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Practicing Self-Discipline - Part 1

Practicing Self-Discipline - Part 1
If you want to get anything done, there are two basic ways to get yourself to do it. The first, more popular and devastatingly wrong option is to try to motivate yourself. The second, somewhat unpopular and entirely correct choice is to cultivate discipline. This is one of these situations where adopting a different perspective immediately results in superior outcomes. Few uses of the term “paradigm shift” are actually legitimate, but this one is. It’s a lightbulb moment. What’s the difference? Motivation, broadly speaking, operates on the erroneous assumption that a particular mental or emotional state is necessary to complete a task. That’s completely the wrong way around. Discipline, by contrast, separates outwards functioning from moods and feelings and thereby ironically circumvents the problem by consistently improving them. The implications are huge. Put in simpler form, you don’t wait until you’re in olympic form to start training. Source of picture You get to feel good afterwards.

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Practicing Self-Discipline - Part 2 Following up on the first part which was mainly theoretical, let’s have a look now at a handful of tips to help you build good habits in practice: Baby steps Your brain resists abrupt changes. If you motivate yourself to a titanic “Starting tomorrow, I’m a new person” effort, you’ll only burn out and revert. Big and sudden just doesn’t work, slow and steady does it.

How to Hone Your Creative Routine and Master the Pace of Productivity by Maria Popova “When you work regularly, inspiration strikes regularly.” We seem to have a strange but all too human cultural fixation on the daily routines and daily rituals of famous creators, from Vonnegut to Burroughs to Darwin — as if a glimpse of their day-to-day would somehow magically infuse ours with equal potency, or replicating it would allow us to replicate their genius in turn. And though much of this is mere cultural voyeurism, there is something to be said for the value of a well-engineered daily routine to anchor the creative process.

How To Be Efficient: Dan Ariely's 6 New Secrets To Managing Your Time It’s hard to be efficient. Sometimes it feels like the world doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes you don’t make any sense. And sometimes it feels like it’s all a conspiracy. As we’ll see shortly, these are all, in a way, true. Dan Ariely is the king of irrational behavior. Productivity vs. Getting Things Done This post originally appeared on the Exist blog. I’ve been a sucker for so-called “productivity porn” for a while. I still am, to some degree, but I’ve been working hard to cure myself of this time-wasting habit and I’m getting a lot closer to that.

Sweden is the ‘goodest’ country – according to the baddest of surveys I love Sweden. I count the year wasted when I don’t spend a couple of weeks in the back country. I have good friends and extended family there – but I still can’t really believe that it’s the “goodest” country in the world, as a recent survey purports to show. This isn’t just because my last extended trip there was to spend a week investigating a particularly gruesome racist murder in Trollhättan, nor because the country’s politics are in a state of farcical disarray. The Liberals have rebranded themselves with a logo that suggests they’re all on Viagra, while the former Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin got caught falsely certifying the income of her rather dishy former bodyguard so that he could buy a fancy flat. Meanwhile, no policeman I spoke to thought there was any chance of repatriating the 80,000 asylum seekers Sweden plans to deport.

Motivation and the Power of Not Giving Up Listen Have you ever set a goal for yourself, like getting fit, making honor roll, or being picked for a team? Like lots of people, maybe you started out doing great, but then lost some of that drive and had trouble getting motivated again. The Daily Routines of Geniuses - HBR Juan Ponce de León spent his life searching for the fountain of youth. I have spent mine searching for the ideal daily routine. But as years of color-coded paper calendars have given way to cloud-based scheduling apps, routine has continued to elude me; each day is a new day, as unpredictable as a ride on a rodeo bull and over seemingly as quickly. Naturally, I was fascinated by the recent book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work.

10 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make In Your 30s Your 30s are an exciting time! You may feel like you’re in the prime of your life—or you could feel like you’re slowing down a bit. Either way, you are wiser and have experienced a little more of life. You’ve, hopefully, gotten some unhealthy behaviors out of your system like clubbing all weekend and spending all your disposable cash on new kicks or handbags. How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done - 5 Expert Tips Some days the to-do list seems bottomless. Just looking at it is exhausting. We all want to know how to stop being lazy and get more done. I certainly want the answer.