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Djdizzyd/hubitat: My Hubitat Stuff. Inovelli; Virtual Device Sync. Inovelli; How To: Create a Scene From Your Smart Switch. ABC - Advanced Button Controller - Newest Edition - Community Created SmartApps. Actiontiles - Support - Hubitat. How to setup SmartTiles on Hubitat - Support / Tips - Hubitat. Tutorials – HUBITAT. Smoke-/ Fire- and Watersensors. Inovelli On/Off Smart Plug & Repeater. Smart Vent. How It Works The Smart Vent retrofits existing floor, wall, and ceiling air vents in just a few simple steps, then wirelessly connects to your home network.

Smart Vent

The vents communicate with each other, as a Smart Vent System, to regulate airflow in rooms too hot, too cold or not in use for most of the day. Panasonic Cams. Micasaverde forum. Upgrade UI4 to UI5 on Vera 2. Upgrade your Vera 2 to UI5. To upgrade from Vera 2 to UI5 you must first make sure you have the latest version of UI4 installed and you can do this by going from the same network as your Vera unit to: And follow the step by step instructions.

Upgrade your Vera 2 to UI5

To upgrade to UI5 go to : and then select Vera 2 and the language you want and then follow the instructions. HomeSeer Application Guide.

Smart Things

Panasonic BL-C230 questions. ZSmoke! Thanks Wade for th inquiry.


I would use it in parallel to the smoke detectors already in my house which have already met Canadian approvals. Additionally, having just installed a brand new gas dryer in my attempts to fight the Ontario govenment's rising electricity costs, I'd have one in the laundry room to monitor C02. Has anyone gotten the combo unit working? As I'm about 45 minutes from Lowes in Ogdensburg, I'll likely call ahead to see if they have them and do a road trip. __________________ HSPRO as a Fire Daemon service, Windows 2003 Server Std (DNS and DeskNow SMTP), Acer Veriton 1000, Core2-Duo, 2.66GHz, 2GB, 60GB SSD drive, WLG800, RFXCom, ACRF2 , TI103, DooStat, NetCam, BLGarbage, UltraLog, UltraWeather Bug, CurrentCost Envi, Rain8Net, Global Cache IP2SL, MCsSprinker, HS Touch, Ademco Security plugin/AD2USB, various Oregon Scientific temp/humidity sensors, Z-troller, Zsmoke, Aeron Labs micro switches.

First Alert CO/Fire Detector. Shop First Alert Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Smoke Detector at Lowes. I had an earlier model First Alert Smoke & CO detector.

Shop First Alert Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Smoke Detector at Lowes

The one with the big gray test/mute button in the middle. It always had false alarms, especially when cooking. I was sckeptical that this Iris Smoke & CO detector was nothing but an Iris enabled version of the same thing. But it's not, it does not have the false alarms when cooking, that I experienced with the older model First Alert Smoke & CO detector. Now, I can cook and I don't have to remove the battery from the smoke detector, to stop multiple annoying false alarms. Everybody wants to know when their house is on fire or having a CO issue. Aeotec Smart Strip. The Aeotec Smart Strip installed flawlessly with my Vera Lite.Five appliance modules appeared in the Devices list.

Aeotec Smart Strip

One acts as a master switch. Well, I think you overstated that a bit. Mine paired fine. But power monitoring is all hosed up. Right now I have two of the switchable ports on, two off - but the two that are off show 120-130 Watts of usage, while one of the ones on shows zero usage and the other shows 27 Watts. And the 'master switch' isn't one at all, as it does not control the always-on ports. And I hope you are wrong about the power loss/restore. EDIT: Smite over this post? Oregon Scientific / Radio Shack Weather Station. I was in Radio Shack the other day and picked up a 63-256 "Extreme Range Professional Weather Station" for $69 on clearance (ever since the z-wave sale I check all my local Radio Shacks clearance items religiously).

Oregon Scientific / Radio Shack Weather Station

I understand this is basically a rebranded Oregon Scientific WMR100. That isn't completely correct as the Radio Shack model has a slightly different look to its base station, but otherwise I think they are the same. I had been looking at these as a way to add wireless temperature sensing in different rooms in my house. The weather is just a nice bonus for me! Right now I have it hooked up to a Windows Machine running Weather Station Data Logger 4.2 ( The base kit for these (RS or Oregon Scientific) provides: 1. temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and time (from atomic time radio broadcasts) from the base unit. New camera user - IP Camera Forum. Depends on what you are using it for and I don't know how you use the Panny's now.

New camera user - IP Camera Forum

Are you recording the video to a PC or NVR now? Are you relying on motion detection to provide security via text or email? Do you want the outdoor camera to alert you if an intruder is detected? Or is this for live viewing only when needed? Intermatic CA3750 with the Vera. Intermatic CA3750 Z-Wave Contactor Module.