but replaces the DHT11 sensor by a more accurate DHT22 dual temperature/humidity sensor, also made by AOSONG. This sensor can read positive and negative temperatures (from -40°C to 125°C) with 0.1°C precision and ±0.5°C accuracy. It also reads humidities in the whole 0-100% range with 0.1% precision and 2-5% accuracy.

CMU EMS2, Fall 2012, Section C Ivan Sutherland MIT 1963 (Action starts at 4:20) These artists seemed to be fascinated by the apparent randomness (unpredictability) of these machines and let them “do their thing”. On the opposite side of the spectrum there is Sol LeWitt who didn’t use computers but conceived many of his works as a series of instructions. As if they were meant to be created by machines (art gallery interns). sans titre I’ve been working some more on my 8×8 LED matrix clock. I’ve added a DS1307 RTC chip, which has to run from the 5v pin on the NodeMCU and use 10k pullup resistors between 3.3v and the SCL/SDA pins on the NodeMCU and DS1307. I’m using the Adafruit fork of RTCLib as it has better ESP8266 support and uses unixtime. I’m using this chip as I’ve got a load of them and already have a veroboard setup with the coincell and crystal. I’ve also added a button, which when pressed reads the time from the RTC and displays it, then it fetches the NTP time over the internet and updates the display (and RTC). Also a single pixel is lit when the display is showing NTP time, so I can differentiate between RTC and NTP.

Features overview - tado° - The Heating App The tado° Smart Thermostat This box contains everything you need if you already have a wired thermostat. Simply replace it with tado° and start saving right away. You have more than one thermostat? Learn more The Processing Portfolio of Asher Salomon San Francisco Bay member since February 6, 2010 upload thumbnail No Ordinary Sand Particles have floating point location and momentum but the collision detection is done using quantized space sand. todbot blog After two years, I think I have my Replicator (apparently the first one shipped) finally working reliably to produce >1 hour prints. Thank you @iandanforth for asking if I had a description of the mods I did and prompting me to write this. The Replicator has been a very frustrating product. After a few out-of-the-box failures, it worked great for the first week and then rapidly deteriorated. And a few months later, the Replicator 2 was announced and support for my product rapidly evaporated.

Bilderberg Group The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, Bilderberg meetings or Bilderberg Club is an annual private conference of approximately 120–150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media.[1][2] About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; one third from politics and government and the rest from other fields.[1][3] §Origin[edit] The original conference was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, from 29 to 31 May 1954. It was initiated by several people, including Polish politician-in-exile Józef Retinger, concerned about the growth of anti-Americanism in Western Europe, who proposed an international conference at which leaders from European countries and the United States would be brought together with the aim of promoting Atlanticism – better understanding between the cultures of the United States and Western Europe to foster co-operation on political, economic and defense issues.[4]

Photo ideas: soap bubble photography Follow this simple soap bubble photography project and learn how to shoot cool psychedlic macro photos. All the ideas and inspiration you need to get creative at home There’s so much more to macro photography than conventional photos of insects and flowers – and you don’t have to travel far to find something more creative to point your digital camera at If you’ve never tried it before, photographing the surface of soap film is a simple way to create close-up art – all in the comfort of your kitchen. The only problem is, the form and colour of soap film constantly change, which can seem challenging to capture with your camera at first.