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Les outils de création interactive #1 — Interactivité & Transmedia

Les outils de création interactive #1 — Interactivité & Transmedia

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Internet Search Tips and Strategies .:VirtualSalt Robert Harris Version Date: July 6, 2000 Overview The Internet has an enormous quantity of information, with thousands of newsgroups and billions of web pages. 2015 WRIF Tell-It-In #Transmedia Contest – White River Indie Films The simple rules and processes and rewards of the contest are described in the following pages. Beginning, Nov. 7, 2014, and until Jan. 31, 2015 we look forward to receiving an outpouring of remarkable digital stories created through the combination and mixing of stories told separately in a at least two distinct digital media. Let the wild transmedia rumpus begin!

Wuxia the Fox - Augmented book & iPad app by Jonathan & Vincent Pour lire le texte en français “When the wind blows toward the north, open your heart!” —Wuxia the Fox to Oremia The story of Wuxia the Fox needs your help to come to life in a picture book that transforms into an interactive gamebook with the help of a magical iPad app. Each reading becomes a thrilling adventure full of twists and turns that awakens kids and teens to the joy of reading, exploring, and creating. The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know about Below is a list I have been working on for the last couple of days. This list features some interesting web tools for teachers keen on integrating technology into their instruction and work routine. I did my best to included as many tools as possible. There are loads of web platforms that are educationally focused and to contain them all in one list is way beyond the scope of a short blog post like this , therefore I selected only what I deemed the most important. I hope you ll enjoy the selection.

YouTube's Mobile-Friendly Cards Will Replace Annotations YouTube annotations – often useful uploader addendums, other times annoying distractions. Today though, the video platform is announcing a new and improved tool: cards. Cards are like interactive annotations that allow creators to add outside links and images in addition to information. Like annotations, they can be set to pop up at any time. How to Properly Research Online (and Not Embarrass Yourself with the Results) Warning: if you are going to argue a point about politics, medicine, animal care, or gun control, then you better take the time to make your argument legit. Spending 10 seconds with Google and copy-pasting wikipedia links doesn't cut it. The standard for an intelligent argument is Legitimate research is called RE-search for a reason: patient repetition and careful filtering is what will win the day. There are over 86 billion web pages published, and most of those pages are not worth quoting.

Interrogating audiences: What do we mean by engagement and evaluation? Kate Nash is a Lecturer in Media and Communications at the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds. Her research is focused on emerging forms of documentary, combining production and audience study. She has kindly provided her paper: Interrogating audiences: What do we mean by engagement and evaluation?, which she presented during i-Docs 2014, in its entirety including the accompanying presentation (see article end). We also recorded the session, so consume as you wish, this is a must see/read/hear presentation for those on both the industry and academic sides of the interactive documentary field.

Future of the Book The Future of the Book is a design exploration of digital reading that seeks to identify new opportunities for readers, publishers, and authors to discover, consume, and connect in different formats. As more people consume pages in pixels, IDEO designers wondered why we continue to discover and consume the written word through the old analog, page-turning model. We asked: what happens when the reading experience catches up with new technologies? The team looked at how digital and analog books currently are being read, shared and collected, as well as at trends, business models and consumer behavior within related fields. We identified three distinct opportunities—new narratives, social reading with richer context, and providing tools for critical thinking—and developed a design concept around each one. The first concept, “Alice,” turns storytelling on its head by making narratives non-linear and participatory.

Il filo di Arianna. Rivista on line per la didattica nelle scuole superiori (ISSN 2036-8458) - Applicazioni per la didattica Docear "Docear is a unique solution to academic literature management, i.e. it helps you organizing, creating, and discovering academic literature. Among others, Docear offers: A single-section user-interface that allows the most comprehensive organization of your literature. Guide to Google Apps for the iPad - Google Now (Google's intelligent personal assistant.) - “Okay Google,” hands-free searching (better than Siri). - Integration with other Google apps. - Sync bookmarks and tabs across devices. - Voice Search - Omnibox - Integration with other Google apps. - Better and faster than native Mail app. - Connect and check multiple accounts in one app. - Better and faster search options. - Links open in Chrome. - Integrates with other Google apps.

10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web - StumbleUpon No, it’s not Spiderman’s latest web slinging tool but something that’s more real world. Like the World Wide Web. The Invisible Web refers to the part of the WWW that’s not indexed by the search engines. Most of us think that that search powerhouses like Google and Bing are like the Great Oracle”¦they see everything. Unfortunately, they can’t because they aren’t divine at all; they are just web spiders who index pages by following one hyperlink after the other.