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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 2

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 2
Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series on AI. Part 1 is here. PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. (Or see a preview.) We have what may be an extremely difficult problem with an unknown time to solve it, on which quite possibly the entire future of humanity depends. — Nick Bostrom Welcome to Part 2 of the “Wait how is this possibly what I’m reading I don’t get why everyone isn’t talking about this” series. Part 1 started innocently enough, as we discussed Artificial Narrow Intelligence, or ANI (AI that specializes in one narrow task like coming up with driving routes or playing chess), and how it’s all around us in the world today. This left us staring at the screen, confronting the intense concept of potentially-in-our-lifetime Artificial Superintelligence, or ASI (AI that’s way smarter than any human, across the board), and trying to figure out which emotion we were supposed to have on as we thought about that.← open these i.e. Timeline

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We tend to put great emphasis on leadership skills and ways we can learn and build them (and spend a ton of money on professional development each year, too). But if you really want to inspire the people around you, you need to focus on developing the characteristics that make you a standout leader. In fact, there are 33 characteristics employees find most inspiring about their colleagues and managers, according to new research conducted over three years by Mark Horwitch and Meredith Whipple Callahan at Bain & Co. Amazon & the CIA Want to Teach AI to Watch from Space Why can’t computers watch the Earth from above and automatically map our roads, buildings, and trash heaps? Satellite operator DigitalGlobe is teaming up with Amazon, the venture arm of the CIA, and chipmaker Nvidia to try to make it happen. In a joint project, DigitalGlobe today released satellite imagery depicting the whole of Rio de Janeiro to a resolution of 50 centimeters. The outlines of 200,000 buildings inside the city's roughly 1,900 square kilometers have been manually marked on the photos.

Craig Venter's new longevity startup will make "100 the new 60" I have always thought that the real secret to improved health isn't down the path of better medicines and reduced drug costs (although these are important goals), but rather through improved healthcare systems that are less costly, and can detect patient health problems earlier through new technologies. The problem with better healthcare systems is that there are so many special interests involved these days that you don't get good outcomes. The Obamacare rollout should have been proof positive of that. The only healthcare system which works is one which allows the supply of medical services to meet the demand for medical services and let the suppliers and consumers sort it out. Steve Blank Books for Startups See the “Startup Tools” Tab for Tools and Blogs. For Books on Silicon Valley History see here Free Harvard Business Review article here Entrepreneurial Management StackOver the last few years we’ve discovered that startups are not smaller versions of large companies. The skills founders need are not covered by traditional books for MBA’s and large company managers.

Ahimsa Online — The Message But for those who have never had power, the difference is not one of subtlety. Internet speech is access to the world that has never existed, a chance to be heard for the first time, a chance to shout down those who have kept you silent all your life. You can say anything as horrible to them as they said all your life to you. If the Body Is a Machine, Can It Be Maintained Indefinitely? If the Body Is a Machine, Can It Be Maintained Indefinitely? To Aubrey de Grey, the body is a machine. Just as a restored classic car can celebrate its hundredth birthday in peak condition, in the future, we’ll maintain our bodies’ cellular components to stave off the diseases of old age and live longer, healthier lives. Dr. de Grey is cofounder and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation and faculty at Singularity University’s November Exponential Medicine conference—an event exploring the healthcare impact of technologies like low-cost genomic sequencing, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, gene therapy, and more.

Public Resources - Business Architecture Guild Please note the Business Architecture Guild members maintain a separate library for members of the Guild Community Reston, 2017 Presentation Decks from Summits and Workshops Reusable Takeaway Smart Cup is Arrives in Melbourne Cafes The Frank Green reusable takeaway cup has been sitting on cafe and gift store shelves since early this year, looking quite smart – a compact thermoplastic cylinder in a range of nifty colour combinations with a cute red button in the middle of the lid that pops it open for drinking. But its real smarts are only now being realised: hidden in that cute button is a chip that connects to a just-released app, CafePay, so you can pay for your coffee with the cup. That might not sound like such a big deal – unless you're the type who regularly forgets your wallet, or you've been in a queue behind someone doing the morning office run: a mixed dozen lattes, magics and skinny cappuccinos, and can I pay for them all separately, and get some change, too, please … The cup and the app are the brain children of Ben Young, a former mergers and acquisitions guy who has been working on the project since 2011. The cup uses NFC (Near Field Technology) to connect to the app. See

Scientists Remotely Activate Genetic Target To Slow Aging Process AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is an enzyme found in eukaryotic organisms and assists in regulating cellular energy levels. Low energy levels activate AMPK, which synthesizes ATP through fatty acid metabolism and increased glucose uptake. Fruit flies that had the gene activated in their intestines lived 30% longer, increasing their lifespan from an average six weeks to eight weeks. This increase didn’t just prolong the flies’ life, but also the quality of it as well. Walker’s team found that the longer-lived fruit flies remained healthier than their control counterparts. Know-All 10: Knowledge Management Assessment (David Skyrme Associates) This set of ten questions provides a quick check of where your organization is along ten critical success dimensions. Rate your organization (or part of it) on a score 0 to 10, where 0 is doing nothing at all, and 10 is world-class. We suggest that several people from different groups do this, then come together to discuss and compare.

Are Chatbots the Future of Banking (...& Customer Service)? Earlier this year I wrote about an interesting new start-up that’s using machine learning to provide a more intuitive interface between customers and their banks. The platform utilizes machine learning to classify the transactions we make each month, and then provide intelligent insights into the patterns it observes. For instance, it might tell us how much we’re spending at a particular coffee shop, or whether we might be able to save money on our utility bills. Automated banking It seems part of an interesting trend towards more automated banking. Leaving the Body Behind: A History ​Over the past week, Motherboard has tackled the question of whether or not the human body is becoming obsolete from a variety of angles, from immortality to killer robots. The very fact that we are able to realistically pose this question is itself a meaningful sign of the times, indicating that we may finally be on the threshold of abandoning the natural human body. As I wrote earlier this week, the pursuit of a better body has been going on for at least 40,000 years, and has manifested itself in everything from zoomorphic religious sculptures to the incredible capabilities of modern prosthetics.

Better Coaching Using the GROW Model Better Coaching Using the GROW Model ~ By Duncan Haughey In my article, Why Project Managers Should Coach - I outline the benefits of coaching your project team to produce better results. In this article, I look at a coaching technique that will help you become a better coach. First, let's understand why you should coach.